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Duolingo is an app that offers its users the possibility to learn different languages in a fun and creative way as you will be able to learn new languages through games and challenges.

In addition, it offers different levels that adapt to any age.

What are the problems with Duolingo?

  • Connection errors
  • The application closes
  • Slowness

If you find these problems a bit annoying and you want to look for alternatives to Duolingo to keep learning your favorite languages, you're in the best place!

The best alternatives to Duolingo

Here is a list of the best alternatives to Duolingo.


First of all, we are going to introduce you to Busuu. This application offers you to learn a wide variety of languages such as English, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German...

This platform is very complete since it has vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and conversation exercises.

It has a basic free version and a more complete paid version with exercises to get a higher level.

Advantages of Busuu

  • Professional
  • More complete payment plan
  • Exercises of all kinds

Reviews of Busuu [Rating 4.8/5].

  • "I have already learned 4 languages with Busuu", Maria.
  • "Very entertaining exercises", Berta.
  • "Great", Enric.


Memrise is ideal for beginners who want to start learning a new language. It offers a slightly smaller list than other applications, but it has several interactive exercises to increase your attention to the maximum.

It also has a free version, but you need to purchase the paid version to unlock all the levels and learn the language of your choice to the fullest.

Advantages of Memrise

  • Different and dynamic exercises
  • Good ratings
  • Basic design

Opinions of Memrise [Rating 4.6/5].

  • "I learn a lot thanks to this app", Sonia.
  • "It works great for me", Carme.
  • "I love it", Cris.


Mondly is an application to learn more than 30 languages. Its augmented reality content helps users to learn in a dynamic and fun way through mini games and small lessons to advance and increase their level.

Advantages of Mondly

  • Creative games
  • Effective
  • Multiple languages

Opinions of Mondly [Rating 4.7/5].

  • "A great variety of languages", Júlia
  • "Excellent app!", Marc.
  • "I love it", Karen.


Fourthly, we present TripLongo. This platform is ideal for those users who want to learn a language for a future trip. This application will teach you just enough so that you can defend yourself during your stay.

Its design is simple and easy to understand. In addition, it has more than 10 languages available for you to learn.

Advantages of TripLingo

  • Easy to use
  • Fun games
  • Fast learning

TripLingo reviews [Rating 4.5/5].

  • "Ideal for learning the basics of a language", Èlia.
  • "Great", Javier.
  • "I love the way it works" Ot.


Babbel is one of the best alternatives to Duolingo. With this application you can learn 10 languages through lessons, interactive mini-games and 10-minute quizzes.

You can find exercises and constant corrections. That is why, this application is ideal for those users who do not have much free time and want to learn new languages.

Moreover, it is totally free.

Advantages of Babbel

  • Speech recognition to improve pronunciation
  • Target learning
  • Review function

Babbel reviews [4.9/5 rating]

  • "I'm very happy with this app, Anna.
  • "Great", Àlex.
  • "I like it a lot", Marian.

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