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WhatsApp Messenger (or simply WhatsApp) is an instant messaging application for smartphones, where messages are sent and received over the Internet, as well as images, videos, audios, audio recordings (voice notes), documents, locations, contacts, gifs, as well as calls and video calls with several participants at once, among other functions.

You may know it, but what you don't know is that there are more similar applications that can serve as an alternative to WhatsApp, whether it's to keep a work chat from getting mixed up with a private one or to have more secure conversations. That's why Gamerslance would like to introduce you to the 7 best alternativesto WhatsApp.

What problems does WhatsApp present?

Since 2009, WhatsApp has been releasing new updates every two months to improve its content, but this does not solve some of the problems that the app has and that we will now show you.

  • Easy to get personal data from users.
  • Automatic download of all files that are sent or received.
  • It's very easy for people to see your chats.

These three problems are trying to improve after each update, but as they are very difficult to solve the WhatsApp team has not yet put a solution. That's why AlterntWorld wants to present you with a list of the best alternatives to WhatsApp, so you can chat securely or for whatever purpose you want.

Top 7 Alternatives to WhatsApp

Gamerslance would like to present you with a list of the 7 best alternatives to WhatsApp, so that you can chat with more than one social network.


The first alternative we present to you is Tango. This application is, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives to Whatsapp, then, in addition to its instant messaging service, also offers tools to find friends.

Advantages of Tango:

  • Instant messaging service.
  • Possibility of finding new friends.
  • More than 70 million users.
  • It has internal mini-games.

Tango Reviews: [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • It's a very good alternative.-Carla.
  • Good quality. -Roger.
  • I don't find it a problem. -Fran.


The second alternative that we present to you so that you can chat and not be with WhatsApp is Telegram . This messaging application that has millions of users per the whole planet is clearly competing with WhatsApp. It's totally free of charge and does not include paid subscriptions.

Advantages of Telegram:

  • Completely free.
  • Direct competition from WhatsApp.
  • Millions of users.
  • You can use it without putting the phone number.

Telegram opinions: [Average rating 4.8/5]

  • One of the best. -Fernando.
  • Very useful. -Miria.
  • I love it, it's very safe. -Marc


The third application on this list of alternatives to WhatsApp is Kik . Kik is an instant messaging option that does not require providing a phone number for your use , just register at the application.

Advantages of Kik:

  • No phone number required.
  • You can share audio and video files.
  • You can look at other things while minimizing the app.

Kik's opinions: [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • No need to record the number. -Pilar.
  • It's great, there's everything. -Lola.
  • I can watch YouTube while I wait for a message. -Pedro.


Passing the equator of the 7 best alternatives to WhatsApp we find Viber. This messaging app, which has over 100 million users all over the world and that it works similarly to Whatsap.

Advantages of Viber:

  • Similar design to WhatsApp.
  • Over 100 million users.
  • You can make voice calls.
  • More secure than WhatsApp.

What Viber has to say: [Average rating 4'3/5]

  • Good alternative. -Juan.
  • The best I've ever used. -Lola.
  • I use it for work. -Nacho.

Kakao Talk

The fifth alternative on the list for you to chat with another social network if WhatsApp falls is Kakao Talk . This alternative also requires you to specify the phone number, to which it sends a verification code.

Benefits of Kakao Talk:

  • With the phone number, they identify you.
  • You can do group chats.
  • You can send voice messages.

Opinions of Kakao Talk: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • The app is going very well. -Laura.
  • Good platform. -Lorenzo.
  • Lots of people. -Pablo.


The sixth and penultimate alternative to WhatsApp is WeChat . This Chinese application whose user community is continuously growth (it already has over 400 million) and provides similar to Whatsapp.

Advantages of WeChat:

  • Features similar to WhatsApp.
  • Over 400 million users.
  • Does not show your phone number.
  • You can share locations.

WeChat Reviews: [Average rating 4.7/5]

  • Good one. -Laura.
  • I love it, very good service. -Marcos.
  • More practical than others. -Lorenzo.


The seventh and final alternative we present to you is Signal. This is an application that allows us to program the 'expiration' of our messages. Messages self-destruct if we want them to, and we're protected by itsend-to-endencryption system.

Advantages of Signal:

  • Allows to program the expiration of the messages.
  • Messages protected by an external end to end encryption system.
  • Functions similar to WhatsApp.
  • Recommended by the creator of Wikiligs for its security.

Reviews of Signal: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • Fantastic. -Pablo.
  • I feel very safe. -Iker.
  • The best you'll find. -Ricard.

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