Wunderlist Closes: How To Pass Your Notes To Microsoft To-Do

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Since Microsoft bought Wunderlist in 2015 there is no doubt that the popularity of this German-born note app is on the rise. Now, four years and several tens of millions of users later, Microsoft has decided to put an end to the well-known tool. Mind you, there is a very good reason for the move of this giant.

It should be remembered that in 2017 Microsoft launched To-Do, a new one app for tasks and reminders which from the start, and as Microsoft made clear, was released with the intention of replace one day Wunderlist. E that day has arrived. So, if you're one of those still clinging to Wunderlist, we're sorry to tell you it's finally time to take the leap.

What about everything stored on Wunderlist?

Nothing. So easy. Microsoft itself clarifies this in an official statement on the Wunderlist site. Microsoft To-Do was created with the intention of replacing Wunderlist therefore as well as having a perfect one integration into the Office ecosystem, Microsoft To-Do has come out with some of Wunderlist's best features, offering a very similar experience. Therefore, the transition from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do it is now a very simple process.

When and how will the definitive leap to Microsoft To-Do be?

As reported by the Wunderlist team (the same as Microsoft To-Do), the definitive closure of Wunderlist the 6 Maggio 2020. Wunderlist hasn't received any updates for a long time, so the app is more and more difficult to maintain and, although in the coming months you will still be able to access your Wunderlist data, starting from "D-day", the app will stop syncing. Likewise, of course, Wunderlist does not support new registrations.

To move all yours lists and do notes in Microsoft To-Do from your mobile, download simply application and sign up with your Microsoft account. Once inside, and without having to do anything, a pop-up message will allow you to import your Wunderlist data in a few seconds.

If you prefer simply export your data to Wunderlist, without importing them anywhere else, you can also do it from this official Wunderlist link.

Once installed in Microsoft To-Do you will see that in addition to respecting the original features and dynamics of Wunderlist (remember: it's the same team, Wunderlist is the basis of Microsoft To-Do), Microsoft's notes, lists and reminders tool adds a great one in-depth integration with other Office-oriented services productivity, such as Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook. So, you better get used to the Office path.

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And if it doesn't suit you, you can always switch to Keep or even experiment with virtual post-its.

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