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Baby Games - a collection of games to entertain your baby

Educational 2012-03-17
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The version of Baby Games was last updated to 2020-06-23
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The Baby Games application offers the option to make purchases. $2.49 per item offers the Playstore one of its best jobs, and we at are happy to show it to you.
2 Cúil Naoimh Áine, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Baby Games - a collection of free fun toddler games to entertain and keep your baby happy. Ideal for a one year olds, two year old and three year old babies and infants. Includes the following fun Baby Games: Burst the balloons: This game improves your baby's hand-eye coordination by popping balloons moving across the screen Fireworks: Touch the rockets to see the fireworks Animal Sounds: Touch the animals to hear the sound they make. Animal sounds include cat, dog, farm animals. Perfect for three year olds learning animal names. Car noises: Includes car, plane & train sounds. Peek-a-boo: Touch the screen to play peek-a-boo Whack-a-mole: This baby games features a mole which your baby has to hit quickly before it disappears Each of these free Games Include a toddler lock screen which can enabled in Settings so your baby can have fun without accidentally making calls by pressing the Menu, Back or Search buttons while playing. To unlock simply press the buttons 1,2,3,4 in order. Lock screen limitation: Google does not allow disabling of the Home button so this cannot be locked by the lock screen in this app. If you have any issues or improvements for Baby Games please email

Reda Atyatllah 2020-08-06
My baby like to gaimes
Lovely Joy Aluad 2020-08-04
not working
HughMann 2020-08-02
Paid for full version, but all unlocked games perpetually stuck under a 'timer'. No back button for kids to switch between screens. Graphics often don't work.
Katrina Humbke 2020-08-01
It will take you through the first day of school and the new York city council will have an additional 6PM next year in place to start 6inches on Monday MGM uh to help build u4 design in nnewi have
Adrian Kritzinger 2020-07-27
No real usage without paying
Nikitta Blue 2020-07-23
William Aryatuhera 2020-07-23
Very interesting for my baby
md Hammad 2020-07-21
Nishani Jayawikrama 2020-07-19
Carlos Boose 2020-07-17
I dont know
Jk Arya 2020-07-15
Only four game free
Nanda Emuda 2020-07-14
It's not so interested.I hate this game.
Deepesh Singla 2020-07-08
I want this type of game for my sister
asha anupuru 2020-07-05
Nice 👍
Maria Rico 2020-06-29
I have fun!
Vineesh raj 2020-06-27
Very bad
David Murch 2020-06-26
Pretty limited
Mafeng Franklin 2020-06-25
Well the game,well all i can say is that you need to upgrade some things😦😄😊
raj dhara 2020-06-17
Sovan Patra 2020-06-13
All lock
iqbal ahmad 2020-06-12
Very good nice for the babies
kathleen hendrickse 2020-06-05
I was looking for something interesting for my year old granddaughter. I would recommend this App. It's perfect.
kevin Turgeon 2020-06-01
Pamela Orbita 2020-05-29
Great learning tool
roel sta rosa 2020-05-26
I like it for my kids
Manijeh Zamiri 2020-05-26
Very low quality, not sure how it got so high in play store
Christian pogi 2020-05-26
reena ojha 2020-05-17
Only 3 level are open and other 3 games are locked
Genendy Spitzer 2020-05-10
Stupidest games ever. There are way more educational games for toddlers for free.
Brett Chapman 2020-05-08
Lol I immediately uninstalled the app after launching it
Valiant Prince 2020-05-03
NYC babies game
Manzoor Ansari 2020-05-03
Manzoor. Alarm. Ansari
Md Aliyakhat 2020-04-30
I will give 5 star for this game
Zamo Ngcobo 2020-04-26
It's a OK game nothing to interesting
Vijay.ggvvtt.999 The 2020-04-24
Shaker Hani 2020-04-23
it is the worst game ever
shijur surendran 2020-04-20
lil bebe channel 2020-04-20
This is nothing
M J 2020-04-17
Its a good way to let the baby fool with the phone and not mess it up too horribly bad!! lol
Ken Ali 2020-04-16
Skyy Lightfoot 2020-04-14
My 10 month old grandbaby enjoys this app 😍
ssemuyaba fred Wilkins 2020-04-13
I appreciate the efforts of the developer... However if a two year old is dismissing the game over limited choices and levels then the development team needs to step up. Payment of the game should also be considered if people can access better gameplay. Thanks Development team
Sardar Saiful Muzahid 2020-04-13
kimberly lasala 2020-04-10
good game 😍😍😍
Diana Cain 2020-04-06
veerama kali 2020-04-05
AETI'S 1 2020-04-03
Normal make next time i need excellent controls ok 🙂
Drusella Wolfe 2020-03-30
baby loves it.
Namrata Jain 2020-03-29
Not even one game is free...would try other apps
Niranjana Nidhrashna 2020-03-28
Ameer uddin 2020-03-23
Please make unlock other games for free
Wilmer Amdengana 2020-03-22
Esperanza Herrera 2020-03-15
SunShine With laya 2020-03-13
My little sister
Antoinette Combs 2020-02-20
Perfect "first" game for a one-year old genius.
LALIT KISHOR 2020-02-19
Hans T.W. 2020-02-16
Kind of mediocre sounds and animations. Need to purchase to unlock stuff. There are better apps for free.
Susan Collins 2020-02-10
Why can't i access half the games like peek a boo n wack a mole???
Kemilly Harapu 2020-02-06
This game is very good because the babys can have something to play with if they're felling lonely or sad .
Gamer AOVER Gamer AOVER 2020-02-05
Jennifer Thorp 2020-01-30
But Peter poop You have to go potty stop and go right away Russian wash and be on your way
Ngomanungi Cultural Troupe 2020-01-28
hyder ali 2020-01-17
Azaz ahamed Eftekhar 2020-01-14
Dannette Wygal 2020-01-08
great diversion for very young kids
Hamza Aidi 2020-01-07
Really good too play with my Gabby sister
Vamos a divertirnos isabel 2020-01-04
No vale
hamza quddus 2019-12-30
Victor Borosean 2019-12-29
It's ok
rona porol 2019-12-26
John Batser 2019-12-24
Not so good features
Lucy Hudson 2019-12-22
Not to bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuresa Khatun 2019-12-21
Too much faltu
sachin gondude 2019-12-11
Glenn Williams 2019-12-07
You have to pay for most games
Pratibha Dhiman 2019-12-06
Good for kids
Murshid Mukhtar 2019-11-30
Afifa Ahosan SODOY 2019-11-28
Kumar Varadhan 2019-11-27
Not good
Toby Toby 2019-11-25
My kids love this game
Samrat Boy 2019-11-20
Very poor working
Никита Литвинов 2019-11-19
I'm 12 and this is my fav game
Rakesh Chaubey 2019-11-18
good related to educations
Senthil murugan 2019-11-17
Suman Yadav 2019-11-16
Bahut add ata hai isme baccha jhalla ke phone patak deta hai
dadavalli dadu 2019-11-11
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