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One of the most useful and easy ways to download files , whether they are movies or audiobooks, is a Torrent. ePublibre was a page where you could download all kinds of audiobooks and you could even upload books for other people to enjoy.

At Gamerslance we would like to present you with this list of the 10 best alternatives to ePublibre so that you can continue downloading audiobooks without any problems or impediments.

What are the problems with ePublibre?

Everything and being one of the most used torrents to download audio books, ePublibre had a series of problems that made it, sometimes, a nuisance to have to download the files for this one. Here are some of the problems with ePublibre:

  • Possible virus gateway.
  • A very large amount of ads.
  • Closures for intellectual property infringement.

Like you can only deduce that these three problems can be a great nuisance when downloading an audio book. That's why since Gamerslance presents the 10 best alternatives to ePublibre.

Top 10 alternatives to ePublibre

From Gamerslance we present you the 10 best alternatives to ePublibre so that you can continue buying or downloading audiobooks with different Torrent or software.


The first alternative we present to you is Audible. Audible, an Amazon company, has the world's largest selection of original, commercial-free books and audio programs. Whichever Whether it's your passion, your interests or your favorite authors, there's a book that's perfect for you.

Audible Advantage:

  • No advertising.
  • Being an Amazon affiliate, there are no viruses.
  • You can download anywhere as long as you have internet.

Audible Reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • Simple is best. -Alberto.
  • I didn't have them all because it seemed like a joke, but it works very well. -Guillem.
  • One of the best pages I've ever used in my life. -Nuria.


The second of the top 10 alternatives to ePublibre is eStory . You can download this free application for Android or iPhone and play your audiobooks anywhere.

Benefits of eStory:

  • It's an app and you can have it on your mobile.
  • You can download whatever you want for free.
  • You can close the app and continue reading the book.
  • You can connect bluetooth.

eStory reviews: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • Whenever I have downloaded a file in green it has not been corrupted 10/10. -Fran.
  • Good service and good books. -Sara.
  • I like it very much. -Marcos.


The third alternative that we present to you so that you can read books again is Libby. Libby has an innovative built-in e-book reader, and a beautiful audio book player. If you prefer, you can send books to his Kindle for reading.

Advantages of Libby:

  • You can download books.
  • The app itself has a book reader (narrator).
  • No advertising or viruses.

Libby's opinions: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • Fantastic download site. -Nacho.
  • Best I've used so far. -Maria.
  • Great. -Pablo.


The fourth alternative to ePublilibre is ABBAudiobooks. AudioBook Bay (ABB)Download free audiobook or share your audiobooks safely, quickly and with high quality! An audio book is a recording which is mainly of the spoken word instead.

Advantages of ABBAudiobooks:

  • You can download audiobooks for free.
  • Narrator included in the app.
  • You have 24h of free trial.
  • Premium version.

Reviews of ABBAudiobooks: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I love it, one of the best I've ever used. -Pablo.
  • Good one. -Carles.
  • I recommend it to everyone. -Catalina.


The fifth alternative we present to you is YTS . YTS is a page with a very attractive design that is characterized by graphic quality of the contents. All files are available in HD quality with the particularity that they hardly take up any space.

Advantages of YTS:

  • Files take up little space.
  • You can also download movies.
  • There is also the option, not all, of downloading the files in 4K.
  • There are premieres and classics to watch.

YTS opinions: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I've only done one download and it's already convinced me. -Carlos.
  • Great download site. -Sergi.
  • Downloading movies is simpler now. -Roger.


The sixth alternative in this fabulous list of alternatives to ePublibre is Limetorrents. Limetorrents is characterized by a very simple interface where you find a search engine to find the file you want.

Advantages of Limetorrents:

  • You have updated lists with the last added torrents or the most popular ones of the moment.
  • All the files offer detailed information about the size, seeds or the time it was added.
  • You can find everything from movies, to music, applications, games and even anime files.

Opinions of Limetorrents: [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • Of the last torrents I've used, it's the best. -Pepe.
  • There are things to improve but it downloads everything very quickly. -Roco.
  • Great torrent, nice to meet you. -Manolo.

Kickass Torrent

The seventh we present to you is Kickass Torrents . This page is one of the most popular websites to download from files. Its catalogue includes all types of content, each of the which offers detailed information on their origin and quality.

Advantages of Kickass Torrent

  • Each download has a description of who has uploaded it to the page.
  • Great book catalogue.
  • No need to register on the page.
  • Totally free.

Opinions of Kickass Torrent: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • One of the best pages I've ever known in my life. -Carla.
  • I was able to download the entire Lord of the Rings saga. -Pierre.
  • The best one, without a doubt. -Sergio.

The Pirate Bay

Coming to the eighth alternative on this list, the alternative we present to you is The Prate Bay. This page is one of the favorite options because it has a of the largest user communities across the Internet. It has many options to be able to filter the contents, it also integrates a system of symbols that alert about the safety and status of file health.

Advantages of The Pirate Bay:

  • Great community for transferring movie files.
  • Tells you if the file is misleading or not, avoids viruses.
  • No registration required.
  • Large film library.

Reviews of The Pirate Bay: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • Whenever I have downloaded a file in green it has not been corrupted 10/10. -Fran.
  • Good service and good movies. -Sara.
  • I like it very much. -Marcos.

Torrent Paradise

The penultimate alternative we present you is Torrent Paradise. Torrent Paradise is another of the most efficient search engines of the moment the which has the particularity of being a decentralized service. It has a list of the 100 most popular torrents of the moment, as well as the most recent ones updated every 30 minutes.

Advantages of Torrent Paradise:

  • One of the 100 best torrents in the world.
  • Every 30 minutes it is updated.
  • No need to register.
  • Lots of audiobooks to download.

Reviews of Torrent Paradise: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • Best Torrent I've ever used. -Fran.
  • After using it I don't know if I'll use others again. -Sandra.
  • Great quality of Torrent, normal to be among the best. -Pedro.

Project Gutemberg

The last alternative we present you is Project Gutenberg . If you can speak English or if you are looking for ebooks in other languages, the The best alternative to ePublibre is Proyecto Gutemberg because it has more than 50,000 books available at no cost.

Advantages of Project Gutenberg:

  • More than 50,000 books available.
  • It is completely free.
  • Books in different languages.

Opinions of Proyecto Gutemberg: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • I love it, one of the best I've ever used. -Pablo.
  • Good one. -Carles.
  • I recommend it to everyone. -Catalina.

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