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Pelis Desmix was a website where you could watch or download audiovisual content focused mainly on movies and series. It became famous for its wide variety of categories and its great film library that allowed you to choose a different movie or episode every time .

From Gamerslance we want to present you the best alternatives to Pelis desmix, since for several reasons it can be closed or you can find copies that will try to trick you to sneak into your computer.

What are the problems with Pelis desmix?

Surely if you used this platform you know that recently closed it, as everything and be very good website had certain problems that harmed the experience on this website. Here we leave you with some of the problems:

  • Difficult navigation through the web.
  • Unexpected page closures.
  • Possible copyrighted movies that could get you in legal trouble.

Here we leave you with the 8 best alternatives to Pelis desmix that we assure you that are very good alternative if you were a user of the old Pelis Desmix.

Top 8 alternatives to Pelis desmix

From Gamerslance we present you a list with the 8 best alternatives to Pelis desmix . So that if it gets shut down you can continue watching your favorite movies.


The alternative to Pelis Desmix with which we open the list is Pepeliculas. This is one of the best websites to access the latest in movies and TV series, including new releases of series or movies and you'll be able to watch streaming online.

Advantages of Pepeliculas:

  • Latest seasons of each series.
  • Before choosing a movie, you can access the trailer.
  • The contents are getting better and better.

Reviews of Pepeliculas: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • The best of all. -Carlos.
  • No doubt, since they closed the one I used I'm staying with this one. -Cristofer.
  • Very good. -Marta.

Amazon prime video.

The second alternative to Pelis Desmix on this list is Amazon prime video. This Amazon platform allows you to watch all kinds of series and movies, both original and already created. You just need to have Amazon premium.

Advantages of Amazon prime video:

  • You can download your favorite series or movies on your mobile or tablet (Android and iOS) without the need for a connection.
  • View content on up to 3 different devices at the same time.
  • It has X-Ray option with which you can find out who are the actors of a movie or series a movie or series, and even access data about them.
  • You can watch the episodes wherever you want.

Amazon prime video reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I love their services. -Harry.
  • There is a lot of variety. -Maria.
  • The best if you have Amazon prime. Carlos.

White Series

The next alternative to Pelis Desmix for watching series or movies is Series Blanco . After the last update of the web, you will find a modernized and easy to use interface. The content downloads are ad-free.

Advantages of Series Blanco:

  • You can watch series and movies online.
  • No ads.
  • Completely free.
  • If you don't know what to watch you can see the best ratings.

Opinions of Series Blanco: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • Very good website. -Marcos.
  • The absence of ads is noticeable. -Jesus.
  • Fabulous. -Noelia.


At the bottom of the list of the 8 best alternatives to Pelis desmix we introduce you to Gnula . Here you will be able to watch all the movies and series you want without limits by ads, as the page does not contain the annoying ads.

Advantages of Gnula:

  • You can see everything online.
  • If you are looking for a specific content and you can't find it on the web, you have an option to request it.
  • If you love the Marvel world we recommend it
  • There are no ads.

Reviews of Gnula: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I prefer watching online than downloading. -Paula.
  • Fantastic, I love it. -Lana.
  • Great website to watch series online. -Marina.

HD Full TV

Passing the halfway point of this list of alternatives to Pelis desmix we present you HD Full TV . In this website very similar to the famous Danko Series you can find content updated with the best of current cinema, as well as series and even television TV shows.

Advantages of HD Full TV:

  • You can watch TV shows.
  • They update the content every day.
  • Includes a section with movies that are broadcasted on Netflix.
  • You'll find content available from all eras.

HD Full TV reviews: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • I don't have Netflix but I do have HD Full TV. -Pablo.
  • Perfect, I can watch all the ep of Stranger things. -Miguel.
  • The best of the genre. -Hector.


The sixth alternative on this list is SerieZ. It is an online streaming portal that allows you to watch series and movies, but you will also be able to watch live TV channels or your favorite shows resubbed.

Advantages of SerieZ:

  • It contains a news section.
  • You can watch the premieres and TV in real time.
  • You can find movies in different languages.

Opinions of SerieZ: [Average rating 4'5/5].

  • I love this website to watch movies. -Carla.
  • The best, I have no doubts. -Lola.
  • Recommended to everyone. -Alba.


The next site that we present to you is Inkaserie. This website is one of the options that is growing due to the quality of the material it contains. quality of the material it contains, even though it is not the website with the biggest number of files. number of files. It has another page dedicated only to movies.

Advantages of Inkaserie:

  • It has an equal web, but specialized in movies.
  • You can choose the language and the quality of the video.
  • It has a section of the best premieres since 2015.
  • Great image quality.

Reviews of Inkaserie: [Average rating 4'7/5].

  • I love it, lots of variety. -Ramon.
  • Great website, I can watch everything I want without problems. -Marcos.
  • Fabulous, I can watch top gear and much more. -Elia.


The seventh alternative of the 8 best alternatives to Pelis desmix that you can use and that we recommend is Kodi . In this case, this is an application that has been created for use on TV and acts as a media center with the feature of supporting auteur cinema.

Advantages of Kodi:

  • Designed to be watched on TV.
  • Great image quality.
  • Series and movies platform.
  • No ads.

Opinions of Kodi: [Average rating 4'8/5].

  • If I get ads I have more series to watch. -Paco.
  • It can be improved but for now it's perfect. -Anna.
  • Very good. Nerea.


The eighth and last alternative to Pelis desmix that you can use on Android devices as well as Apple TV and Smart TV is Freeflix. All its content is downloadable, this allows you to watch it wherever you want and whenever you want without internet.

Advantages of Freeflix:

  • You can use it on mobile, tablet or TV.
  • You can watch online or download content.
  • You can download the content you want.
  • It is completely legal.

Freeflix reviews: [Average rating 4'8/5]

  • I love it, one of the best I've used. -Pablo.
  • Very good. -Carlos.
  • I recommend it to everyone. -Catalina.

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