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A dictionary can be a handy tool. Many have features like a word of the day to help expand your vocabulary. Language learners for the first time may find them useful for defining words they don't know. They are valuable learning tools. It's even better when you have them easily on your mobile phone. Here are the best dictionary apps for Android!


The Simply Dictionary app is a pretty decent option. It has three sources. You'll find words from Webster's Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary, and Roget's Thesaurus. The app contains a word of the day feature with a thesaurus, dictionary, translations to over 40 languages ​​and more. Most parts of the app are also available offline. Additional features include idioms of the day, audio pronunciations, word etymologies, and various other dictionaries (financial, medical, etc.). The free version contains advertising while the $1,99 pro version does not. It is definitely among the best dictionary apps. is one of the most popular dictionary apps. It has a host of features, including a word of the day, audio pronunciations, a translator for over 30 languages, and even the word origin. You can purchase additional dictionaries as in-app purchases. They include a slang dictionary, idioms and phrases, and even a medical dictionary. Overall, it's a pretty solid app. However, he plays fast and loses with clearances. This brought in a little more security awareness. Otherwise, it's pretty good.

Linguee Dictionary

Linguee Dictionary is one of the newer free dictionary apps. He specializes in language translations and definitions. It supports English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and about a dozen other languages. You will also get search (including translations), audio pronunciations, example sentences, and more. Comparatively, it's a pretty simple dictionary app. However, the whole app is completely free with no in-app purchases or ads. That makes it a pretty decent option.

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

The Merriam-Webster dictionary is one of the best-known dictionary apps. Name recognition alone has made her extremely popular. Luckily, it's also riddled with features. In addition to standard word definitions, the app offers word games to increase your vocabulary. It also features a built-in thesaurus, sample sentences, audio pronunciations, word of the day, and more. The free version is riddled with apps while the $2,99 ​​version is not. Aggressive advertising aside, the app is pretty decent overall.

English Dictionary – Offline

English Dictionary is one of the best free dictionary apps. It has a word base of 239000 words. That's probably more than you'll need. It also has a variety of features that you don't see every day. There is a randomizer that lets you search for random words. You can also choose between a light and dark theme if you prefer. There are even some cute little animations like you're making a book. Best of all, it's totally free with no in-app purchases or ads. Worth checking out.

Google search

It is true that Google's app is not officially a dictionary app. It can be used to search for words, however. Using voice or text command, you can simply ask Google for the definition of a given word. It's a good option for those who don't need a full-fledged dictionary app, but still want to know the definition of things. It also comes with all its usual features, like Google Now, Now on Tap, translation features, news and reminders. Again, not great if you need a dictionary app that only provides definitions. However, it is more than enough to quickly look at a word.

Idioms & Phrases Dictionary

Idioms and Phrases Dictionary is a bit different. It allows you to search and view entire phrases with their meanings. It has 3500 sentences with their meanings. You can search for phrases, mark your favorites, and even view them by category. Other than that, it's a relatively simple app. You just open, search, read and close. It's a fun app to check out, especially if you're a non-English speaker and want to learn what some of these, if not, nonsense phrases actually mean.

Offline Dictionary

Offline Dictionary is another of the dictionary apps which focuses on multiple languages. It supports more than two dozen languages. Each language has its own dictionary which can be downloaded for offline use. You can download as much or as much as you want. It also includes a built-in thesaurus if you need it. Other than that, it's surprisingly light on features. The app covers the basics, including sample sentences, word correction, and audio pronunciation. It's a good option for those looking for something a little simpler.

Pocket Thesaurus

Pocket Thesaurus is another app that is technically not a dictionary app. It can be used with a to give you an even greater understanding of the English language. The app features an install size of 20MB which is quite reasonable considering it covers 90 common words. There's also a floating thesaurus mode that lets you see word synonyms just by selecting them. It works well when paired with such a simple dictionary app for a one-to-one combo. The free version has ads while the paid version does not. Otherwise, the two apps are pretty much the same.

Dictionary – WordWeb

WordWeb Dictionary is one of the most popular free dictionary apps for Android. It features 285000 words, 225 word meaning definitions, and more. There's also a built-in thesaurus, pronunciations, and more. Perhaps its most unique feature is the ability to find commonly misunderstood words or know the difference between words that sound similar. It can also be used offline, is completely free and has no in-app purchases or advertising. It's relatively simple and doesn't have common features like audio pronunciations. Otherwise, it's a solid app.

If we missed any of the best English dictionary apps, please let us know in the comments!

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