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Snapchat is a social networking and messaging application that some love it and others have no idea how it works. For example, in The United States is the most, while in Spain its use is quite residual. In any case, if an application has contributed to popularity of face masks that has been Snapchat.

Since it is not widely used in Spain, we at Gamerslance would like to present you with a list of the 5 best apps similar to Snapchat. If none of your friends use it, you can download a similar one, but only with filters and that doesn't take so much time.

What are the problems with Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social network that has not been very successful in Spain, it is difficult to find people who use it unless they have been studying or working in some Anglo-Saxon country where it is used a lot. But even so, it's not that the app presents many problems. Here we leave you with some problems:

  • People don't use it.
  • Instagram has copied its mechanics and people like it better.
  • Snapchat filters can be found in other apps that are the same and take up less space.

For those reasons, if you don't have anyone to send photos to, Gamerslance presents you this list with the 5 best apps similar to Sn apchat. This way your face will look like a fish or a dog's.

Top 5 Snapchat-like apps

At Gamerslance we know that one of the funniest things is taking pictures with funny filters, so we want to introduce you to the 5 apps similar to Snapchat.


The first app we present to you is MSQRD . MSQRD is an application that appeared out of nowhere as it says and it didn't take long to be bought by Facebook. Its main interest lies in being able to use the masks with similar quality to Snapchat without having to do anything else or create an account.

Advantages of MSQRD:

  • No need to create an account.
  • It's from the company on Facebook.
  • There are better quality filters and similar.
  • You can put celebrity filters.

MSQRD opinions: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • Very good filter app. -Marta.
  • I really like this app. -Paco.
  • Cool and fun. -Martina.


The second similar app of the top 5 Snapchat-like apps is YoucamFUN . The masks are included in the Fun Cam section and quantity is more important than quality. That is, there are a lot of effects.

Advantages of YoucamFUN:

  • It contains a lot of effects.
  • They are all in 2D.
  • There are very good quality, but it lacks these too.

YoucamFUN opinions: [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • Fantastic app. -Carlos.
  • It's really fun to use with my girls. -Carmen.
  • It's helped me make friends. -Noelia.

LINE egg:

Past the halfway point of this list with snapchat-like apps is LINE egg . LINE Egg has a lot of effects categorized into laughs, unique, fear and faces. The masks are of an acceptable quality, they They adapt well to your face and in some cases respond to gestures such as opening the mouth or wink.

Advantages of LINE egg:

  • It's from the LINE social network.
  • Great amount of categorized effects.
  • Filters that respond to facial gestures.
  • They fit your face well.

Opinions of LINE egg: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • I like it very, very good. -Francisco.
  • One of the best I've ever tasted. -Pablo.
  • I LOVE IT. -Andrea.

Look ME

The fourth and penultimate Snapchat-like application we present to you is Look ME. LookMe is undoubtedly the most modest entry in our list. The effects are not a big deal, they do not adapt in 3D to the face, but they're flat, and that's actually part of their charm.

Advantages of Look ME:

  • Modest application.
  • The filters are in 2D and are adapted to the face.
  • There are not many filters.
  • Very good quality filters.

Opinions of Look ME: [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • I really like the app. -Javier.
  • Good filter app. -Marc.
  • Cool. -Alberto.


The fifth and last similar application we present to you so you can put a filter on your face is Instagram. The effects are only available in Stories mode (by sliding to right) and in private chats. However, when you are done you can save the result in your gallery.

Advantages of Instagram:

  • You can save the photos with filters.
  • If Snapchat has it, Instagram does too.
  • There are a lot of filters and you can create them yourself.

Reviews of Instagram: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • I love it, I can upload a picture and make a dog-faced selfi. -Anna.
  • It's the best, better than Snapchat. -Carla.
  • Great for everything. -Maria.

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