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Are you one of these people who still likes to download music or just doesn' t have a way to listen to music because they don't have the Internet? If you've felt confident that you know the FLVTO download page. This site is one of the most used to download music.

From Gamerslance we want to discover you the best alternatives to FLVTO, this way you will be able to have a wide selection of pages in case this one fails.

What problems does FLVTO present?

The question you are asking yourself The answer is probably why people are looking for an alternative to FLVTO. great computer virus. Here are the main problems what's with FLVTO:

  • -路 Computer virus entry for our computers.
  • -路 Too much publicity.
  • -路 Little concern for the creators to solve the problems.

Finger to the problems exposed above that gives the web YouTube music download, many other pages have wanted to imitate the type of content of is but trying to get better. That's why we're leaving you the top seven alternatives to FLVTO so you can download your favorite music.

Top 7 alternatives to FLVTO

I owe it to the problems exposed previously given by the FLVTO page, many others pages have wanted to imitate the type of content of this but trying improve. So here we leave you with the 7 best alternatives to FLVTO so you can download your favorite music.


The first alternative Music+Box, this is one of the best pages to download music for free that has one of the largest music directories on the Internet, where you can also download music for free.

Advantages of Music+Box:

  • It is 100% free.
  • It contains a wide range of music genres.
  • You can download the music in different formats.
  • There is no need to register.

Opinions of Music+Box: [Average rating: 3'9/5]

  • Very good app, I love it. -Marta.
  • The best in its genre. - Marcos.
  • I don't know how I could live without this. -Paula.

Noise Trade

The second alternative we present to you as one of the best alternatives to FLVTO is Noise Trade. From this website you can find a great amount of musical compositions and download original high quality music. The only drawback, so to speak, is that to download music you need to register with the service.

Advantages of Noise Trade:

  • You can download all the music you want.
  • You can make contributions to small artists.
  • All songs have a video to let you know which song you are downloading.
  • All the music genres you want.

Opinions from Noise Trade: [4'0/5]

  • Fantastic, it's a blast. -Joana.
  • I can give money to the new artists I like to go further. -Marcos.
  • One pass, I can download music without any problem. -Paco.


Approaching the halfway point of this list of alternatives to FLVTO is Jamendo. Jamendo is another of the best sites for free music downloads, although it also gives you the option of simply listening to your music favorite while surfing the Internet. So you decide if you want to download free music, or listen to free music.

Advantages of Jamendo:

  • Over three million songs to download.
  • Completely free.
  • You can listen to music online.
  • No registration required.

Opinions of Jamendo: [Average rating: 4'0/5]

  • Fabulous app for downloading music. -Raul.
  • I'm not much of a reviewer but this website deserves it. -Marc.
  • Great, I always find the songs I want. -Paul.


Now, arriving at the halfway point of the alternatives to FLVTO, the next web page we present to you is Musopen. In this case it is one of the pages to download free music with a focus on the instrumental style , with the main objective of learning and teaching to play musical instruments through its content.

Advantages of Musopen:

  • You can download videos of songs to learn to play an instrument.
  • The downloads are free.
  • You have to register and this makes it safer.
  • You can upload explanatory audio of lessons.

Opinions of Musopen: [Average rating: 4'2/5]

  • The best thing on the net, I even learned to play the guitar. - Felix.
  • I had no idea such a page existed. - Anna.
  • Best I've ever seen. -Fran.


The next website we present to you as an alternative is PureVolume. The aim of this page to listen to music is to spread the songs by those lesser-known and emerging artists. To the When accessing it, users can register either as artists or as listeners. In addition, you can see different rankings, including the most downloaded songs.

Advantages of PureVolume:

  • It allows you to see the ranking of the most downloaded songs.
  • You can access with a guest account, there is no need to create a profile.
  • It is free to download.
  • All the songs have a video of the song you are going to download.

Opinions of PureVolume: [Average rating: 4'5/5]

  • There are always things to improve but it is highly recommended. -Pedro.
  • The rankings are very funny and you can see what the rest of the world is listening to. -Sonia.
  • I like it, good website. -Arnau.


The penultimate one we present to you as one of the best alternatives to FLVTO is LAZYMP3. With this website you will only have to look for the link of the song you like in YouTube and enter it in the search bar. Then click on download and wait.

Advantages of LAZYMP3:

  • You can download in different MP formats.
  • It has the ability to download any YouTube link.
  • You can always use it.
  • It has no ads.

LAZYMP3 opinions: [Average rating: 4'5/5]

  • It's simple and fast I don't need more. -Lorena.
  • I would like a little more information but in general it's very good. -Ramon.
  • I have been able to download all the albums of my favorite artists. - Alejandra.


The seventh alternative in this list of alternatives that we have presented to you we want to show you MP3TECA. This website is considered to be one of the best sites that can be found on the web. It contains the latest songs from all the artists in the world.

Advantages of MP3TECA:

  • Music lists to know what is the most listened to in each place.
  • Lists of the most downloaded.
  • A multitude of music genres.
  • New songs every day.

MP3TECA opinions: [Average rating: 4'6/5]

  • Every day a new song, perfect. -Aloma.
  • There are all the songs in the world 10/10. -Martin
  • The best I've been able to use so far. -Alejandro.

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