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Free App for Truck Drivers to Save Time at Amazon Fulfillment and Sort Centers.

Business Amazon Mobile LLC 2017-10-25
The size of Amazon Relay on your device is 78M. The size of Amazon Relay varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Amazon Relay is 227800
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of Amazon Relay is 1.29.36
The version of Amazon Relay was last updated to 2020-07-23
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Bug fixes and performance improvements

According to information from this application requires Android 5.0 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at we inform you that the content of Amazon Relay is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone
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Amazon Relay helps truck drivers haul Amazon loads efficiently by guiding them on where to go, when to get there, and provides gate information for faster gate entry. Drivers invited by their carriers get added benefits, such as visibility to executed loads (Load History), ability to report delays and disruptions through the app, and recently launched, free, commercial navigation which will direct you to the Amazon truck entrance instead of the front door. Features for drivers invited by their carrier include: * Free commercial navigation will route you on the best truck-friendly route * Notifications when a load is ready for pick up, load is cancelled, and when a load is added to your schedule * Load History to view the last two weeks of loads you’ve hauled for Amazon * Report a delay or disruption through the app, to your dispatcher and Amazon * Image Proof of Delivery and Bills of Lading

harold summers 2020-08-22
Alex Martinez 2020-08-22
Just all around needs work. Maps are not intended for trucks. Many drivers get lost. Just worthless..
luis martinez 2020-08-22
Todo trabaja bien menos el gps y al scaniar las cosas se le batalla tmb???
Ricardo Brown Jerez 2020-08-22
The best app
A Google user 2020-08-22
App not detecting arrival properly
Dave Partyka 2020-08-22
You can fix the app all you wantbut I don't think that's the problem there's more problem within the company and not being able to relay messages or tell drivers at their loads of been canceled before they even check in. I've wasted approximately 10 hours of my personal time waiting for loads that have been if the guard shack would have informed somebody when they checked in that time I don't get paid for that's just like having personal time
Gatorman Smith 2020-08-21
It's ok just don't like the app checking in for you.. cause it takes the map away and if you can't see Amazon then where do you go.
Justin ngor 2020-08-21
Amazing app very useful.
Eddy Hernandez 2020-08-21
Very good. .......
DNF TRANS 2020-08-21
Bad rules. Not good. Drop the trailer alwais, walk under escort to the toilet like the drivers are the stealers.
Charles Miller 2020-08-21
getting better
phillip dolphin 2020-08-21
Not very good keeps on crashing
Chris Johnson 2020-08-21
Great app I love it!
Corky Anderson 2020-08-21
The truck entrance to a facility is always on a different street than the address the app gives us so it would really help us drivers if you would also give us the name of the street the truck entrance is on. It would save us the frustration and time of driving around the block looking for the truck entrance. The navigational system needs to be improved. Sometimes it tells us to go on streets that dont exist, sometimes through residential areas, and most often it takes the longest route.
Lei Caldwell 2020-08-21
The app is trash especially the navigation portion. I advise you use another navigation map because this app tells you to make a u turn in the middle of the highway. App will take you off highway and on country roads. IT'S TRASH AND NEEDS TO BE SCRAPED
William J Duncan 2020-08-21
Software glitch when multiple drivers have same route.
Jb Truck lines inc 2020-08-20
James Mcgahey 2020-08-20
Thomas Haines 2020-08-20
Everything works great except the GPS. You cannot preview the route or have it avoid toll roads, which is important since Amazon does not always pay tolls.
Shantrell Mitchell 2020-08-19
Gps is horrible
Samat Dzhakypov 2020-08-18
Good application
litlecake gaming 2020-08-18
Doesn't give inform for accidents or delay in roads.
Mahmud Abdi 2020-08-18
I like it GPS works perfect.
Steven Dean 2020-08-17
It's on point. Just dont like that it doesn't tell you where your destination is, right or left, it kinda leaves you hangin
Tommy Hanson 2020-08-16
When you are at your destination it seems to be lost, and can not find it. Which means you can't use the next part of the app. Even when I have a strong connection, it says it can't find the internet.
Francis Lego 2020-08-16
Very poor
Toi Halawi 2020-08-15
Just love my job
David Torres 2020-08-15
Very convenient and fast
Lord Kremdar 2020-08-14
Good app
Kenny Done 2020-08-14
Get rid if the gps arrival checks you in before you get to your stop and messes up directoons if you never been to that place before
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