Balloon Pop Kids Learning Game Free for babies

Best Free Balloon Pop Kids Learning game with Alphabet, Number, Animal & Piano

Educational GunjanApps Studios 2016-04-08
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Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: - Now 25 Learning games for toddlers - New Farm game with animal sounds and bubble popping - New Colors bouncing game - New Animal Musical party game - New Fireworks game - New Vehicles and Monster tapping games - Improved Performance & bug fixes

According to information from this application requires Android 4.4 and up to run the application correctly
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Best Kids Balloon Pop game for Preschool & Kindergarten Learning 🎈 Turn your smart phone or tablet into a fun toy phone for your kid 25 fun & learning activities for babies, toddlers & pre-k kids age 2-5 years old. Toddler games are perfect for pre-k and kindergarten children who want to learn by playing. Educational toddler games for pre-kindergarten kids help your baby develop basic skills like hand eye coordination, fine motor, logical thinking and visual perception. If your child is in kindergarten, or going to attend preschool, this is a free learning app for your children. All 25 Toddler Games for 2 and 3 Year Olds are educational and fun to play. You will be amazed to see how quickly your 2 year old or 3 year old toddler learns different things 😲 Balloon popping Games free toddler learning games (All-in-one) features : - Learn Alphabets & Numbers in 5 different languages - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German - 25 Mini Learning games for toddlers age 3-5 years old - Adjust the size of the balloons according to your toddler's skill level - Learning the Numbers & counting turning into fun! Mini Educational games for boys & girls with balloon popping games for your children! - Bubble popping games for Babies learn animal sounds & vehicle sounds & learning games for toddlers age 3 - Balloon Pop Kids Baby Game provide free ABC Alphabet for kids. Fun educational game for your toddler - Little Children will enjoy this colorful balloon popping game with musical notes & learn the different instrument sounds & musical piano with different colors & shapes - Best Educational game for toddlers with Puzzles & Memory game. Kids puzzle games for 3 & 4 years old with bubble popping fun - Early Learning Games with Funny Peekaboo kids free animals to play with - Pre-k activities for toddlers like Matching Alphabets and Numbers in awesome train games for early learning - Popping games with 123 number Counting for toddlers to learn numbers - Balloon popping preschool learning games for boys and girls. Great for toddlers, as a baby game - Funny & Colorful Kids monster game. Tap the hidden monsters and pop balloons & bubbles - kids memory match game are simple educational games for kids aged 2-5 years old - Toddlers can learn the basics of ABCs Alphabet (letters) & the Numbers (1-20) , Zoo Animals & Piano Musical sounds using this app (games) with different colors & shapes - This Kids Preschool Learning Games will improve kids memory skills & a great mode of education for toddlers entering kindergarten games for 2 years old & games for 4 year olds - Baloon Pop Kids games help your toddler learn the alphabet, Numbers, Vehicles & animal Sounds with no effort! - Games for toddlers - Popping Balloon just for fun games for 3 year olds - Pop the balloon for kids is an educational baby game that keep your pre-k, preschool & kindergarten age children entertain for hours - Coloring pages with animated characters - Scratch Farm animals to play Toddler learning games & animal sounds - Fireworks game - Babies can tap or drag to create a dazzling show of lights, complete with authentic sound effects to set off fireworks - Learn Colors and shapes with Coloring pages and color bounce popping game - Play with Piano, Trumpet, Bongo, Xylophone and more musical instruments and enjoy the music party with animals Suitable for kindergarten, toddlers, early learners, preschool and 1st grade kids, Ballon pop Learning games is an award-winning android app used in schools. Kids Preschool Learning Games for little kids will improve kids memory skills & a great mode of education for toddlers entering kindergarten, pre-k children (2,3,4 or 5 years age). Kids pre k baby phone game is an educational game to develop the concentration of kindergarten kids even before they complete their toilet training. RECOMMENDED AGE: Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner LANGUAGES - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German

Victoria Mills 2020-08-13
My son loves it but until I paid for the full version, he kept opening up advertisements. However it wasn't expensive to purchase the full version without the advertising.
Terry Harden 2020-08-08
Very dull
Adah Sarmento 2020-08-08
Nikole Baird 2020-08-05
Great app for teaching numbers and letters. My two-year-old loves it!
Mahendarsing Babar 2020-08-03
Hamen Ho race game chahie offline ke
Jasmine Bright 2020-07-31
this is trash noobie i hate this game
Mexs Guibao 2020-07-26
Lori SimmonsRose 2020-07-24
Grandson enjoys it a lot
Virginia Campanelli 2020-07-23
Way too many ads for a baby game. Ad buttons are placed in the middle of the screen and are easy for baby to push. Not baby friendly.
sakshi tandon 2020-07-22
Good aap
Khiesha Mora 2020-07-17
dolly jagdale 2020-07-15
Ok app
piano song 2020-07-11
Weather alerts for ABC's thank to you so my little sister Len at 2 because she doesn't know yet like to like oh my gosh that's so good that they learn to ABC thank you for like pudding.
AdhvikAarush Pandey 2020-07-09
It fun
Bobbie Moore 2020-07-01
Good for kids
Huda ansari 2020-06-30
Very nice app for toddlers
Adam Haris 2020-06-30
Good for kids
Sara Jump 2020-06-23
Its too easy for lil fingers to accidently get out of the gamez so dont expect this one to distract them very long. Plus they get board of popping and just end up saliva coating blah blah lets throw it. Read them a book the paper kind. You might not raise a dummy
Jessica T236 2020-06-22
I have always used this app.
clariz cuaresma 2020-06-21
because for kids
Nikita Omardeen 2020-06-19
My baby likes this game.
Oscar Chitehwe 2020-06-18
Anupriya Parihar 2020-06-12
Nice app my baby is very happy😊
charmy mutabelezi 2020-06-06
It's says free when you download it but you hvae to pay for most of the games. Plus too many adverts my son can't play for 2 minutes without one popping up 🙄
My grandson who is under 2 loves it.
Cherrie Cadran 2020-05-29
Frickin annoying ADs every second my baby couldn't even play the game because of all the ADs popping up just made her cry because I had to keep taking from her to get the damn AD off the screen. 😡 Rediculousness!!!!!! You can't do anything anymore without being annoyed by ADs UNINSTALLING
kania dewanti 2020-05-22
My son really love this app ❤️
uday noor 2020-05-18
Kamare Borer 2020-05-17
Awesome continuous play. It also has the aounds of the animals ao they are learning as they play.
Nora Danish 2020-05-15
Good games for kids
Satyavathi R 2020-05-12
s shabnam 2020-05-10
Nice app baby love to use this app....he enjoyed ....why this app payfull for full version there any other option for unlock games
Chrissy Peterson 2020-05-09
The different balloons don't make different sounds. They all make the same sound. Not very educational
Sin Semilla 2020-05-08
Great for the price
Gabrielle .G 2020-05-05
Rakib Sarif 2020-05-03
Very nice
Good app
Mani Singh 2020-05-01
This game has a lot of poping to do which means there are lots of fun to play
Elizabeth C 2020-04-29
It's a great simple app for my 22-mo-old granddaughter. I would give 5 stars but the sound effects don't always match the animal and the music tab sound effects are faint to non-existent. But for free it does have a lot of careful consideration to tiny unsteady toddler fingers. Thank you!
Piyush Dubey 2020-04-24
Good game for kids
Viraj Panchamatiya 2020-04-23
Can't do buy doing either what you said to
Theresa Lai 2020-04-21
Good app to keep your kids distracted for a while
Adeosun Ojo Abidoye 2020-04-21
Brilliant App.
Augusto Cuevas 2020-04-20
love it.
Krystal Wood 2020-04-19
Son likes it
Princess Ivy Gacho Patindol-Samson 2020-04-19
Risk uta flash Tigjaf
Msurshima Gyuse 2020-04-18
It is very intresting and fun game i love it I like the fireworks part it is fun
Jaime Villard 2020-04-16
My son loves it
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