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One of the games that has made its place in the heart of all video game players is Minecraft. This video game with its curious cube-shaped graphics is all about survival. The game also allows you to play online and in lan with your friends to create your own world of adventure.

From Gamerslance we present you the 8 best games similar to Minecraft. In case you get tired and don't want any more cubes in your head, but you want to continue with survival games we leave you with several alternatives to enjoy.

What problems does Minecraft present?

Minecraft, everything and being one of the best games ever has problems. These problems are found more in the multiplayer mode than in the single player. The problems you may encounter if you play alone are small bugs that you won't even know are present. Still, here are some Minecraft problems:

  • There's very little to interact with in single-player mode.
  • Toxic online community.
  • Very crowded servers and having one for free is not worth it.

For those reasons or because we want to present you alternatives to Minecraft so you can know more about video games we present you, from Gamerslance, the 8 best games similar to Minecraft.

The 8 best games similar to Minecraft

From Gamerslance we present you the 8 best games similar to Minecraft. In case you get tired and don't want more cubes in your head, but want to continue with survival games we leave you several alternatives for you to enjoy.


To start this list with games similar to Minecraft we present you Terraria . Terraria is a game similar to Minecraft , with many similarities and at the same time with many differences. We have the collection of materials and the possibility of building and destroying any part of the world.

Advantages of Terraria:

  • It's similar to Minecraft.
  • It's in 2D.
  • It has more interactions with the world than Minecraft.
  • It's a finished game.

Terraria Reviews: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • Good alternative. -Joan.
  • I like it very much. -Laura.
  • It's in 2-D, but this makes it more refreshing.

Castle MinerZ

Second on the list of the top 8 Minecraft-like games is Castle MinerZ . Castle Miner Z is a cooperative online game where you have to survive and defend yourself from hordes of zombies. The game is of the genre of terror, and as in Minecraft, a world of blocks.

Advantages of Castle MinerZ:

  • It's a horror survival.
  • Similar graphics to Minecraft.
  • It's cooperative.

Castle MinerZ opinions: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • Very fun gameplay. -Pablo.
  • Very exciting. -Anna.
  • It's fun to play with friends. -Carlos.

Cube World

The third option we present to Minecraft is Cube World. Cube World is an open world game like Minecraft, developed by Picroma for Windows and Mac.

Advantages of Cube World:

  • It's an open world.
  • It is also full of cubes.
  • Mixture of Minecraft and WoW.

Cube World opinions: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • It's a bit boring at first. -Marc.
  • I liked it at first, now no one plays it anymore. -Carles.
  • I like it a lot. -Fran.

Block Story

Arriving at the halfway point of the 8 best games similar to Minecraft is Block Story . Block Story is another Minecraft type game, where we have an open world infinite made by blocks. A game in which your character climbs from level and you develop it little by little to your liking.

Advantages of Block Story:

  • Graphically similar to Minecraft.
  • Open world to camp at your leisure.
  • Similar to WoW.
  • You can play online.

Block Story Reviews: [Average Rating]

  • I like it very much. -Laura.
  • The best I've ever played for free. -Lorenzo.
  • It gives me a good time. -Pedro.

Lego World

In fifth place is Lego World. In this list of games similar to Minecraft, LEGO Worlds could not be missed. It focuses more on free construction than on collecting minerals , wood and stones.

Advantages of Lego World:

  • You can let your creativity run wild.
  • Good story.
  • Offers many ways to play.

Lego World Reviews: [Average rating 4'6/5]

  • I like it very, very much. -Maria.
  • Very good game. -Marçal.
  • I love it. -Federico.


The sixth position is occupied by the video game Rust . There are many survival games, but none like Rust. World where you' ll have to build your own shelters, mix resources and materials to get objects.

Advantages of Rust:

  • Realistic survival.
  • You can play with your friends.
  • It is a horror survival.
  • Direct competition from Minecraft.

Rust's opinions: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • I like it very much. It's very entertaining. -Ricardo.
  • I think it's a game. -Take it.
  • The best thing I've ever played. -Marcos.

Dragon quest builders

The seventh and penultimate alternative we present you is Dragon quest builders. Another Minecraft type game is the Dragon Quest Builders. One of the great sagas of Square Enix, which also offers a world of blocks and cubes. Giant enemies, countless dungeons, magic and huge inventories that give us that similarity to Minecraft.

Advantages of Dragon quest builders:

  • Similar to Minecraft.
  • It is from the great Dragon Quest saga.
  • You can explore whatever you want.

Dragon quest builders reviews: [Average rating 4'5/5]

  • The best. -Noelia.
  • I didn't know him and he's the bomb. -Nerea.
  • I love it. -Fernando.


The eighth and final of the 8 best Minecraft-like games is BlockStorm. Blockstorm is a FPS (first person shooter) game that happens in a world made of blocks. The game allows you to create and edit maps and then share them with other players.

Advantages of BlockStorm:

  • FPS game.
  • It has a competitive mode.
  • It is free.
  • No account required.

BlockStorm reviews: [Average rating 4'7/5]

  • Good competitive game. -Iu.
  • I like it a lot. -Iker.
  • It's fun to relax. -Gerard.

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