The 8 best Stranger Things look-alike series

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You've probably finished watching the third season of Stranger Things, and have even taken a closer look at the post-crime scene and dived into the forums to delve into the craziest theories of Netflix fans. We know you don't know what to watch to kill the urge to.

That's why while you wait for a possible fourth season from Gamerslance we present you the 8 best Stranger Things-like series , so you can kill that desire for 80s aesthetics and paranormal phenomena.

The 8 best Stranger Things series

At Gamerslance we would like to present you the 8 best series LIKE Stranger Things for that if you've been left with any more desire for strange paranormal phenomena and young people from the 80s who remind you of your childhood can kill the you win.

The Leftovers

The first series similar to Stranger Things that will hook you for sure is The Leftovers . Connect to Stranger Things because the action is also part of a supernatural disappearance , although in this case it is massive: not only is a child, but 140 million people.

The OA

The second series we present to you to get you hooked is The OA . Netflix also has a devotion to stories of mysterious disappearances, and in The OA takes it to the most surreal side. It all starts with the reappearance seven years after a woman who was once blind and, miraculously, has ceased to be.

Sense 8

The next of the 8 Stranger Things-like series is Sense 8 . For stranger thing, the ultra-sensory connection that is created among the protagonists of the Wachowski sisters' series. Also we suggest that you view it at a very moderate critical level, because certain stripes require a high level of viewer willingness, compensating by an attractive visual concept and a general proposal quite sexy.


The fourth Stranger Things-like series we present to you is Lost . We leave it to finish this first category because it is the mother of all modern supernatural series. Stranger Things (and all the fiction of this genre) drinks from Lost in the structure of the chapters, in the interdimensional connections, in the retro technology.


The similar series that we found on the equator is Dark . Netflix germany produces this science fiction series that has been described as the European Stranger Things thanks to the many winks it makes to the 80's and the presence of supernatural elements.

The Rain

The sixth series similar to Stranger Things is The Rain. The Rain is another original series by Netflix, this time of Danish origin, which shows a group of young people to survive what seems to be a deadly virus that threatens the continuity of modern society as we know it.

The Mist

The seventh alternative we present to you to kill time or hook up with another series is The Mist . Stephen King is the head behind the original book on which this series is based. Its first season follows the story of the residents of the town of Bridgton, Maine who must deal with a mysterious fog that creates chaos and panic within thetown.


The last series that we present to you so that you can kill the desire of Stranger Things is 3%. It poses a reality in a dystopian future where the population is divided between a large majority of poor people and those more affluent who have control of society.

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