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From February 16, as soon as the update to 2.5 ends, you will be able to obtain Yae Miko who will appear for the very first time on an event banner. A new weapon for the latter will also arrive with the next weapon banner. The character banner will be available for 3 weeks, as will the weapon banner!

We come back right away to everything there is to know!

Banner of Yae Miko

Electro Catalyst Yae Miko can finally join your team in 2.5. But who is she really and what does she bring to your team?

Let's talk little, let's talk technical: focused on DPS or burst support, this new 5-star will be a constant source of Electro application for your team.

With her charged attacks, she will be able to deal area and scatter Electro damage that can deal damage multiple times. His elementary skill will allow him to move quickly on the ground and place up to 3 totems simultaneously, inflicting "lightning" damage to nearby enemies. Finally, his elemental unleash can use the totems of his skills to multiply Electro damage, inflicting maximum damage in a short time.

What do we think of Yae Miko? : Narukami's Guuji seems to possess potential thanks to her constant Electro application. However, it suffers from the simple fact of being a catalyst and its slowness to action could repel some. Additionally, an Electro battery seems essential to work with it which could make it an expensive character if you don't have one already mounted. We will wait to be able to learn more about his constellations, but it seems obvious that these will facilitate the character's accessibility. In the meantime, we are keeping our reservations.

As for the 4 stars, here we have a trio that makes the quality of the banner skyrocket.

First of all Diona, an often underestimated character who nevertheless brings a lot to a team! With the arrival of new monsters such as Rift Hounds, shields got a little nerf (especially in the abyss) and healers got a little buff. Diona can give you two things: a shield and healing! Let's add to this that each constellation obtained makes it even more useful and gives it even more value in a team; with a significant contribution of ER and EM while offering heal and shield! A character to obtain if it is not already the case.

Fischl then, an excellent battery if you plan to play it with Yae. She is one of the best Electro drums currently in the game. Each constellation strengthens her and her C6 makes her really strong and brings a lot to a team. Add to that that if you're counting pull on the weapon banner, "Last Rope" is a bow that will do just fine with it!

Now Thomas: first compared to a Xingqiu Pyro, he remains below what one would expect from a support such as him. This is explained by its novelty and the fact that it is necessary to have constellations to really give it a safe value. Reduced cooldown, increased shield duration, etc. However, it remains useful and even if its shield is probably not the strongest, it will still provide protection that can be combined and significant elemental reactions thanks to its elemental unleashing.

All in all, this banner seems rather fun with 4 quality stars that ensure to make it qualitative. As for Yae Miko, it will undoubtedly be a question of choosing between usefulness, the physical beauty of the character and her power!

trial dungeon

The trial dungeon will contain Yae (20 primo gems) as well as Diona, Fischl and Thomas.

Banner of arms

In addition to the character banner, we have a new weapon banner with a new catalyst as well as the “Primordial Jade Cutter” sword.

Regarding the catalyst, there is no doubt that it will be good on Yae Miko, although other 4-star weapons, such as "Wandering Movement" or "Atlas of Lands and Seas" remain very good options a little more accessible. Apart from Yae Miko, the weapon could undoubtedly be useful to a Lisa who does not yet have her 6th constellation. It is therefore a weapon that, for the moment, is only useful for Yae Miko.

The second weapon, "Primordial Jade Cutter" will be more than the most beautiful effect in your box. This is a qualitative weapon, useful especially for characters like Keqing.

Added to this are 4* weapons. First of all, the “Last String” bow, which is a very good bow that can be fitted to a Fischl, to name but one. The ritual sword is also a very qualitative weapon, a “must have”. The "Wavebreaker fin" lance is a little less recommended but still correct. As for the Eye of Perception and Fluorescence, these weapons are not worth mentioning.

All in all, this is a decent banner, largely for 5* sword, 4* bow and sword, but should only prompt you to pull if you're sure you want and have it. need the catalyst.

And you, are you going to pull over?

Were you expecting Yae? Would you rather go for one of the 4 stars?

Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments or to come and discuss the quality of these banners on Discord!

And if you want gacha tips, this guide is for you!

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