Baby Games for 2,3,4 year old toddlers

15 Educational baby Games For 2,3,4 year old kids ► Without any Ads ◄

Educational Bebi Family Games: Free & Educational for toddlers 2019-07-17
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15 games for 2,3,4 year olds. Keep your toddlers occupied with 15 different educational baby games, which will help them learn and improve their skills while having a great fun. Preschool games give our babies lots of interactive learning time, so they: learn, develop skills and have fun at the same time, the three main activities of early childhood, integrated into a single app, with 5 free baby games and more coming soon. Kids will learn colors, shapes and follow through simple thematic stories. Like caring for cute animals, or sorting things by size, color and shapes. Planned and tested by child development experts for kids of kindergarten age, mainly for 2, 3 and 4 year old boys and girls. Simple interface and gameplay, with timely hints will ensure that your kid will never get confused or "lost" in the game. Additionally all the settings and outbound links are protected and inaccessible for babies. Please support us by writing reviews if you like the app and let us know about any issue or suggestions too. This toddler games app is completely free and without any ads, enjoy your time with your kids!

Arnie B 2020-08-22
Selim Sherif 2020-08-22
Muslim girl 2020-08-22
It is very creative
Sylvia Kowalska 2020-08-22
My daughter likes the game a lot, nicely done
Jake Jack 2020-08-22
Great for my baby girl.
Hamin Hamid 2020-08-22
Very good games for kids
Azbia Kanwal 2020-08-22
Just WOW
Mary Antonette Santos 2020-08-22
Great app. My 3 yr old loves it
Aiman Talat 2020-08-22
A very good game for toddler
Rashmi R 2020-08-22
Baby games my kid enjoys it a lot
MUNGER MAJIC 2020-08-22
Not bad
Jagu Gandhi 2020-08-22
alan evans-bowskill 2020-08-22
Very good games for little ones
GILES SMITH 2020-08-22
My little boy loves this
Fhar Bajunaid 2020-08-22
My kids love this app😊
Stefan Mocanu 2020-08-22
good one! my son likes it a lot and also makes him learn something
Tim Taylor 2020-08-22
Good family fun
Justin Stewart 2020-08-22
Daughter loves playing this game. Helps early learning.
Som Sudheer Boddeti 2020-08-22
Excellent game for kids.0
Lizelle Smit 2020-08-22
Very nice
mohamad afzan 2020-08-22
My daughter like this game very much...thank u so much devs 😊
MI K 2020-08-22
Hellen Wambui 2020-08-22
My daughter likes the game.
TOTSNTOYZ 2020-08-22
Amazing game..keeps my 2 year old busy and learn at the same time. Definitely reccomend
No Name 2020-08-22
These kids games are definitely kids games
Sadaf Tahir 2020-08-22
Awsome game for kids
Sudha Mishra 2020-08-22
It is the great game my brother now understand everything with this game you should dounload this game
dinesh hadage 2020-08-22
Great game for kids
Briony Kerec 2020-08-22
My 2 year old loves these games
Peter Fowler 2020-08-22
Good for 2 and 3 year old
Lungile Onyegbule 2020-08-22
My daughter loves it
Demetrius Jackson 2020-08-22
Awesome app... I use with my two year old during the day while his siblings are at school.
Taufiqi Zukhruf 2020-08-22
Good game
Maryann Nicholas 2020-08-22
My 2 year old loves this
Lori Ehler 2020-08-22
My Grandaon loves these games!! Educational
komal 2020-08-22
A very good game for kids...keep kids engaged n help them to improve there mental self..
afaq ahmad 2020-08-22
What a tremendous and educational game. My both kids are so much enjoyed for this
Pollo Perez 2020-08-22
Has alot of great games.
Anna Mauliddiana 2020-08-22
Good game for my toddler 2yo. He love it. But still a lot of lock games, even i try to instal the kids2 from ad to unlock the games but its still lock.
heartblade blaze 2020-08-22
so good
Abu Soleh 2020-08-22
My children love this app
Salem Kelly 2020-08-22
Kid loves it helped alot with finger control
srinivas maddy 2020-08-22
Very good game for toddler's
Kristiawan Zulkarnain 2020-08-22
Jessica Astello 2020-08-22
My daughter loves this game & really is learning off it
Yvonne Teh 2020-08-22
Fun, colourful and engaging my 18month old loves this app.
Kirsty Read 2020-08-22
Loving this app. Master 2 loves it
Laura Anderson 2020-08-22
Keeps my 19 month old entertained for hours
d b 2020-08-22
My son loves it
Jaime Valdez 2020-08-22
My daughter loves the game
Karen T 2020-08-22
Great games my daughter loves it
Arsakha Andhizar 2020-08-22
Good and entertaining
KeiAnna Ziminsky 2020-08-22
Love it so far! My little one gets a kick out of these games and is learning to play them well
Yavette Millbrooks 2020-08-22
Pretty decent game for my 2 1/2 yr. Old .. she really loves this game and it keeps her attention but I don't like how you guys lied like if I wrote a review it would unlock them all
Raja Raja 2020-08-22
Not bad
Jimmy Lashley 2020-08-22
Sarah McFadyen 2020-08-22
Great fun
Gayla Reeves 2020-08-21
I meant to do 5 not 1 great learning experience for the grand kids
Rae-Lynn morin 2020-08-21
Great game
jennifer leday 2020-08-21
abdul jalil 2020-08-21
Ica Dennisa 2020-08-21
Great way to occupy a toddler!
Steve Quitoriano 2020-08-21
My son loves this app.
Raquel Delgado 2020-08-21
Love this game🤩
Don kleen 2020-08-21
Daughter loves it
Li Sha 2020-08-21
My baby love this game so much. I even downloaded the second version of the game (baby games 2). Even me loves it too! 😍
Rj Ozzy 2020-08-21
Great app my 2 year old loves it!
Marie Casiano 2020-08-21
Entertaining and simple learning for toddlers.
Tamil Selvi 2020-08-21
My grand kid enjoys using this app to play all the activities
Shymaa Bhery 2020-08-21
Martin Camacho 2020-08-21
Daughter loves it. Good way to learn new things
Andreea Petre 2020-08-21
Fadhli Ridho 2020-08-21
Very good for educated my boy
Ginga Singa 2020-08-21
Good game for my little children
mohammed khalil 2020-08-21
Nice game
Rishit Dave 2020-08-21
Nice 👍
Emmanuel Nkosi 2020-08-21
Good game for toddlers, educational
Maribel Lopez 2020-08-21
Love all the games . Soo easy for my 2yr old to play
Vinai Kumar Gandla 2020-08-21
Good for kids
Natalie Roberts 2020-08-21
Excellent games. My little girl loves playing them every day
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