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LimeWire is a program made for sharing files running on the Gnutella network. This open software runs on a free and open protocol. This platform is written in Java and runs on Windows, Linux, Sun .....

What are the problems with LimeWire?

  • Somewhat complicated to use

  • Old system

  • Currently unavailable

If these bugs make you want to look for alternatives to LimeWire, you're in the right place.

The best alternatives to LimeWire

From Gamerslance we are going to present you a list with the best alternatives to LimeWire.


First of all, we present you LuckyWire. It is a free P2P file downloader. It has a turbo connection and a large number of sources.

This alternative stands out for having a great resemblance to LimeWire.

Advantages of LukyWire

  • Secure

  • Easy to use

  • Similar to LuckyWire

Reviews of LukyWire [Rating 4.6/5]

  • "It works great", Raul.
  • "I love it", Diego.
  • "A 10", Manuel.


Secondly, we present you FrostWire. This popular alternative is open source. In addition, it does not contain advertising. It is very easy to use because it has a search bar divided by categories to search your files in an easy and fast way.

Advantages of FrostWire

  • No ads

  • Free

  • Simple design

Reviews of FrostWire [Rating 4.8/5]

  • "Everything great", Lucas.
  • "Very top", Max.
  • "Super cool", Adrià.


BitTorrent is known for its P2P file downloads. It is now also open source and allows file sharing between multiple users. A great advantage of this alternative is that it also allows the viewing of streaming videos.

Advantages of BitTorrent

  • Secure

  • Free

  • It has thousands of users

Reviews of BitTorrent [Rating 4.7/5].

  • "A blast", Lucia.
  • "It goes great", Ramon.
  • "Super good", Sara


Cabos is a very similar alternative to LimeWire but totally free and without spyware.

This platform offers a great variety of downloads with amazing speed. It contains an integrated search engine to filter all kinds of content.

Advantages of Cabos

  • Very fast

  • Free

  • Secure

Cabos reviews [Rating 4.8/5].

  • "I've been using it for years", Hector.
  • "Very good", Emma.
  • "Not a single fault", Sergi

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