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App to identify color from camera or image with many extra features

Tools Mikhail Gribanov 2016-09-15
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The version of Color Picker was last updated to 2020-07-14
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Minor fixes and improvements to the appearance of the advanced mode (triangle icon on the main screen): * Fixed a bug when the arrows were not visible on the boundary values * Fixed a bug when the advanced mode was displayed even before the data for displaying appeared in it * Other minor improvements

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
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Color Picker - app to identify color from camera or image with many extra features. Identify color from several color palettes. The app database contains more than 1000+ entries from the most famous color palettes: Common colors, RAL Classic, HTML (W3C), Material Design and others. Not sure which palette to choose? Use the universal palette "Common colors", which contains all the most famous colors. Dynamic Scope. Just swipe the screen to resize the scope. You can quickly identify the color at the center point or the average color from the entire selected area. Three scope shapes are available: circle, square, and dot. If a circle is selected, the average color is really calculated only from the pixels inside the circle. See advanced color data. Click the triangle icon to go into advanced mode. It displays the color temperature (in Kelvin degrees), the color location on the optical spectrum, the color value in various color models (RGB, CMYK, HSV and others), as well as the degree of color matching (in percent) with the most similar color from the selected color palette. Unnecessary items of the advanced mode can be disabled in the settings. Advanced camera settings. Identify color more accurately by manually setting the focus mode, white balance, and other camera settings. Identify color in images. Open image and identify/save the desired color on any part of the image. You can send the image in the app through the "Share" system dialog. All standard gestures for working with image are supported. Work with saved colors. Saved colors can be edited, send the HEX value of the selected colors through the "Share" system dialog, or import/export all colors in CSV. Search and browse colors in the database. Thanks to a search by HEX value or color name, you will quickly find the desired color in the database. You can send any text to the app, to search the database, through the "Share" system dialog. Disclaimer. Samples of colors can significantly differ from the originals due to the color rendition. All colors are provided for informational purposes only. Do not use these values wherever a color match is required with high accuracy. The image in the screenshots was taken from Pexels, under a free for use license.

JeffZone 2020-08-26
FR34CZ 2020-08-25
Jk hehe
Alex Nguyễn 2020-08-23
Very great app. it helps me to choose the correct colour when designing and other things like that, keep improving
Rico G 2020-08-23
Can't enter hex codes
Kylie A 2020-08-21
I don't understand all the good reviews 😂 honestly, this is just a big mess. First of all, I was hoping to be able to select pics from my gallery, but I have to use it with something right in front of me. How am I supposed to color a picture of Charli demilio, obviously I don't have her in front of me!!! Also,when I take a picture of something in front of the camera, it says a weird color. For example, I took a picture of the floor, which is tan, and it says black!! UNINSTALLED.
fff S 2020-08-20
Very good app but how can i use the colour now in a new picture
Ehsaan Ejaz 2020-08-19
So bad held my tab and it does not work.😢😢😤😤😤😭😭😱😱😰👿😈😈😈😈👺💀👹
Henry Lee 2020-08-17
Excellent drawing tool that very useful for imaging and design purposes. Nice two optional modes for color detection: camera mode and still image mode. • Thank You for the App and for giving option to get rid of the Ads. 👍🏻
Dirk Strider 2020-08-16
Very lovely app, i guess i like the way it names every color? I dunno it told me to rate so i did but i like it yes yes
iiSltn 2020-08-15
Works just as discribed and just as wanted...
hamid reza islamdoost 2020-08-13
It very helped me in wordpress designing
Shrini Jaiswal 2020-08-11
Loved it
Blue Llamas 2020-08-04
I never rate apps but this one made me say wow. Its simple to use and gives detailed information on everything you need to know, its also very aestheticly pleasing.
Deepak Muni 2020-08-01
the_dise 2020-07-31
Очень хреново выбирает цвет. Не точный инструмент
Nishant Gautam 2020-07-27
Excellent app 👌👌👌 I like it !!
neeru kumawat 2020-07-25
Best app
Sumaiya Islam 2020-07-24
It is a very good working app with useful feature. But it would be great if there was an option for creating pallets within the app.
Najmul Islam 2020-07-16
Wow!.... How many colors name it knows! 😲 Excellent... ❤️ But please add movable cursor so that it doesn't need to move the picture... 😊
Manoj Singh 2020-07-14
Focus is not working
Ben Bioku 2020-07-12
The app did its job perfectly well.
Alex x 2020-07-08
Unfortunately no option to discard # for Code button, you must do several steps via history instead. If you give camera permission the camera will start every app launch and every image switch even if you mostly don't want to use camera. Have to close image to go to settings. Very convenient controls when dragging, zooming and picking color. If you use camera you have nice controls such as exposure lock and setting focus modes. Active development - high chance of upcoming features and tuning.
F.A.Salek Helali Akter 2020-06-28
Kong Vue 2020-06-27
Didn't like ads pop up bottom frames color picker. Boo👎👎
pallath lal 2020-06-27
Super for me.
Lord Bogus 2020-06-25
Best I tried out of 3, even with the ads.
Water AA 2020-06-25
Color Picker Google Play
Keith Workman 2020-06-25
So good!
Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center Dubai 2020-06-23
Great app
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