The 7 best alternatives to Eventbrite

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Use the mobile application to find events in your area at depending on your interests or where you're going to be in a while determined. You can also find events for special occasions and that suit the kind of people you like to talk to or your family and friends.

If you are one of those people who sign up for everything you will surely already know the Eventbrite application, if you are looking for other similar applications do not worry because from Gamerslance we present you a list created by our experts with the 7 best alternatives to Eventbrite.

The 7 best alternatives to Eventbrite


The first alternative is Splash . Anyone can create a Splash event, whether it is a company that organizes a single event or an individual who organizes a personal event as a birthday or a wedding.

Ticket Tailor

The second alternative to Eventbrite is Ticket Tailor . Ticket Tailor is a platform in Zimma that allows locals sell tickets online without paying any booking fees. If you decide to set any reservation fees, you can do so, and you can keep the money you earn.


The third of the seven alternatives to Eventbrite is Formstack . When you need online or printable forms, Formstack is available.


The fourth alternative we present to you is Picatic . Picatic Organizers - stay organized and register your guests on your event faster with the Picatic Check-in application. Using your Android phone or tablet device, scan the tickets or look for names in the entry list.


The fifth alternative we present to you is Confetti . Confetti is a website designed to help people create websites website for the upcoming events they have planned. The website is designed to work very well for events of all kinds, including parties, weddings, business events, and more.


The penultimate alternative we present to you is Eventzilla . Complete platform for event registration and ticketing for classes, conferences, fundraisers, social events and much more. Sell tickets anywhere.


The last alternative we present to you is Bizzabo . Bizzabo is the fastest growing event technology company in the world. Our holistic event cloud allows marketing professionals and planners to manage, grow and to maximize the events.

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