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The exponential increase in content creation enthusiasts has left room for the growth of the most disparate platforms with the aim of offering entertainment for young and old.

In the last few years Twitch was at the head of this revolution, leading the world of streaming in everyone's homes through the use of any device with internet connection and a little creativity.

How not to be fascinated by this new way of sharing one's passion with other people from all over the world?

If you too would like to start doing streaming su Twitch or on other platforms and if you are looking for which one streaming equipment and accessories buy then you are in the right place.

Twitch streaming gear and accessories • All gadgets

In this article I will list all the essential equipment to create Twitch streaming of high quality with more or less limited budgets.

You will find many accessories that can improve your streaming and devices that can come in handy in a thousand other situations.

Ready go!

Webcam per streaming Twitch • AnkerWork B600

The first accessory you should buy to get started streammare su Twitch it's just a device that is able to reveal your face.

La webcam it is the simplest gadget you can buy for one streaming of good quality and if, as in this case, it is equipped with microphone e integrated light, you can play bingo!

Specifically, the webcam we direct you to is AnkerWork B600, a small camera, equipped with a light, speakers and microphone that allow you to have everything you need to stream on Twitch in a single accessory.

Record up to 2K resolution, plays and records very clean audio and above all allows you to see yourself even at night! a must have on every desk streamer.

Microfono per streaming Twitch • Anker PowerCast M300

Once you are able to stream the video you will surely need to integrate theaudio, so that the viewer can enjoy the live stream.

Here a good becomes essential microphone for streaming.

In this case, after having tested it properly, we can absolutely recommend the microphone to you Anker PowerCast M300, a small condenser microphone great for recording audio with a 'ottima qualità at a very affordable price.

What's more, it's a pretty microphone light and modern design, perfect for every streaming station, even for those who have little space available.

Twitch Streaming Microphone Stand • HAUEA

Once you've bought the essential devices, it's time to see which ones are accessories for streaming on Twitch, so as to improve the quality of content!

As a first gadget we recommend that you opt for amicrophone stand, so as to free up vital space on the workstation and be more comfortable in the movements and use of the equipment.

There are various types and sizes but we recommend this auction HAUEA, right for the value for money and for the accessories which adds you available, essential to create one streaming station neat and functional.

Luce per streaming Twitch (dimmerabile) • Tonor RingLight

First upgrade ofstreaming equipment it is absolutely the purchase of a light that illuminates you well in the face, so as to avoid grainy or too dark shots.

We had the opportunity to test some accessories that he provided us TONOR, one among many just this Ring light, a circular-shaped LED light, equipped with a diffuser that greatly softens the light on the face and creates that refined circle of light in the pupils.

Very important feature of this accessory is the possibility of change the light temperature between warm, cold and neutral, so as to produce impactful streams according to your stylistic choices.

Furthermore, as you can see, the kit also includes other accessories besides the Ring Light, including a tripod, a remote control and a phone holder, the essential equipment for those who create other types of content too!

Twitch streaming capture card • Elgato HD60 S +

If you intend to share your game screen with your audience or not, then you can't fail to have one video capture card.

As the name suggests, they are devices that allow you to take a video signal from a console or a PC, record it externally and, through special streaming software, transmit the signal also on online platforms such as Twitch.

We recommend the purchase ofElgato HD60 S+, a capture card capable of record at 4K resolution at 60fps, to best reproduce what modern PCs and consoles can offer.

The operation is quite simple, it is connected in input to the source, in output to the monitor and with a USB to the destination PC, some settings and that's it.

Stream Deck per streaming su Twitch • Elgato

An additional accessory for Twitch streaming very comfortable is theElgato StreamDeck.

It is a real one direction compacted into a small interface to place on your desk, equipped with a series of programmable keys, to which you can assign a specific function.

It is a gadget widely used in the world of the web due to the great potential of managing flows and conveying them in a single output.

You switch the shot from one camera to another, of start and stop recording, to start emotes or animations and so on!

Moreover, it integrates very well with many streaming platforms like Streamlabs, Viewer discretion and even YouTube e Twitch, which will allow you to have the full control of your streaming with a simple click.

It is available in two versions, depending on whether you need more or fewer function keys, in each case, for one professional streaming station is essential!

Green screen per streaming Twitch

If you want to make your own streamig Twitch even more professional we recommend that you consider purchasing one green screen.

If you didn't know, this accessory allows you to remove the background green during the streaming and show only your figure, leaving more room for the gameplay you are broadcasting.

Most post production programs or live streaming come Adobe Premiere o Viewer discretion I am now able to apply this change with one click, so improving your streaming will be easier than ever!

Moreover, it also includes a white and a black background, together with the stand system that can always be useful for the creation of many other contents.

Mirrorless entry level per streaming Twitch • Sony ZV-E10

If you are a fan of photo or video content you probably already have a camera or camcorder to use as a webcam for yours Twitch streaming but if you are looking for good streaming gear then you should consider buying one mirrorless.

If you are a beginner or if you do not have big needs we recommend the Sony ZV-E10, a compact mirrorless capable of recording videos in 4K and take high-resolution photos.

The strong point of this camera is the predisposition touse as a webcam, thanks to a single USB cable and it swiveling screen, with which you will be able to see yourself even while recording.

Keeps the ability to match interchangeable optics and all the sled accessories, including microphones, lights or transmitters, in short, you can do much more than streaming su Twitch!

Lente per Sony ZV-E10 da streaming Twitch

La Sony ZV-E10 comes in a handy kit with a do-it-all lens that can be of low quality.

For this reason the first accessory to mount on the camera if you want streammare su Twitch it's a bright, wide-angle lens just enough to capture you and your surroundings in streaming.

In this case, we recommend a lens recently released on the market, the Samyang 18mm f2.8 with FE mount, perfect for a mirrorless Sony such as ZV-E10.

The combination will be truly unbeatable thanks to its practicality of use, its small footprint and the high performance it can offer.

Moreover, being equipped with autofocus, combined with the Sony technology it will allow you to always be perfectly in focus in yours Twitch streaming!

Mirrorless professionale per streaming Twitch • Sony A7C

If, on the other hand, you have already been familiar with photos and videos for years and are looking for an upgrade of your equipment to be used also in Twitch streaming, then you can't ignore this camera.

I'm talking about the Sony A7C, a professional mirrorless capable of producing very high quality content, with filmed in 4K and high-resolution images, compact sister of the famous Sony A7 III from which it inherits the technology but adds one swiveling screen.

This is precisely the gem that winks at those who make it professional streaming or he cares about a good image rendering.

Sure, the price isn't the most affordable, however you are buying one Full Frame Camera with excellent video potential, for no other reason is it widely used in large kits streamer e youtuber.

Lente per Sony A7C da streaming Twitch

The beautiful Sony A7C, except that it does not come with a kit lens.

For this reason the first accessory to complete yours streaming equipment is an excellent lens that captures you and the environment around you: the best of all Sony 20mm f1.8 G.

It is an extremely compact lens that integrates all the technology Sony including autofocus foolproof and function keys as well as being very bright for low light situations.

It is a professional accessory in all respects even if it does not fall within the top of the Sony range, however we believe it is not necessary to spend several thousand euros to get a good Twitch streaming, this lens is enough and advances!

Consider that those who buy equipment of this type generally have a real passion and therefore will know how to exploit it properly!

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