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What would we be today without videos? What is clear is that the consumption of audiovisual material is massive by everyone and on a daily basis. So much is the repercussion of all this that industries were created at the time that live on this demand, as is the case of YouTube or Dailymotion for example.

In 2013 Windows launched its first and basic free video editor available in the pack of programs launched that year. Many people jumped on it as their first approach to the world of post-production and editing. The truth is, this program has created a lot of communicators today, as it was our first tool. It grew in functions little by little, although its basic and intuitive system did not change, the program wanted to continue to be everyone's approach to the world of editing.

The 5 best alternatives to Movie Maker

If you have seen this program too much or simply want to try new ones, from we recommend the 5 best alternatives to Movie Maker:

1. Wax

Maybe a bit old, but perfect for quick and simple things like simply cutting videos, putting some transition, and even put music. Something simple and easy to use with similar functionality to Movie Maker.

Advantages of Wax:

  • Easy to use
  • Video transitions available
  • Infinite songs to use.

Wax reviews: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • Perfect replacement for Movie Maker - ''nfirefoder''.
  • Great program. ''David57''.
  • Easy and intuitive. - ''adc786''.

2. Lumafusion

This is a program only available on Apple devices and it is a one-time payment of about 20 euros. This program has features equal and superior to Movie Maker. This is a professional program, but easy and intuitive to use. If your passion is the world of post-production is one of the few high quality programs that will not charge you a monthly subscription, but a one-time payment and that's it.

Advantages of Lumafusion:

  • Professional features.
  • Accepts all types of formats
  • Intuitive app

Lumafusion reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Very happy. - its cocoboy.
  • Very good. ''Juliorf''.
  • The best. - "Bresnes.

3. Splice

This is a very advanced app that competes directly with the main video editing apps. We will be able to spend many hours creating and creating, in such a way that we can improve our editing weapons. Such a current app could not miss in our 5 alternatives to Movie Maker.

Advantages of Splice:

  • Easy video export.
  • Accepts most formats.
  • Easy to use.

Reviews of Splice: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • Great - ''Karm13''.
  • I like it, very easy to use. ''McFlores 66''.
  • Very cool. - ''fermin 43''.

4. VN video editor

Here we have a gem of an editor, also literally. Free, available on iOs and Android, without payments, and without watermarks. We have everything in our hand with this application, and we can't find any drawbacks , so we have decided that we couldn't miss its presence in our ranking.

Advantages of VN video editor:

  • Fast and intuitive
  • No ads or watermarks
  • Simple app

Opinions of VN video editor: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • Best - ''Patri_0120''.
  • Great for editing. ''jairoman1467''.
  • Spectacular. - ''Carlos CYO''.

5. Capcut - Video Editor

It already accumulates more than 100 million downloads on Android and many others on iOS, the truth is that it has become a bombshell of editing. Created by the company adjacent to TikTok, which is specialized in vertical videos. An app to the order of the day that could not be a better finishing touch to our list of the 5 best alternatives to Movie Maker.

Advantages of Capcut - Video Editor:

  • Fast and intuitive
  • Free
  • Good performance

Reviews of Capcut - Video Editor: [Average rating 4'4/5].

  • I like it a lot - ''pituxy7''.
  • The best app I've seen. jacaranda''.
  • Perfect for edits. - ''Hairband''.

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