Angry Neighbor

Before you live an unusual neighbor

Adventure Invictus Studio 2017-02-14
The size of Angry Neighbor on your device is 87M. The size of Angry Neighbor varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Angry Neighbor is 179652
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of Angry Neighbor is 3.2
The version of Angry Neighbor was last updated to 2018-12-03
According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at we inform you that the content of Angry Neighbor is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone 10+
Invictus Studio offers the Playstore one of its best jobs, and we at are happy to show it to you. Russia,Tomsk

Explore the neighbor's house and unravel his secret The neighbor was always an unusual person and something that he hid in his house, you become curious, and you go to his home, but instead of getting acquainted, he starts to catch you, avoiding the traps of a neighbor, and also independently studying the house. In the evil neighbor is present - Good 3D-graphics, optimized for mobile devices. - Good and quality mobile control - Full freedom of action Do whatever you want, have fun :) Find the door keys Climb to different places Explore the house It's a parody.

Brian Sweetman 2020-08-23
Really good game, but I wish there was a basement to go into
JOIN THE ARMY 2020-08-23
DAvid Pacheco 2020-08-22
It's a bit creepy
david willimas 2020-08-21
Good game
Noah Maldonado 2020-08-19
It is stupid
A Google user 2020-08-16
I love this game is so fun and I play it a lot
Matty Giles 2020-08-16
Judas and Lela 2020-08-15
Cat Squad Gaming 2020-08-13
Good if you dont have hello nieghbor
Laura Beltran 2020-08-13
Great awesome game like it's better than hello neihgbour 5 stars it has the same house and the cubes are fun good game.
Joanna Ciemniecka 2020-08-13
It is the best and first nieghbuor game ever
Nino Nicholas 2020-08-11
That's it lol,waste of a dollar.Not even a story to this game also
alexis sharp 2020-08-11
Please can you make a new update can it be big
Hayden Sallis 2020-08-11
good game but it didnt give me my money back when i tryed to refund it
ricks risks gaming 2020-08-09
I love the game can't wait till next update but can you make a Halloween update that would be awesome. Anyway love the game keep up the good work can't wait till there's an ending
John Douglas Nelson 2020-08-09
good but please fix the mouse disappearance
Cheryl LaCroix 2020-08-08
Funny glitch
Landon Higgins 2020-08-03
Gorden Freeman in the flesh, or rather in the H.E.V. Suit.
Rebecca McMurren 2020-08-03
I like how it's endless the house is great
A Google user 2020-08-02
Gloria Rodriguez 2020-08-01
I love you guys
michael dale 2020-07-29
I like this game but when I get the vav I get kot and then the vav was gone
Nash Gurney 2020-07-29
Scott F 2020-07-28
Do not buy this game unless you want a uncompleted game that hasn't had a update forever.
Jack Burgess 2020-07-27
great game but it needs a new update
Gummibär G major 4 2020-07-27
this game is so GOOD i like this game XD
Abdulrahman Dweri 2020-07-25
It's an amazing game but I wish this game gets updated because it has been a long time since it got updated and I want like to be able to hurt the neighbor by throwing things at him and I all want the basement to get updated as well and I want the neighbor's house more locks and the keys are hidden batter in a harder place find and I want the neighbor's house to be more upgraded and bigger
A Google user 2020-07-25
Fun game
Richard Murray 2020-07-25
please add a drop button so i can drop the crowbar and a choice to switch to early versions like beta and a choice to change graphics because I have normally have 13 FPS per second. oh and olso add where items respawn when the neighbor (which is named stan) and do thing that whould inpress Kindly keyin (youtuber) if you don't know who he is then........WHY!?!?!?
Lucas Smith 2020-07-24
I really like the game I just wish when u got caught or hit by a car u would keep ur stuff it's a great game though!
Chance Szostak 2020-07-22
Update bad game without mods I don't own complete hello neighbour SCAM only played when didn't have actually tiny build game
Zachary Schaefer 2020-07-20
Great game however I'd really like it if you added a real basement to the game overall great game😆😆☺☺☺🏠!!!!!&
brown box 2020-07-19
Can u add a new update cause its getting boring now
treegaming treegaming 2020-07-18
It is the most fun game in the world it is worth the money get the game!!!!
Brandi Cree 2020-07-18
This game is actually, like hello neighbor but the music is creepy when he gets close to you
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