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Vikings is a historical adventure series centered on Ragnar Lothbrok, a descendant of Odin. The series tells the adventures of Ragnar, when he decides to embark on a journey to fulfill his dream, sailing the seas in the company of his jester friend Floki. Both will build new ships, fast and elegant, that will help them in their adventure .

If you're waiting for the Vikings sequel and can't wait to see members flying or great battles with shield and sword, Gamerslance has a list of the top 15 Viking-like series.

Top 15 Viking-like series

At Gamerslance we would like to present you with a list created by our series experts section with the 15 best series similar to Vikings. This way you will be able to satisfy your blood thirst with a similar series.

1. The Last Kingdom (2015)

The first similar series we present you is The Last Kingdom. The Last Kingdom is a series set in the year 872 in the present day England. Almost all the kingdoms have been invaded by Vikings minus the kingdom of Wessex. Uthrex is captured and raised as a Viking after they murdered his parents, so you'll have to choose whether to be a Saxon or a Viking.

2. Normsemen (2016)

The second series in the list of the 15 best Viking-like series we present to you is Normsemen. Norsemen is a dramatic comedy set in the year 790 in the Viking Age. The series tells the story of conflict, political change and the situation of the slaves of the time. The story focuses on one of those slaves, Rufus, who will come to lead a people away from the wars .

3. The Tudors (2007)

The third series we present to you to kill your desire for Vikings is The Tudors . The Tudors is a series that revolves around the reign of Henry VIII from England. The series tells the story of the beginning of the reign and numerous marriages he went through. As the chapters go by the king's darkest secrets will be revealed, as well as the treason, considering that the king treats his reign without mercy.

4. Frontier (2016)

The fourth similar series we present to you is Frontier. Frontier is an adventure series set in North America at late 18th century focused on the struggle for control of power from various points of view of the fur industry and trade. The series chronicles the relationships and conflicts between native tribes and the Europeans.

5. Camelot (2011)

Camelot is a series set in Britain . It all begins with the death of King Uther, at which point an unknown son of his, Arthur, will ascend the throne, but he has always been raised as a commoner. Morgana, his half-sister, will fight for the crown with all her might .

6. Game of Thrones (2011)

The sixth similar series in the list of the 15 best Viking-like series we present you is Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is a science fiction drama series set in the western continent. The series revolves around several themes: the fight for the Iron Throne, the rise of unknown beings that threaten the ice wall, and the adventures of Daenerys Targaryen, who wants to return to Westeros. In short, the series tells the story of the struggles between the Seven Kingdoms of the continent to seize the powerof the Iron Throne .

7. Black Sails (2014)

Black Sails is a historical series of adventures that revolves around Captain Flint, a pirate who is accompanied by Silver , while escape justice. During the journey they will live many adventures, among which we can see prostitutes, thieves, violence and swindlers.

8. Taboo (2017)

The eighth series we present to you is Taboo. Taboo is a drama series set in the year 1814 centered in James, a man who, after traveling to Africa, is left for dead after to go ten years without hearing from him. The series will narrate his return to London, with a new life and several diamonds in his pocket.

9. KNIGHTFALL (2017)

Knightfall is an adventure series set in the Middle Ages centered on the Holy Grail . The Order of the Temple had been in charge of taking care of it, until the knights had to leave the Holy Land, causing the loss of the Grail. Fifteen years later, some Templars plan to recover it .

10. Marcopolo (2014)

The 10th series on this list with the 15 best Viking-like series is Marcopolo. Marcopolo is a historical series set in the 13th century that revolves around Marco Polo, a merchant who begins a journey to the East, as yet unknown to the West. During the journey you will experience many adventures full of dangers, until he reaches the court ofKublai Khan, where he will have to survive.

11. Spartacus (2012)

The next series we present to you is Spartacus . Set in the 1st century BC, at the height of the Roman Empire, Spartacus focuses on the figure of the famous gladiator.

12. The Witcher (2020)

The twelfth in the list of the 10 best Viking-like series is The Witcher . The Witcher Geralt, a monster hunter, tries to find his place in a world in which people are often more evil than beasts.

13. Rome (2009)

The thirteenth series that resembles Vikings that we present to you is Rome . Two Roman soldiers involved in historical events of the era that includes the fall of the republic and the birth of the empire.

14. Versailles (2016)

Number 14 on the list of the top 15 Viking-like series we present to you is Versailles. King Louis XIV of France commissions a luxurious palace which becomes a field for fierce romantic and political battles, and in a golden cage for the nobility.

15. The Shannara Chronicles (2015)

The last such series we present to you is The Shannara Chronicles . A series based on the novels of Terry Brooks. Fantastic genre, the main protagonist is an elf tree known as "Ellcrys", the which is the only one capable of protecting the Four Lands from the demons.

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