What did we Google search for in 2020?

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In the year that will be remembered by school books as that of coronavirus it is almost obvious which is the most typed word su Google from January to today. To certify it is the same Search Engine with a summary of the last twelve months that sums up a long period of anxieties and worries, but also the desire to react to the crisis (health and not only) by striving and working hard.

A year of Google searches: the trends of 2020

The now traditional bigG report is accompanied by the video Year in Search packaged by the Mountain View group to highlight the research trends of this 2020, opened by an image that photographs Italy from the other.

2020 was the year of "what does it mean ...?", Of "why ...?", Of "how to do ...?". Although "coronavirus" was the first trending search in Italy, as in the world, we all asked the search engine questions such as "why is it called COVID-19?" and “what does pandemic mean?”, “how to make bread at home”. We looked for places near us in order to move as little as possible: the bakery, the gas station, the florist "near me".

Let's take a look at the below Check these top 5 of the search trends recorded in Italy: the ghost of the “coronavirus” hovers a little in every category, manifesting itself from time to time as “Dpcm” or as “brewer's yeast”. Focus also on politics (local and foreign), sport and important farewells to some celebrities.


  1. Coronavirus;
  2. US elections;
  3. Classroom;
  4. we school;
  5. New Dpcm.


  1. Alex Zanardi;
  2. Silvia Romano;
  3. Donald Trump;
  4. Joe Biden;
  5. Giuseppe Conte.


  1. Diego Armando Maradona;
  2. Kobe Bryant;
  3. Gigi Proietti;
  4. Ezio Bosso;
  5. Ennio Morricone.

How to do…?

  1. Homemade bread;
  2. Antivirus masks;
  3. Brewer's yeast;
  4. Pizza;
  5. Amuchina.

What does it mean…?

  1. Pandemic;
  2. MY;
  3. Dpcm;
  4. Joint;
  5. To the city and to the world.


  1. Why vote yes in the referendum;
  2. Why is it called coronavirus;
  3. Because the brooms stand up;
  4. Why vote no in the referendum;
  5. Why Australia is burning.


  1. Serie A Championship;
  2. US elections;
  3. Sanremo Festival;
  4. Champions League;
  5. Europa League.


  1. Tomatoes;
  2. Strawberries;
  3. Potatoes;
  4. Zucchini;
  5. Eggplant.

Do-it-yourself (home)

  1. Chicken coop;
  2. Barbecue;
  3. Mosquito nets;
  4. Incubator;
  5. Composter.

Do-it-yourself (for the person)

  1. Amuchina;
  2. Hair mask;
  3. Scrub;
  4. Hair dye;
  5. Waxing.


  1. Pizza;
  2. Pane;
  3. Croissants;
  4. Mother yeast;
  5. Potato gnocchi.

Close to me…

  1. Bakeries;
  2. Gas station;
  3. Fiorario;
  4. Copy shop;
  5. Western Union.
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