Yeedi Vac Max • The robot that leaks water from all sides

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Today we have in review a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner produced by yeedi, a rather established brand in the market of its niche, as well as one among the bestbuy of the category on The Amazon.

Specifically, the article under test is it Yeedi Vac Max: A cleaning robot from about 269 euros in price medium, which unfortunately presents several disabling problems (which we will deal with in the following paragraphs).

If you want to find out more, continue reading!

Yeedi Vac Max • Package contents

Inside the package we find:

  • Robot Yeedi Vac Max
  • Charging station
  • Cleaning brush
  • Mopping (washing) cloths
  • Accessories for maintenance
  • Instruction Manual

Yeedi Vac Max • Cleans for you (but only when he likes)

yeedi kindly sent us this Vac Max: a product that on paper, according to the reviews on Amazon, should be a absolute bestbuy in its industry.

However, the imperfections that we find when purchasing this product are really numerous and above all critical.

They are not so much about the ability to to clean, but the actual functioning of the device, which is more compromised than one can imagine.

Yeedi Vac Max Review • Features

Let's try to talk about what should be there functions and technical specifications: like many cleaning robot on the market, this Yeedi has automatic, zoned and custom cleaning modes (as long as they work, spoiler: they don't work).

La automatic cleaning it can be set recurring, at a certain time, in some parts of the house. That a areas it can be activated via the app and it will send your robot to certain rooms.

The customized one allows us to send the robot in a rectangular or square region, set from time to time.

Like all robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners has sensors that recognize the mats (which increase the suction flow to the maximum in concomitance with the same).

There are fall safety systems and systems for correct navigation (which however in our case did not do their duty).

The phase of washing takes place in a "passive" way or with a replaceable tank and cloths that can also be washed and reused. No active pressure is applied, but simple dragging, in addition to the water droplets emitted, make up this phase.

The product is compatible with emptying base, of which, however, it is not equipped in the basic version we tested. However, it can be purchased later and used.

Il device can also be controlled by voice, just think of the compatibility with Alexa, and therefore not only as an application.

All really cool features, but will the product meet the minimum requirements for use? Unfortunately not! We will find out in the next paragraphs what were the weaknesses of the Vac Max.

Yeedi Vac Max Review • Technical Specifications

La robot battery is 5200 mAh, and guarantees a long and thorough cleaning up to an indicative duration of 200 minutes maximum (at minimum suction speed). The manufacturing company indicates 6 hours for a full charge.

Le suction speeds are 3: 600, 1500, 3000 Pa.

Il water tank is of the capacity of 240ml, while the dustbin has a capacity of 450ml (quite common).

It has a single side brush, and not two as seen on many competing models.

Yeedi Vac Max Review • Sensors, protections and movement

For everything related to the movement the Vac Max it does not have too serious problems: the most common concern the majority of products on the market (for example the difficulty in working on thin and light carpets).

Yet we have noticed as ours robot is quite clumsy: Sure we like a quick cleaning device, but it seems to have no brakes when it is in front of any surface.

In fact, from the very first moments of use it appeared very aggressive and violent when it reached the end of its race against a wall, a piece of furniture or any permanent obstacle. The robot does not slow down, does not brake, but it slams with a lot of impetuosity towards these surfaces. The momentum isn't enough to overturn small pots or plants, but it is Noisy and moreover absent on other models that we have tried of the competition.

A rather frequent error message regarding the inability to return to the charging base independently

Il robot hardly gets stuck in a certain point and never gets out, however it happens very often that al end of cleaning you can't find your way back to the charging base.

This happens often and forces us to hand the robot to the base. It is permissible if it occurs once in twenty, not with a decidedly higher consistency.

This and other problems extremely serious seem to relate to the robot mapping GPS system, Which has inevitably disabling flaws that make the product unusable.

La mapping occurs slowly, which is admissible, but equally imprecise, incomplete and without the possibility of updating and modification.

In this mapping attempt, the robot has already recognized a few more areas, but while cleaning it has entered a room not previously mapped and has not updated its map either during or at the end.

map the whole house it can take a really long time, a lot longer than i robot with turret. There mapping is not done very well in the dark, as indeed normal operation.

We tried to map the house several times receiving in return a summary and incomplete result, with a zoning to say the least awkward, where in our case the robot created just two areas on over six distinct rooms of the house.

In the case of a door was closed during mapping, other competitive products updated the map during the new cleaning cycles. This is not the case with it yeedi, which doesn't even allow you to improve zoning by suggesting a change.

As can be seen in the images of the application, in fact, despite the large number of environments, the yeedi created only two cleaning areas, making the function of area cleaning practically unusable.

Solution? Endless attempts to reset the map and re-perform the robot commissioning procedure. But this is not a solution: it is a compromise, and also rather annoying!

Yeedi Vac Max Review • Suction and washing

As regards the sub-fund of cleaning fortunately the flaws are not as sensational as the functional ones: the robot sucks well, it is also quite powerful, washing works well albeit superficial and unable to remove streaks and drier stains from floors.

The problem is that the robot cannot be controlled easily: without one correct mapping and a return to the station does not interest us that much that the cleaning works well. If the first step is compromised, we will not even get to use the robot brushes.

And the goal of these devices is to be simple to use and efficient, not that they clean flawlessly as if they were human beings.

Yeedi Vac Max Review • Remote control application

Board with the state of wear of the components of the Yeedi Vac Max robot

Making it work was frustrating even for a tech-savvy editorial team, we dare not imagine how the less accustomed can feel. We've used the device several times over the course of weeks, and what came out was creepy.

While the application is nice, intuitive and simple, the whole ecosystem does not work, for the problems already highlighted by incomplete and mediocre mapping, failure to automatically return to the charging base, inability to modify areas of the house and so on.

In the application we find data on the last cleaning, we can program its operation and change the general settings. In principle theapplication is well done.

It is theintegration with the device which is disastrous.

The robot is unable to recognize the multiplicity of rooms, and creates only two areas, out of a total of over 6 rooms

Some of the interesting functions made available and controlled by the application are the night mode, the resumption of automatic cleaning after charging and the aspiration with automatic increase, as well as the emptying of the dustbin (if you have the right base).

Then there is a tab that allows you to view the state of the components and the general wear of filters, main and side brushes.

What is missing is the ability to remodeling the areas of the house, perhaps helping the robot to make a more precise distinction, since in our case all attempts to map the areas as separate rooms have failed miserably.

We can label the areas created automatically (giving them the name of the room such as kitchen, bathroom, living room) but we cannot add or refine their recognition. We can insert virtual barriers.

Yeedi Vac Max • The few strengths, and the many defects

Lo Yeedi Vac Max it's a cleaning robot that makes water everywhere, but unfortunately in a purely negative sense.

It does not matter that the price is advantageous and that when it works the cleaning takes place correctly, since the occasions in which it works are rare.

On the other hand, the cases in which it cannot find its way and has to cancel the washing process or those in which at the end of the work it does not find the recharging base and stops in the middle of the house are much less rare.

Unfortunately it is Yeedi Vac Max it is to be avoided like the plague, especially for the less experienced, who have no time to waste in re-mapping, malfunctions and frustrations of all kinds.

Difficult to understand if the underlying problem is hardware or software, what is evident is that this product lacks the minimum operating requirements and that would make even the most intact and calm of housewares impatient.

So if you want to make sure you keep the house clean, arm yourself with a broom and dustpan, as well as good patience and I assure you that you will get a better result, net of the savings and hassles that the Vac Max can cause in its daily use.

We sincerely hope that thanks to our feedback yeedi can learn and improve the quality of their products, making them effective, reliable and user-friendly, that is, everything that they are not currently.

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