Car Builder and Racing Game for Kids

Craft and ride vehicles of your dream: bikes, tracks, track junk or space cars

Educational Pizza Games Apps 2018-10-23
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Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Thanks for playing “Metal Cars”! We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. We made some minor tweaks in this version for a better play experience. Enjoy!

According to information from this application requires Android 4.0 and up to run the application correctly
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The Car Builder and Racing Game for Kids application offers the option to make purchases. $1.49 per item
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Metal Cars is the perfect game where you can craft your racing vehicle: bike, track, racing car, rovercraft or even tank. Follow your imagination and become a real car builder! Enjoy this gaming app, that designed and created for kids who love car crafting games. Great for boys and girls of all ages from 3 to 103. Build the vehicle of your dreams. The game has a very friendly interface that will allow you to build anything you want. Use a variety of different parts of cars to make your ride amazing. There is no limit to what you can build! Start to add brakes, wheels, engines, headlights, and more details in the crafted car. Test your racing machine on the testing track in a fantastic 2D environment. Enjoy amazing riding and racing! Use the gas pedal, rotate and brakes while cruising down the highway. This game is not just fun entertainment for you and your kids. It can also help raise your imagination and train engineering skills. Metal Cars can give you an understanding of how cars work, how to create them, and provide you with a conception of mechanics and engineering part of vehicles. It can inspire your children to become a real craft builder or help to be good in mechanics. 🚗 FEATURES: • Kid-friendly interface • A fantastic way to develop skills like memory, attentiveness, spatial thinking • Simple and fun car building mechanics • Craft your vehicles and test them on the track • You have a variety of parts for building a car • Beautiful 2D graphics • Use awesome upgrades to make your vehicles even cooler • Driving sound effects, simulation of gas pedals, rotation, and brakes • Animated effects that rock • Fantastic in-game test track to push your cars to the limits of your engineering skills If your 3, 4, 5, 6 six years old kids are into vehicle building games, this one they definitely love! Start your car crafting journey today!

Llwellyn Wolfe 2020-09-02
It is an excellent game a love to billt my own cars
Camille Welcome 2020-09-02
Shena Joy Mallari 2020-09-01
Anusha.S. Sathish Anush 2020-09-01
Very very very very very nice game
Asher Mitchell 2020-08-31
Good game,but,some things you have to pay for,in a kids game?! What the heck?!
Arcanja Goes 2020-08-31
Putin this game
ultimate smoke fire sm 2020-08-31
ABIM abim 2020-08-30
Gem burik kali tapi enak
Sean Ho 2020-08-30
It cloud be inprove unlocking all maps and materials at once
Ibrahim Mahamed 2020-08-29
BAD I hate this game with so bad
Ed Br 2020-08-29
Pls fix the bugs
Benji Young 2020-08-29
ummmmmm... no mony just... do it... i don,t get it go and get it
chowder fish 2020-08-28
Does not work at all. Crashes when opened.
Duds Blank 2020-08-28
As a user I found the game to be simplistic and clearly meant for children. However, the game could be improved with more free levels (kind of like hill climber) with running ads to gain revenue. Playing the same level over and over and over again got boring after 3 minutes. There is no correlation between the motor and the wheels. The exhaust animation is lacking. This could be alot better if difficulty was added. There was also no tutorial to guide me but I figured it out real quick. GG
Iah Jo 2020-08-28
this game is the best
Charles Sungwa 2020-08-27
yeah boi 2020-08-26
The game freezes to where I can't play it it is annoying
fory ever 2020-08-26
MKE op ztre😃😃😃😃😃😃😃4567!!!!!!!!
Jeric Zabala 2020-08-25
Fv you have any questions or need r
madelin andrada 2020-08-24
Dis game is so much fun
king player123 2020-08-24
Brenda Brown 2020-08-23
jm alireza 2020-08-23
Damian Coombs 2020-08-23
Same as ever other money grabbing game,lets you play a bit then have to pay to unlock everything on that note I'm uninstalling.lifes hard enough without wasting money
jkt orthoimplant 2020-08-22
samina sayyed 2020-08-22
Good game and car build and race it is good
Bharat Deonarine 2020-08-22
I. Love. It
Jameela Ali 2020-08-21
Why this is a kids game purchases why kids game with everything as purchase what why U will be better of playing leap frog idiot
Sajal MD 2020-08-20
Christa Clair 2020-08-19
it is fun be cos u mack your on car!
Ajit Chauhan 2020-08-19
Ramnaresh Ram 2020-08-18
Tumelo Manda 2020-08-17
Dana Sproule 2020-08-16
Tanveer Siddiqui 2020-08-16
Tatte game
Aman Rai 2020-08-16
Very very good
Michelle Wilson 2020-08-14
Mapalo Mwape 1 2020-08-12
Super happy very cool 🚓🚑🏎️🚄🤸👨🏿‍🏭👨🏾‍🔧
Habbas Farooqi 2020-08-12
Good game !!'kids needed to play it'
Send them out
Mohd Zain 2020-08-11
Alnor Saripada 2020-08-11
Sda momotor
Michelle Baker 2020-08-06
Dragon Reaper 2020-08-06
This game is insanely limited unless you purchase it. 3 cars to choose from, 1 track to race. You can build your own, but if you want to play for free, then you'll have no goal to work towards. It will just be a creative game that you can race 1 track.
Obaaabena Papabi 2020-08-03
Alex Balfanz 2020-08-02
Love it Q!
create ed 2020-08-01
Bolted the nuts of manufacturers
it is roblox 2020-07-31
my car is slow my friend is fun but i still like it
Deanne Doorn 2020-07-30
I love this game!!!!!
Karen Schuler 2020-07-30
i love that you can bild
niko han 2020-07-30
Tiger Claw 17 2020-07-29
U O Y People How Let's get to work In fact This time around You're going through this whole P6 How to get rid K K K K K K K K K
tan quin 2020-07-29
It's a very good game
Ngọc Định 2020-07-29
I 6
Matthew Panganiban 2020-07-28
Cant unlock items
Nagu Chanu 2020-07-27
P.aishwarya AKASH 2020-07-27
Very bad game
noor nayab 2020-07-27
Dylan C9le 2020-07-26
It's fun but it needs some passengers. adult and children.
shrein Tjong 2020-07-26
Demail Moucha 2020-07-25
D4ye osoak
Daniella ifesiokwu 2020-07-25
I like the game because l could build cars
Dream try create - DTC 2020-07-25
Extra engine don't give extra power, no physics.
Allyson L 2020-07-25
P. W. 2020-07-24
I didn't like that whenever you win you can't unlock new tracks cars or new parts
Karabo Mathew 2020-07-23
Mohdeep Heer 2020-07-22
It is my favorite game
David Lovelett 2020-07-22
It wood not download
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