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For those who love e-books, they are a gift from the literary gods. Carrying a bookcase in the palm of your hand is amazing. And if you can store it on your phone, you'll never be without a good book. Discover our applications to read ebooks on iPhone.

The 5 best apps to read ebooks on iPhone and iPad


Marvin can read ebooks from your personal library as easily as a Caliber-powered OPDS server. It can even search free e-book sites like Project Gutenberg and download what you find. Awesome unique features include additional screen dimming and Flux-like screen warming for late reading, awesome copy tools, near-infinite color customization, Deep View, which reads your book and summarizes all uses of a character or place name, which quickly flashes individual words on screen for quick reading.


TiReader has big aspirations. The app is more than just an ebook reader app: it's an omnivorous media viewer with annotation support. This includes an annotation-friendly photo viewer that builds a table of contents based on the folder structure of a ZIP file, supports DJVU files with bookmarks and annotations, and an audiobook player that supports supports searchable bookmarks and annotations. Annotation tools are robust and comprehensive. Users who are just looking for an app to read ebooks on iPhone may be overwhelmed with everything. TiReader has a lot to offer, and if you don't need all of its annotation power, annotations can make the app feel cluttered.

KyBook 2

Kybook 2 offers impressive integration with existing free e-book libraries such as Project Gutenberg. However, importing your own e-books into Kybook is a bit difficult. The app seems designed primarily for hosted OPDS eBook libraries. So it's a bit complicated to copy an ePub from something like Dropbox. But once you have a book in the app, Kybook 2 offers a good reading experience with extensive customization. Users can apply CSS-based style sheet modifications and load custom TrueType fonts. Minimalist yet powerful highlighting visually streamlines the reading experience.


The best thing about Hyphen is its sleek and modern interface. The app player is functional and enjoyable. Adding books is easy with built-in support for OPDS and cloud services. The display can go incredibly dim with just the flick of a finger. This is perfect for late reading in low light conditions. Hyphen also offers one of the largest font libraries we've seen in an iPhone ebook reader app.

Bluefire reader

Bluefire Reader is an application for reading ebooks on iPhone, with functional annotation tools, built-in Dropbox connectivity, attractive reading mode and flexible text display options. It doesn't provide any of the advanced features we've found in other apps, but it's a simple ebook reader app that might appeal to fans of simplicity. Readers can also directly download Adobe DRM ebooks with Bluefire.

If we missed any of the best apps to read ebooks on iPhone, tell us about it in the comments.

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