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We finally found the best budget microphone for Twitch streaming and gaming and in this article I will tell you the full review of the Tonor TC30.

I'm sure many of you already know Tonor, a brand that has made its way into online e-commerce thanks to microphone products with a excellent value for money.

The product I'm going to tell you about today, however, has an edge.

Tonor TC30 • Gaming and streaming microphone

Tonor mostly produces products for an audience of radio users, including microphone stands, various accessories and above all microphones.

In this case, we had the opportunity to test a device that particularly amazed us for its versatility and above all for his price of purchase.

Although he does not have an in-depth knowledge of sound, as filmmaker e gamer veteran, I feel I can make honest and concrete judgments about this microphone even if not overly technical.

Without going further, let's talk about this Tonor TC30!

Tonor TC30 • Technical specifications

Il Tonor TC30 it's a condenser microphone with a type receiving capsule cardioid, therefore it is highly recommended for those who intend to use it at short distances.

It comes in the box accompanied by a tripod in metal, a anti-vibration support, for an anti-pop filter, for an USB-C cable and the usual instruction booklet, even if totally superfluous.

As you can imagine, the microphone is adaptable both with extendable arms and the supplied stand, thanks to the 5/8 ″ thread placed on the back of the elastic support but it is not equipped with a 3/8 ″ adapter, therefore you will have to equip it if needed.

Particularly interesting is the fact that the Tonor TC30 can also be used by mobile devices, through connectivity USB-C from which it also draws power, without the need for batteries or other tricks.

In case you were wondering, the USB-C cable supplied has a length of 2 meters, therefore it is more than sufficient even for use on a spring arm, convenient for those who do streaming.

Moving on to the decidedly more technical features you need to know that it supports one 48 kHz input frequency with a quality audio a 16 bit, a sensitivity of -32dB ± 3dB and is equipped with a 2.2kΩ output impedance.

Tonor TC30 • Build quality, aesthetics and software

In terms of constructive quality e design unfortunately we are not at the levels of other competitors, who have at least a metal body and slightly more modern design.

Il design of Tonor TC30 it remains very simple, a little retro due to the look of the capsule which recalls the band design of the old 60's microphones, which conceptually I don't mind but I would have preferred more attention to the materials.

The design, however, does not preclude the functionality of this one Tonor TC30 which recovers very well in terms of ease of use thanks to the system plug & play, great both on Windows that of MacOS, which makes the use highly user friendly, bearing in mind that it can also be used with mobile devices.

In addition to having no software to install, however, it doesn't even have additional features, how could it be one alternative polar mode or a simple one go into for easier adjustment of recorded audio.

I believe these are the trade-offs of demanding a microphone that works well for a extremely affordable price, so I don't blame them.

Tonor TC30 • Final thoughts

I think I fully understand the intentions of Tonor for this TC30.

This is obviously a perfect microphone for those just starting out a channel Twitch or wants to upgrade from the built-in microphone in the gaming headphones without spending a fortune on a professional microphone and a dedicated sound card.

Despite the shortcomings I told you about a little while ago, for a little more than 30 € (with the discount in cart) I don't think you can find better in the market.

Once tested I can confirm that the quality is really above the price at which it presents itself: I never expected it to become the main microphone for registration for my content!

If you want to hear the sound quality I invite you to look at ours video review On the canal YouTube that you find at the beginning of this article and I assure you that you will not be disappointed!

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