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The 500-credit welcome package is only $ 1.99 instead of $ 7.99!

Lifestyle Tasdelen Private Limited 2013-04-14
The size of Binnaz - Fortune Teller on your device is 25M. The size of Binnaz - Fortune Teller varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Binnaz - Fortune Teller is 1426924
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The version of Binnaz - Fortune Teller was last updated to 2020-07-01
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: - Some UI improvements - Last but not the least, minor bug fixes

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
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The Binnaz - Fortune Teller application offers the option to make purchases. $0.99 - $299.99 per item
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Binnaz brings the future at your fingertips! Fortune telling and psychic reading has always been a part of the ancient tradition and human culture. Now at Binnaz, you can enjoy services ranging from palm reading to tarot cards, from astrology to coffee cup reading, dream interpretation or clairvoyance. Binnaz, an online marketplace that connects fortune tellers, psychic readers and clairvoyants to customers seeking fortune-based entertainment, and guidance, awaits you. Binnaz provides a fast and simple way to reach hundreds of well-rated psychic advisors online and on mobile that provide services in different methods of fortune telling. Product lines consist of Coffee Cup reading, Tarot Card Reading, Katina Cards, Astrology, Horoscopes, Dream interpretation, and Clairvoyance. All services can be received via e-mail, voice recording, instant chat or telephone chat.

La W 2020-08-21
I actually have had amazing readings from this source.Remember it is not the golden trail , but it will help put things into prsepective.
Nicole Dougan 2020-08-20
Not free can't even get free credit Edit: it's funny how they now have it details they say 1.99 instead of 7.99 for credits. When I was on there they didn't have a way to earn Free credit like just about all apps do from watching ads. Still don't recommend this app
Alexia Bosanquet 2020-08-17
Does not work. I want a full refund.
Suzanne Stephenson 2020-08-16
Iam only give this app one star i do like the readings but you have to pay and i dont have a bank account i miss the free wheel thats why i download this app in the first place
bonnie buns 2020-08-13
Boooo app suks
Jasmine's unicorn Channel 2020-08-11
I only download it so I could say this comment there is no good, except one and it didn't you say that good stuff
Kendra Griffith 2020-08-09
Scam scam it is a scam i gave you a 1 star scamers
Angie E 2020-08-03
I enjoy the readings
shaparis vlogs 2020-07-29
its fake its not how it is on the comorses just saying
brittany williams 2020-07-14
Need more people to be active and give a chance to get more free credits to get readings
Addelyn Jelsma 2020-07-08
It is just a rip off they just want to get you to think that it is going to tell you wh at you want I hate this app and it is a horrible experience di not recomend wasting your time on it
Amira Muhammad 2020-07-04
Waste of takes so long to connect with readers.I asked them to refund my money and still there is no reply from them.I dont even want to rate this app.but since i cant post my review without rating so i am rating it 1
Rhian Lloyd 2020-06-30
Really enjoying
Nada Nody 2020-06-30
Noah Stone 2020-06-25
Plus 2
Kathryn Hampton 2020-06-22
Fraud. It doesn't work at all. The app is setup so it constantly tells you the information is incorrect or insufficient funds when there are funds and the information is right. Complete scam.
Davia Martin 2020-06-22
1233 Alain 2020-06-21
Nice one
Clare Smith 2020-06-20
Lizet Torres 2020-06-20
Love this application
Arjun Nayak 2020-06-18
Super slow. Can't even login.
Rosemary Kirkpatrick 2020-06-10
very gd and clear messages
Yağmur Akbalık 2020-06-07
Ali yılmaz 2020-06-06
Fantastic useful greatness
0228 Sara 2020-06-05
This app requires money. No offense but sorry i had to give only one star. This is because i am a student n am depending on my parents. So this app doesn't really suit me. For those who are supported financially by themselves, this "may" be a great app. Ps: This msg meant no offense. To whom created this app- keep going; i know that the reading that r premium now might bcm free when u(the founder of this app) have achived a succesfull level. Thank you.
Lisa Connors 2020-06-04
Awful. Nothing free or what I was led to believe. Swerve this
Janine Chung 2020-06-04
Better off seeing one in person
Botayah Walden 2020-06-02
It was Amazing
Eren Kaplan 2020-06-01
Very good, suggest everyone!
indika Rukshan 2020-05-30
only jesus now future
William Harvey 2020-05-29
It was ok
Becky Pray 2020-05-19
Says its free but its not
Hopy Ahmed 2020-05-17
Sonny Brach 2020-05-03
You should make more free games. it said pay pay pay pay
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