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If you want the best productivity apps or tools, you should turn to Microsoft why the Redmond company is known for its popular office suite and other services like Outlook or OneDrive.

However, if there is a perfect application for collaborative work, it is undoubtedly Microsoft Teams. Microsofot Teams is a powerful cloud-based tool, a space where we can have organized conversations and chats with the rest of the members of our work.

Microsoft Teams is the best application for working collaboratively

Ma what do i need to use Microsoft Teams?

What is required to be able to use Microsoft Teams?

Getting Microsoft Teams is really simple, there are several ways to get it, depending on whether you want to take advantage of the most advanced features of the application or if, on the contrary, you are satisfied with the most basic features.

  • The main and necessary thing to be able to access Teams is to have a Microsoft 365 account or simply a Microsoft account. If we use Skype, OneDrive, Outlook.com or Xbox Live, we already have an account, otherwise it will have to be created.
  • Once this is done we will have to register for free in Microsoft Teams by writing the email we use for our Microsoft account.
  • For the next step, we will only have to choose the version we want. Each of these versions has different characteristics, so we will select according to our needs (Work, Education or Home).
  • We will click Next, follow the instructions and when done we will download the Teams application on our computer (Windows or MacOS).

In addition to all of the above, one of the advantages of Microsoft Teams is that it is cross-platform, so in addition to being able to install them on our computers, we will also be able to use it on Android and Apple devices such as come iPhone o iPad.

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