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    The best apps to identify insects

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    Now that the good weather has started, we do more activities outside the house and in contact with nature.

    During these times of the year, it is also normal that we see more insects and some of them are curious. Even so, many times, given the amount of species that there are we can not find out what they are.

    If you don’t want this post to happen again, it’s for you. Today in 4AndoridLovers we bring you the best apps to identify insects.

    Contents hide 1 What are the best apps to identify insects 1.1 1. Picture Insect 1.1.1 Picture Insect rating and feedback 1.1.2 Picture Insect video tutorial 1.1.3 ð²Picture Insect: download 1.2 2. iNaturalist 1.2.1 iNaturalist rating and opinions 1.2.2 iNaturalist video tutorial 1.2.3 ð²iNaturalist app : download 1.3 3. Nature Free 1.4 Nature Free rating and opinions 1.4.1 ð²Nature Free: download 1.5 4. Encyclopedia of Insects 1.5.1 Ratings and opinions Insect Encyclopedia 1.6 5. Seek of iNaturalist 1.7 Seek rating and opinions 1.7.1 Seek video tutorial 1.7.2 ð²Seek app: download 2 Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of the best apps for identifying insects

    What are the best apps to identify insects

    It’s not easy to say which are the best apps for identifying subjects. We can find many different types and sometimes some of them don’t work at all.

    In 4AndoridLovers we bring you those that we think have a better performance and features so you can choose the one you like and download it directly.

    1. Picture Insect

    Picture Insect is one of the best apps to identify insects that we can find and deserves to inaugurate this selection.

    With Picture Insect you can discover all the relevant information such as the characteristics, the habitat or the feeding of the species in front of you with just one photo .

    When you take a picture of it, the information will automatically appear in a matter of seconds. And you are almost never wrong!

    Picture Insect rating and feedback

    A very good and interesting app ððð¼ and a great detail to have translated it.

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    An intuitive app, with a lot of success in your searches. I liked it, it is recommendable. Completely recommendable. Thank you for developing this beautiful tool

    Excellent image recognition!

    Excellent app thanks to the great tool

    Picture Insect video tutorial

    ð²Picture Insect: download

    ð Download here the Picture Insect app ð

    2. iNaturalist

    iNaturalist is one of the most popular environment-related applications today .

    With this application developed by a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists you can identify a vast number of plant and insect species.

    By taking a photo, the app will tell you what species you think it is and also show you other similar ones so you can get out of the way. By identifying it you will be able to see all the information collected about it.

    iNaturalist rating and opinions

    An ideal application for making observations at the precise q location, date/time and observer. Great for citizen science projects. It also allows you to create custom projects and organize everything from the web.

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    It is a very useful tool for the science field, I use it a lot in my daily life. Very good.

    Excellent, very good help we can provide to people who do this type of study

    The naturalist idea is excellent, I’m totally hooked

    iNaturalist video tutorial

    ð²iNaturalist app : download

    ð Download the iNaturalist app here ð

    3. Nature Free

    Another application with which you can identify the vast majority of insects and other species of European fauna and flora.

    Nature Free has a collection of more than 750 species of plants and animals with more than 1300 photos and 130 animal voices, and with this encyclopedia in the palm of your hand there will be no species that you cannot identify .

    The application also has a paid version that allows you to access information on up to 2100 different species and all their characteristics.

    Nature Free rating and opinions

    It’s very good. Very informative. A wide range of flora and fauna. Links to wikipedia and Latin taxonomy.

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    I find it better than the other applications

    It is perfect for excursions with my students and to show them what we are finding

    Very complete. Great

    ð²Nature Free: download

    ð Download here the Nature Free app ð

    4. Encyclopedia of Insects

    Another great application to learn more about insects and how to identify them is the Insect Encyclopedia.

    Although the application doesn’t work as an identifier, you can find all kinds of information and resources on the world’s major insect species .

    In addition, the encyclopedia includes many interesting facts about these little animals so you can learn even more about their world.

    Ratings and opinions Insect Encyclopedia

    It’s excellent. I’ve learned a lot

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    Easy to use, fun and very interesting.

    I’m learning a lot about insects and I love it. Great app


    5. Seek of iNaturalist

    We finish this selection of the best apps to identify insects with Seek, the perfect complement to iNaturalist

    With Seek you can identify all the species of fauna and flora that iNaturalist includes in its compendium. You can also access all the information about the insect in question and share your photo with the community.

    In the application you can also help complete the species information you find and moderate the content shared in the app by other users.

    Seek rating and opinions

    It is very good app, sometimes struggles to identify the species, easy to detect the gender and subphiles.

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    It is entertaining and informative, and allows you to contribute to its database and invites the user to explore.

    Excellent, it has a very high hit rate. A great tool for learning botany.

    Amazing. Excellent work, professional and useful.

    Seek video tutorial

    ð²Seek app: download

    ðDownload Seek’s app here

    Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of the best apps for identifying insects

     SeekPicture insectEnciclopedia de insectos
    Escáner de insectos✔️✔️
    información útil ✔️✔️✔️
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