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It's 2022 and TVs are still one of the best sources of entertainment. Watching TV with your friends and loved ones is fun, but it can get boring when you lose the remote and want to change channels. In this case, IR Blaster is very practical because it allows you to change TV channels from your smartphone. IR Blaster is one of the most underrated features and very few smartphones come with it. However, if your smartphone has the infrared blaster, you can control a lot with it. In this comprehensive guide, we will share the best remote control apps for Android in 2022.

Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Smart IR Remote by AnyMote is one of the best TV remote control apps available on Google Play. It works well with Samsung, HTC and Medion smartphones. However, it does not support Sony, Vizio or Huawei phones. If you're a smartphone owner from Sony, Vizio, or Huawei, we recommend checking out the other apps on this list. This TV remote app comes with advanced features like gesture control. Macros, Automated Tasks, Widgets and many more. It is a premium app and you can get it for around $7.99.

Google Home

Google Home is a remote app that can help you control Google Home and Chromecast devices. If you want to use this app remotely, you will need to have one of the Google devices mentioned above at your home. You can use it to browse and select what you want. You can change channels and have fun. Google Home is free and works well with Google devices.


If you have the Roku device then this app is best for you. By using this app you can control the Roku device as a remote control, you can stream movies, stream videos, photos or music to your TV, launch channels on the Roku device and many more . To access all features, you will need to connect your smartphone to a network where the Roku device is already connected. Once the device is connected, you will have unlimited access to all features. You can use this app for free, but it comes with ads.

ZaZa remote control

ZaZa Remote is a universal TV remote that works with all major smartphones on the market. This remote works perfectly with smartphone from companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Lenovo, HTC, TCL and many more. You can use it to control TV, air conditioner, set-top box, projector, DVD and many other devices. This app also has a huge remote control database that covers over 300 remote controls and over 000 device brands across the world. You can use it for free.

Twinone Universal TV Remote

Twinone Universal TV Remote is another very popular TV remote control app. The best thing about this app is that it comes with a very simple user interface which makes it easier to use. It comes with a wide selection of TV remote controls from popular TV brands such as Samsung, Philips, Sony, LG and many more. The app also has customization options where you change the color of the remote to give it a unique touch. You can use this app for free.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is one of the most popular remote control apps available on Google Play. The app comes with a huge collection of remotes that you can use to control the TV and other devices. It also comes with unique features like custom remotes, NFC actions, widgets, floating remotes and many more. The app also offers light and dark color themes that you can use according to your needs. You can get this app for free.


If you are an Xbox owner, this app is best for you. It can help you manage Xbox live, messages, achievements, news feed and many more. The user interface of the app is very clean and very easy to use. Moreover, you can also use it to interact with game content and you can also use it to buy games from the store. All in all, if you are an Xbox owner, you must get this app to control tons of things from your smartphone. It is also completely free to use, with no strings attached.


Yatse is a dedicated Kodi remote that can help you control your Kodi devices. It integrates well with Kodi, Plex, Emby, Jellyfine and your local devices to play media and browse files. The app also works well with the Android Wear companion app. It also allows you to configure multiple custom commands to access more advanced remote functions. You can get this app for free.

Vizio SmartCast Mobile

The majority of TV manufacturers also have dedicated apps that can help you control the TV. Vizio SmartCast is the remote control app for Vizio TVs that can help you launch apps on your TV, control content, and even type with the keyboard. The app also lets you adjust aspect ratio, input selection, image calibration, and other advanced functions. You can get this app for free without any strings attached.

I Remote Controller

Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others have their own native remote apps to control TVs and other devices. Mi Remote Controller is Xioami's remote app that lets you control TV, air conditioning, DVD player, projector and camera from major brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Haier and many more. 'others. The Mi Remote is completely free.


These are the 10 best remote control apps for Android. Most of these apps are free and you can use them with your smartphone. If you are interested in learning “How to Install Android Apps Without Google Play Store“, you can read the complete guide on our website.

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