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Real life is complicated enough, and we all need one form of entertainment or another to distract us from the bad news and monotony. For some, the solution is football, for others it's books, hiking in the mountains, the craziest reality shows, or music. For you who are reading this article, we suppose that love stories, whether they are grandiloquent and impossible Romeo and Juliet-like to thrill us, or fun and carefree to have a good time, are enough to do the job.

If so, the Turkish love series market is a pirate's buried treasure, and we've got good news for you, as we've dug to the right place and brought you the brightest and most valuable gems in the form of recommendations. And enjoy the gold! At SeriesRank we uncover the best titles of the moment.

The best Turkish romantic series that will make you dream.

Oh, love! A feeling sometimes not easy, and as painful as it can be rewarding. But today you don't have to worry about your own heartbreak and heartbreak, because it's much more fun to spend time watching other people's. And what better than these Turkish love series to experience romance in a much more passionate and deliciously surreal way than the time your ex dumped you the day before your birthday to save money on flowers? Check them out and decide!

Kara Sevda (Eternal Love)

Anundisputed international hit, Kara Sevda - or Eternal Love in its English title - is the most watched Turkish series of all time, with a popularity that largely triggered a growing interest in Turkish television internationally.

The love story between Kemal and Nihan not only won awards such as the International Emmy for best soap opera, but even managed to penetrate the walls of the Spanish-American soap opera audience, earning the approval of the very kings of this television genre. Without Kara Sevda, many articles like this one probably wouldn't have come into existence, so we thank her!

A good love story can achieve the unimaginable. This is well known by its protagonists, the mining engineer of humble origins Kemal Soydere, and Nihan, a rich girl forced to marry someone she doesn't love. Discover the relationship that revolutionized the Turkish television landscape with this passionate love story.

Smuggled Love (Kara Para Aşk)

Smuggled Love is another one of the best Turkish love series. This love series that you can find on Netflix combines romance with the world of crime, secrets, and the most shocking revelations that will keep you on edge from minute one. Impossible to get bored with this international hit with two seasons full of danger, entanglements, and unexpected twists and turns. And what could be more addictive than a love story in high-stakes situations that are better passed on to fictional characters than to you from the comfort of your couch?

Ömer and Elif, the protagonists of this story, can tell you this. He is a policeman with noble and idealistic ideas, while she is a jewellery designer, daughter of an Istanbul tycoon. Their very separate worlds will be intertwined from the very beginning because of a mysterious crime: Ömer's fiancée and Elif's father have been murdered together in the same car. What secrets are hidden behind this shocking news? And what will these deaths mean for the two strangers? If you want to find out, you know what to do.

Kiralık Aşk (I rent you my love).

From such an intense and risk-filled recommendation we move on to one of much more lighthearted, and with certainly far fewer deaths in between. Kiralık Aşk, also known as I Rent You My Love or Love For Rent, is a Turkish romantic comedy for those who don't want to give up the laughs in love stories.

And love is often more comic than tragic, as our protagonists, Defne and Ömer, prove in this wacky love story that is not lacking in its necessary moments of tension and drama.

Defne's life couldn't get any worse. His family situation is disastrous, he has to take care of his grandmother and his little sister, and as if that weren't enough, his brother has left them with debts that won't go away on their own. How can he get the money to keep going? The solution comes in the form of an unexpected kiss and a most peculiar opportunity: a stranger will give her the money she needs if she falls in love, marries and then leaves the rich Ömer. Defne has no choice but to accept the offer.

Our Story (Bizim Hikaye)

The next love story on our list is actually the Turkish adaptation of the well-known British series Shameless. Fans of the original series will enjoy discovering similarities and differences between the two, and those unfamiliar with it can enjoy this two-season hit just as much.

The series follows the unhappy life of Filiz, who must take care of her younger siblings since their mother abandoned them. Her father has a drinking problem and causes more trouble than anything, so love is the last thing on the poor girl's mind. That is until young Bariş bursts into her life, doing whatever it takes to help her and her family. But it's clear that things won't be so easy neither for her family nor for the love blossoming between the two young people, since behind everything there are secrets, envy and dangerous problems...

Love Is In The Air (Sen Çal Kapımı)

The next bet on our list of the best Turkish love series is a recent one, but one that has already been accumulating an impressive number of fans since its inception, and which already has a second season premiered this very year. It's Love is in the air, an entertaining romantic series centered on another curious offer that combines love and money.

Eda is clear that studies are the most important thing to have a good life. That's why when the young heir Serkan is the reason why the girl loses her scholarship to study abroad, Eda won't take it well... and she'll let him know. Serkan has other worries, but money isn't one of them, so he'll propose a deal to Eda that will benefit them both... if they can stand each other, that is.

This entertaining series plays with typical soap opera clichés, and it's not without its dramatic moments that develop even more in the second season, but lovers of relationships full of rivalry slowly overcome by feelings will have a good time with Love is in the air.

Erkenci Kuş: Dreaming Bird

We end our list of recommendations of the best Turkish love series with Erkenci Kuş, also known as Pájaro soñador in Spanish, or Early Bird in its English title.

The "dreaming bird" in question is named Sanem, and she's a girl whose dream is to make a living as a writer in the Galapagos Islands. However, reality comes knocking when her family tells her that if she doesn't find steady work, they will marry her off to their neighbor. From here, Sanem manages to find a job in an advertising agency.

For his part, Can is the son of the owner of the company where Sanem has come to work. A dreamer himself, Can is much more interested in pursuing his photographic career than in running his father's company, but life circumstances mean that he has no choice but to accept the job, causing the fury of his brother Emre, who has his own interests in the company. A night at the opera will be the meeting place for the two dreamers, whose love will blossom despite several often comical entanglements and prejudices that will make you have a good time.

And so we end our recommendations of Turkish love series to spend a perfect evening with popcorn and couples in love with much juicier problems than the almost non-existent love story between your friend and the waiter in the bar next door. Whether you like romantic comedies with hilarious misunderstandings or relationships full of drama and danger around every corner, we hope these six Turkish love series will satisfy your craving for a good old-fashioned romantic story.

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