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From the Mountain View group comes a single hub for all information and research regarding travel: it is born Google Travel (Trips in English), reachable simply by typing the address in any browser, desktop or mobile. It brings together within a single portal and a single interface the services previously offered by the Trips mobile application, the search for airline tickets and the search for hotels in which to stay.

Google Travel, all in one place

Once in front of the platform's UI, all you have to do is type in the desired destination, so as to immediately obtain a series of cards that show the most important attractions to visit, things to do, proposed daily itineraries and weather forecasts. Obviously, there is no lack of the possibility of plan a trip from start to finish, specifying the place of departure and dates. Once the booking operations have been completed, it will be possible to access all receipts, tickets and details of the reservations made. Full integration of course with Maps to consult, for example, reviews of restaurants and points of interest written by other users.

The tool for the price comparison to the flights which makes it easy to consult the changes in expenditure required over time, with the possibility of specifying, among other things, the preferred company and the class in which you intend to travel.

In short, not a real new platform, but a reorganization and amalgamation of the tools already made available to users, in line with the philosophy of the company reaffirmed at I / O 2019, which after having represented a reality for a long time committed to helping users find the information they want, now wants to assist and support them in completing daily operations. At the moment it is not known what the fate of theTrips application launched in 2016, if it will be discontinued or if it will continue to function as it has done to date on mobile devices.

In the past, the Google service dedicated to search for airline tickets and more precisely, its indexing within the SERPs came under the magnifying glass of the European Commission during an antitrust investigation.

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