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Daemon Tools is a Windows disk emulator. This computer program is useful when the computer's disk reader does not work.

It is true that Daemon Tools has experienced some errors that impair the perfect functioning of this application. Next, we are going to name the most common problems of Daemon Tools.

What are the problems with Daemon Tools?

  • Compatibility errors
  • Connection errors
  • Unexpected closing of the application

These annoying and common errors, make users need alternatives to Daemon Tools and its functions are very similar to this one.

That is why, from Gamerslance we are going to present you a list with the best alternatives to Daemon Tools that will not leave you indifferent.

The best alternatives to Daemon Tools

Next, we're going to show you some great alternatives to Daemon Tools.

Virtual CloneDrive

First of all, we present Virtual CloneDrive. This emulator will help you simulate a CD or DVD drive on your computer .

Thanks to its minimalist and simple design you can use this program easily.

Besides being a free program, it supports different formats.

Advantages of Virtual CloneDrive

  • Easy to download
  • Very intuitive program
  • Easy to use

Reviews of Virtual CloneDrive [Rating 4.7/5]

  • "It works perfectly for me", Ferran.
  • "The best emulator", Rebeca.
  • "Perfect", Ander.


This platform is ideal for Mac users. PowerlSO is one of the best alternatives to Daemon Tools at the moment. This powerful emulator supports all kinds of formats.

In addition, it has a very simple design. This makes it easy for the users of this application to get comfortable with its use.

Advantages of PowerISO

  • Free for Mac
  • Emulator with great power
  • Great positioning

Reviews of PowerISO [Rating 4.6/5].

  • "A 10", Xavi.
  • "I love this emulator", Maria.
  • "Perfect for Mac", Raquel.


In third place, we present you UltralSO. This emulator is very similar to Daemon Tools . It has different tools that will help you make different simulations of disk images in various formats.

In addition, it offers you a free trial and a paid trial that is more complete and has more features.

Advantages of UltralSO

  • Easy to download
  • Compatible with many formats
  • Effective

UltralSO reviews [Rating 4.5/5].

  • "Very top", Albert.
  • "Ideal", Ainoha.
  • "Not a single failure, all correct", Marina.

Magic ISO

Magic ISO is known for being a great disk emulator. In addition, it has the option to convert different formats.

The evaluations of this emulator are pleasantly perfect because it also has different tools and functions to enhance the user experience.

The only drawback is that it is only available for Windows.

Advantages of Magic ISO

  • Very powerful
  • Efficient
  • Multiple functions

Reviews of Magic ISO [Rated 4.6/5]

  • "Works very well", Helena.
  • "Very effective", Irene.
  • "One of the best emulators", Antonio.


Alcohol makes it easy to create backup copies of CDs and DVDs, as well as being a very powerful burning software.

Currently this emulator offers a free version and a paid version. Although both are quite complete, the paid version has more specific and concrete tools.

Advantages of Alcohol

  • Very powerful
  • Other interesting features
  • Daily backups

Reviews of Alcohol [Rating 4.5/5] [Rating 4.5/5

  • "Great", Ruben.
  • "Never fails", Ylenia.
  • "Very complete app", Sandra.

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