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In conjunction with your smartphone's GPS , Relive will manage to recreate a route superimposed on the terrain of Google Maps. With good graphics and a three-dimensional quality you will use this app if you are passionate about discovering new territories and exploring the unexplored.

You can record and share your favorite 3D routes with your friends. If you love running, cycling, or just outdoor activities... you will love this app! you'll love this app!

Top 5 alternatives to Relive

In the case that for various reasons this app is not enough for you, or you simply want to know apps with similar functionalities and the same purpose, you are in luck, because from Gamerslance we offer you a list with the 5 best alternatives to Relive.

1. Wikiloc

You will find 25,682,632 different routes in this app, available on iOS and Android. It uses Apple Maps' own cartography, which allows you to have your maps as updated as possible and with a high quality for all users.

It allows you to classify the different routes by type according to the type of activity you are going to do at any given time, for example hiking, biking, running...

Advantages of Wikiloc:

  • Free
  • Live tracking
  • Displays the weather

Wikiloc reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Very useful - ''FMB56''.
  • You can't miss it. ''Sabanell''.
  • Congratulations! very good. - ''Xapp14''.

We leave you a video about how this app works!

2. Oruxmaps

Available in Google Play. The idea came up in 2009 by Jorge Vázquez for Android devices. It uses the GPS of your cell phone and also uses the base of Google Maps to establish its service. Cyclists and hikers will be the main users of this app.

Advantages of Oruxmaps:

  • Good graphics
  • Free
  • Intuitive app

Opinions of Oruxmaps: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • For me the best app without a doubt - ''Fdo.Ita''.
  • Very complete app. ''Zhivago2010''.
  • The best I've tried. - Calisto Maldonado''.

3. Strava

Much broader in terms of activities, offering everything from kayaking to skiing! Runners and hikers should already know the application, but if you are new to the world from Gamerslance we totally recommend this app and not only it, but our 5 best alternatives to Relive.

Advantages of Strava:

  • Displays your training continuously
  • Premium version (paid)
  • Share your activities

Strava reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Great, very addictive - ''Bemekis''.
  • Very good! ''Alberto Cowboys''.
  • Great app. - ''AlfHalasy''.

4. Komoot

Another app that allows you to get into nature as far as you want. Available on iOS and Android to create your own routes, or even choose one already planned by the same app.

Its live navigation function will surprise you due to its good fluidity, although that will also depend on your Internet connection clearly, and not only to the app itself.

Advantages of Komoot:

  • It marks you points of interest on the route.
  • Live navigation
  • Free

Reviews of Komoot: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Best. - ''Gandalf23.
  • Simply fabulous. - ''grfx''.
  • Intuitive and very practical. - ''Dom_746''.

How to create your perfect route?

5. Viewranger

If your greatest pleasure in life is being outdoors and doing activities, do not hesitate because this is your app! 150,000 routes available both locally and abroad, that is, this app can become your best pocket friend to accompany you wherever you travel.

You can later save your routes and share with your friends your best experiences!

Advantages of Viewranger:

  • Includes foreign terrain.
  • You can download maps.
  • Free

Viewranger reviews: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • Excellent app. - ''Vulcanel''.
  • Maybe the best app. - ''PipitoGrillo''.
  • Free and good. - ''joseignaci''.

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