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Patriot memory is an emerging brand that has been gaining ground consistently in recent years.

If you are trying to assemble a gaming pc you will certainly have already seen how Patriot's ram memories are among the best quality / price ratio on Amazon.

Today we try different products: gaming peripherals, in particular a keyboard, the Viper V770.

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Review • Technical Specifications

La V770 from Viper is a mechanical keyboard with red switches, the Kailh red.

It is not equipped with a Spanish layout but we can buy it exclusively in the international version, like many other products of its type.

Type of switchKaih Red switch
Key actuation force45g
Button travel3.7 mm
Key actuation point1.9 mm
Information about the type of switches installed

- switch Kailh red have an actuation force of 45g, very similar to that of the competition, or even the same. The stroke of the button is then fast enough for the use of the product for gaming.

La keyboard it is clearly equipped with software, which we will talk about later.

On the keyboard we find the inputs for a connection USB and for audio jack from 3,5mm.

The lighting RGB provision is rather standard: 16,8 million colors available and many different plays of light or settings.

USB cable length1.8 meters
Weight/size1398 g
Keyboard width (X axis)23 cm
Length in depth (Y axis)49.5 cm
Size information

The keyboard is one full-size then with numeric keypad and form factor del 100% with all its 104 keys.

La compatibility it is insured with Windows or MacOS operating systems, there is no indication regarding its use with Linux / Ubuntu.

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Review • User experience

THEuser experience with this V770 from Viper is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing.

This is represented by multiple factors, some of which will be explored later in more detail.

La comfort, compatibility, software, functionality, build quality and not only; there are many variables to take into consideration.

Despite the Viper's V770 mechanical keyboard has great potential available, I believe that this has not been fully exploited.

The keyboard lacks in some very important points of view: the constructive quality is not entirely convincing, the software is absolutely rejected (we couldn't even download it from the official site using Chrome, on two different devices).

As regards the multimedia keys, these are very interesting and give that little bit more, which however cannot be enough since there are obvious shortcomings that obscure the few qualities.

La mechanical keyboard it is currently on Amazon at a price of around 150 euros, but varies between this figure and 130 euros.

It goes without saying that in this price range the competition is absolutely ruthless, and if I had to choose, this would not be among the eligible choices.

Let's see each consideration in more detail in the next paragraphs!

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Review • Ergonomics and build quality

Il Design of this V770 do not mind, theRGB lighting is great and helps to give it a nice look.

The problem, however, arises when you do not use the eyes but the hands: although the keyboard is beautiful, it is not built with the materials that you would expect to find on a product of this figure.

La keyboard weighs almost 1400 grams, as much as a Corsair K95 Platinum, but it is not comparable in terms of build quality.

Although Patriot memory indicate that the keyboard is made of aluminum it is also true that this in addition to being inconsistent, is not brushed aluminum or aeronautical, as seen on other high-end products.

The rest of the structure, especially in the back, is made of plastic of acceptable quality, but certainly nothing as reliable as the aluminum that we find on other models.

The build quality, in conclusion, is acceptable but not at the height of a product that costs almost 150 euros.

As regards the comfort, this does not mind. Patriot provides an RGB palm rest which can be assembled quickly, but which we do not find particularly comfortable.

In general theergonomics okay, the problem is the build quality.

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Review • Software and backlight

One of the weaknesses, probably the worst, of this V770 is the Software.

We had difficulty downloading it using Chrome in two in the editorial office, then we checked how with Mozilla Firefox the problem had been solved.

Once installed, here is the first question: each device has its own software version and there is no single software that manages each device Patriot but there will be different ones, for each product.

It goes without saying that this solution is crazy for the times.

But let's go to the software: this is aesthetically terrible, from the functional point of view it allows to perform every function that is proposed by the manufacturer.

Il Software is rudimentary, a punch in the eye for one keyboard from about 150 euros.

On the keyboard they are present 5 macro keys which can be set via software.

THERGB lighting is sufficiently powerful, different light effects and a good number of profiles are available.

However it appears to us absolutely foolish to insist on RGB lighting when the cornerstones of this keyboard are absent.

This is undoubtedly the Software worst I have experienced in over 6 years of experience.

Patriot Memory Viper V770 Review • Conclusion

We are absolutely sorry that a product submitted to us for review leaves us so dissatisfied.

But our job is also made up of this; and for the respect of our readers, as well as those looking for the product that is right for them, we are required to highlight the flaws and specify when a product can be a bad choice.

we wish that Patriot can undertake to make available to the market much more interesting and studied articles than the one we tested today.

We are sure that Patriot has all the cards on the table to do it, since theirs memory they are absolutely valid products.

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