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In recent days, the arrival of a new interface for Google Meet, one of the services currently most used in the smart working and e-learning fields. The redesigned layout will allow you to see up to 16 users simultaneously among participants in a video conference. While waiting for the rollout, you can rely on an extension for Chrome: it's called GridView and is available on the official browser store.

Google Meet: the Grid View extension for Chrome

Developed by Ryan Meyers, director of the technology department for St. George's Episcopal School in New Orleans, with the aim of overcoming the limit imposed by the Mountain View group regarding the overview of those attending a meeting. Offer in free download, guarantees that no information is saved during use. In the screenshot below what appears after installation and activation.

All those connected to a meeting are shown in a single screen, a very useful mode of interaction both for those who work remotely and for students who in this period are struggling with the remote lessons of the online school. To check its operation, simply click on the icon of theextension that is positioned in the upper right corner of the interface of Chrome.

A necessary clarification, as also underlined by the author: Grid View works only and exclusively with Meet, but not with Hangouts. Recall that the latter is the solution that Google is now dedicating to consumer users.

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