The 5 best alternatives to Glovo

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This is the star app for food delivery, and not just food. This app has grown a lot since its inception, and today you can order absolutely everything, that is, it must fit in the yellow square backpack of the riders of this company.

You can perfectly ask him to go to the supermarket to buy certain foods, or to the paint store to buy a pack of markers. Of course, the shipping cost will be much higher than for a home delivery from a restaurant, since you involve the rider in the purchase of a particular product.

The 5 best alternatives to Glovo

If you have seen this app too much or just want to try new ones, from we recommend the 5 best alternatives to Glovo:

1. Deliveroo

It is another star app for food delivery demand that is in fashion. It is a continuous competitiveness of Glovo against Deliveroo and it is normal, since its functions are practically the same. And not only the functions, but its interface and development.

It is an intuitive app, although we must highlight from Gamerslance the good communication between customer service and the user in case of a problem with a particular order. They are quite fast in responding, and offer, like glovo, an economic refund or a change of product, depending on the situation, they will offer us one thing or another.

Which of the two is faster? That will depend on the situation in which our rider is, although here we leave you this curious video!

Advantages of Deliveroo:

  • Free
  • Good communication with customers
  • Possibility of economic reimbursement

Deliveroo reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5].

  • The perfect food app - ''Elena65''.
  • Great App. ''David_D_D_D''.
  • Arrived at the time they said. - ''aaww76''.

2. Uber Eats

Let's go with another bomb app. The best thing about this app is its internationality, it exists in most countries, and you will not have to look for which apps are available in which specific places, as long as you have this downloaded on your device, you will surely get it right.

It has an interface and functionality similar to that of Glovo, but its live information about where the rider is located at any given moment, which street he is on, and how far he has left to get to your home, is much more fluid than in Glovo. To this, we add the internationality that it has as we have said, and we do not see why it should not be on your mobile!

From we consider that this app could not miss in our ranking of the 5 best alternatives to Glovo.

Advantages of UberEats:

  • Free
  • Fast delivery
  • Communication with your rider

Reviews of UberEats: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • I love this - ''Alfasinromeo''.
  • First purchase and delighted. ''alexaa.96''.
  • Great app. - ''eydheyxf''.

3. Just Eat

Just Eat works with many more establishments than Glovo, so your range of possibilities for food delivery opens up even more, as it reaches almost all major locations in our country.

We return to the same simple interface, which is always almost the same so that the public feels familiar with it from the beginning. In addition, it has a much simpler and broader payment system, since in this app we can even pay with PayPal (characterized by all as a safer payment method, since you do not provide your bank card number).

Advantages of JustEat:

  • Free
  • Good communication with offices in case of problems with the order
  • Paypal payment

JustEat reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Super good and convenient - ''NicoleMadrid.
  • Easy and fast!!!. ''Eme2ges''.
  • Very happy. - ''juancargalloso''.

4. Resto-In

Let's go with a new one! It lacks in promotion, and that is why it is much less known than the three big brands that we have shown above. Perhaps that is why it has a much closer relationship with the customer, as they are looking for new loyal followers and customers.

At least we had to offer an app out of the ordinary in our list of the best 5 alternatives to Glovo!

If you are tired of using the previous three, try your luck with this new one we offer you!

Advantages of Resto-In:

  • Free
  • Close relationship with the customer
  • Innovative App

Reviews of Resto-In: [Average rating 4'2/5].

  • Perfect app - ''Raul65''.
  • Very happy with the service. ''Monica_T''.
  • Everything perfect. - ''Chris89''.

5. Rappi

With more than 10 million downloads comes Rappi. Another app for home delivery, and in this case it is more similar to Glovo if possible, since we can order things from supermarkets, stores, pharmacies ... not just food.

One of the best rated among the public, it has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google Play. It gets so very good reviews so you should have it on your phone, what are you waiting for?

Advantages of Rappi:

  • Free
  • They sell many more types of products besides food.
  • Cheap cashback available

Rappi reviews: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • Easy to use - ''T@pner''.
  • Does what it promises. ''Pedretti-89''.
  • Excellent and flawless. - ''aaicarambaa''.

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