Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This is one journey you will never forget...

Adventure 505 Games Srl 2016-05-24
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Critically acclaimed, story-driven adventure game from award-winning Swedish film director, Josef Fares and originally developed by Starbreeze Studios. 10/10 - Joystiq “It’s rare for a game to forge a connection so strong.” 9/10 - Polygon “Moved me to tears.” 9/10 - Eurogamer “A triumph.” Winner of more than 50 awards including Game of Year, BAFTA, DICE and more. A man, clinging to life. His two sons, desperate to cure their ailing father, are left with but one option. They must set out upon a journey to find and bring back the "Water of Life" as they come to rely on one another to survive. One must be strong where the other is weak, brave where the other is fearful, they must be... Brothers. • Guide two brothers, Naia and Naiee, on an epic fairy tale journey using specially designed, dual virtual joysticks • Control both brothers simultaneously as you experience co-operative play in single player mode • Solve puzzles, explore the stunning locations and fight boss battles, using unique qualities of big and little brother each varying in strength, size and speed • Experience an emotional story told without words…narrative above the ordinary This is one journey you will never forget…

Hiten Sarvankar 2020-09-12
I try to end the game but it gets crush at end and start the last episode again and again..
Galang Jayson 2020-09-12
Its so good 😊
Kimberly Graber 2020-09-02
Bad want acrefund to buy another game
Ananya Gulkhandia 2020-08-31
A very touching story
Randhir kumar Sinha 2020-08-31
I love this game
Jay Hinds 2020-08-23
Was enjoying the game up untill the beginning of the second chapter when the game glitches an I cannot proceed any further, very disappointing, iv put in a request for a refund...👎
Phillip Skelton 2020-08-21
This app is wonderful!
kamlesh Garg 2020-08-16
It is the best game I have ever played but please make latest update on android to I can't continue my game because whenever I try come down from windmill it again climbs to the windmill
Altaf Qureshi 2020-08-13
What happened with it like after Naya's death the game isn't grow up like all the time I have tried but like all the on that stage the game was reapiting everytime I think It's a bug So plz clear this bug so that I can play this game after Naya's death (in prologue) But all is good in this game
Sahil Narawade 2020-08-11
Amazing game. One of the best game I have ever played . The graphics and the plots are amazing .loved it 💯💯
Guru 2020-08-07
I wonder why this game don't have much higher rating. It is so difficult to find a story game today and I found this gem. It is an amazing game, amazing story, good length and amazing twists. I found no bugs in the game. A must play for all. The price is justified.
Chris Varney 2020-08-01
Great game but when you get to the point where you have to return home the game glitches you back to the last game save. Otherwise great game.
Ashley Gardner 2020-07-30
The game wouldnt let me finish it.... Gotta close to the very end then it would reload the previous chapter in the game
Om Prakash 2020-07-29
Wonderful game with a great plot
Vignesh S 2020-07-27
You're right. This is a story I will never forget. Beautiful. Something truely worth playing. The story is incredible and it will remain with you for ever.
theBoss 1 2020-07-22
Glitches on level 2 won't let me past to the next level
Salman al Sifat 2020-07-21
Music and graphics are really osum The story was great the last part is so sadness 😭😭
Mustafa Omar Hisham 2020-07-20
Very glitchy game I can't even finish it
Andre M W 2020-07-19
Why its lagging on my phone, on the other high quality game, my phone can run the games smoothly..
Navneet Chauhan 2020-07-18
Very good game. It could have been more longer and a little bit more difficult
Amin Mohamed Ajani 2020-07-12
The end will leave you speechless
The is so awesome but the end was blank
Afiq Danialzzz 2020-07-05
The best game i've ever played.. Good job
S88zy Q 2020-06-30
Would give 5 stars, but am stuck on chapter 5, it has EXTREME lag and is impossible to play on samsung galaxy tab 3. Please fix!
Erica Quinn 2020-06-27
Glitchy,unable to finish. I managed to get to the final cut screen and it continued to revert to the chapter start. The controls are also difficult to use at times due to them moving off of the screen on occasion.
Rupak kafle 2020-06-27
Boring and not enjoyable
Phani Phani 2020-06-27
Excellent game
Hafeed Mohammed 2020-06-24
My Favorite game . waiting for next part
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