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Medical ClearCare Online, Inc. 2017-09-28
The size of ClearCareGo Caregiver on your device is 29M. The size of ClearCareGo Caregiver varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of ClearCareGo Caregiver is 322007
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of ClearCareGo Caregiver is 2.4.1
The version of ClearCareGo Caregiver was last updated to 2020-07-23
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: bug fixes

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
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ClearCareGo for Caregivers presents Caregivers of home care agencies using ClearCare with an easy-to-manage schedule and profile management interface. Edit your own profile, clock in and out of shifts, manage tasks, record comments, and view your upcoming schedule, all with a few clicks!

Michele C 2020-09-16
Just first day but awesome so far
Winifred Udoye 2020-09-15
Solange Joseph 2020-09-15
I can't get it
Chareece Palmer 2020-09-15
rocky mountain lass 2020-09-15
Clunky doesnt work well hate how slow it is it has too many glitches could be streamlined considerably very redundant
Edie Luckas 2020-09-15
I will give this app a higher rating once the location issues are resolved. It cannot seem to find your location even when you are in the client's home and have the location enabled on the app.
Deborah Mowery 2020-09-14
Great and still learning to please others
stacey loch 2020-09-14
Can never clock in or out
Floretta Perez 2020-09-14
I don't like lt at all
Gail 2020-09-14
Takes a long time to get anything done, buttons for completing tasks often doesn't work or has to be pushed several times before working. Location detector is off and works very poorly. When a task is not complete and I submit the reason the back button takes a long time to get back to answering the questions. Truly awful app.
Julie Klismith 2020-09-14
This app is terrible, it doesnt even deserve a single star. I'd only give it a 1/4 star. The app is extremely slow, frequently doesn't work, day or night. It's especially difficult during the task portion. Why can't tasks be specific for that shift. It's ridiculous to have a task for someone working 11pm-7am shift that asks if you showered the client or fed them dinner. That slows the process. 1st you click "NO" when it finally takes the response you must write a comment enter it then click yes
Tink's Mom 2020-09-13
I see CareConnect LLC at least ADDRESSES the issues with their app and responds to their users immediately. Update: I just uninstalled the app...problem solved!
Jul Pro-jordan 2020-09-13
Why do you look for accounts on cell phone? I did delete this after seeing that.
Stacey Swistoski 2020-09-13
It takes forever to load, the beacon to houses is hard to pin point,logging in takes forever sometimes 10 minutes.
Monica Mullins 2020-09-13
I can't check in or out at breeze park
Denise Kabala 2020-09-12
Can look at my schedule and know when i work
Joseph Sepulveda 2020-09-12
Never works right
Cassandra Lea 2020-09-12
First time caregiving with this app and im loving it so far!! So convenient and easy to use!
Charisma Johnson 2020-09-12
This app Suckssssssss
Kizzie Feast 2020-09-12
It gets stuck on certain sections, and wont let you submit notes. Thanks! Please, Upgrade!!
Guy Stehley 2020-09-12
Clock out didn't work.
Kristin Nycole 2020-09-12
I can't press any buttons on this thing. Went online and worked great,though
Lilith Gonzalez 2020-09-12
Easy to navigate; clear-cut~
TaZe White 2020-09-11
I hate this app. If it wasn't for having to use it for work I'd delete it. Load time is awful. Don't matter if I have wifi or not. Takes way to long to load.
stephanie thirty seven 2020-09-10
Keep disappearing when I fill out note for unavailable go straight to my phone homescreen
Demi 2020-09-10
Freda Winn 2020-09-10
Slow opening, difficult checking tasks
Angela Mc 2020-09-10
Very easy to use👍🏾
Cassandra Clausen 2020-09-10
Really easy to use !
Sunshine Cole 2020-09-10
Dont like it
Elsie Sexton 2020-09-10
Cynthia Johnson-Owes 2020-09-10
It Was Totally on Point with Directions & Patient's info.
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