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Compress PDF files - Reduce file size while optimizing for maximal PDF quality

Productivity SmartApps38 2019-10-04
The size of Compress PDF File on your device is 4.9M. The size of Compress PDF File varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Compress PDF File is 940413
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The version of Compress PDF File was last updated to 2020-03-04
According to information from this application requires Android 2.0 and up to run the application correctly
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If you want to reduce your PDF file size, save your disk space back and faster on uploads and downloads, ... then let PDF Compressor - Compress PDF File app help you. You can easily compress your PDF files right on your device, just one tap to select your file Select quality of output PDF to reduce file size PDF. PDF Compressor is a tool to compress PDF documents to reduce PDF file size. Compress PDF file allows you to select heavy PDF files to reduce its size. PDF compressor will simply reduce pdf file size with a single tap. PDF compressor is free and the best tool to reduce PDF file size. Do download this compressor app and tell us more how we can improve it. Compress PDF file size makes it possible for anyone to reduce your PDF documents size, especially useful for those PDF files with many scan graphics and photos. Compressed PDF documents requires less disk space for storage and faster uploads and downloads saves transmission time and cost. This app gives you access to compression options to help you to reduce PDF file size without compromising the document's integrity. Compress PDF File rewrites the entire PDF documents using selected compression options as efficiently as possible. Some PDF documents might not get compressed, because the PDF documents might be already compressed or have nothing much to compress. Compress PDF lets you compress/reduce PDF documents file size. With our simple and easy to use app you can compress/reduce pdf file sizes using your Android device.This is fully offline app.You can compress as many files as you want with our free PDF compressor app. Features: Compress PDF file size has following feature: - Compress PDF file size totally free. - Reduce PDF file size within seconds. - Very smart and easy to use PDF compressor. - Compress PDF file to reduce PDF file size. - Easily share the compressed file online. - All compressed PDF are saved on folder Phone/PDF-Compressor. - You can easily to share compressed PDF files to your friends or any social network .

Pathan Aspakkha 2020-08-10
Nice work
Aakash Patwal 2020-08-10
Gr8 app
Amit Jaiswal 2020-08-10
Arjun P 2020-08-10
Simple and effective.
amruth boggarapu 2020-08-10
Worst app , time waste
Mobina Pkn 2020-08-10
Very nice and productive
Aliaa Zaren 2020-08-10
Excellent app
Apriyadi Santoso 2020-08-10
SS GROUP 2020-08-09
This is not so fast but is really Good app
51IXCShraddha Sarpate 2020-08-09
Excellent app
AUTO N TECH 2020-08-09
V.good app
Arvind Kalal 2020-08-09
Bohot hi bura app kuch nhi hota isse
M Campbell 2020-08-09
Very straightforward
Qhadafi Amin 2020-08-09
sakshi jain 2020-08-09
Biswanath Haldar 2020-08-09
It works on with Internet connection
Farhan Ahmed 2020-08-09
wonderfull compress app, all about was my choice all options avail with good service.
Suman Choudhary 2020-08-09
Madhorchod application
Vish D 2020-08-09
Amazing and so useful. I love it
Bo yaiheisnam 2020-08-09
Haribhau Nikam 2020-08-09
sasan jalil 2020-08-09
very good
sreenivasan ukkadapu 2020-08-09
Good app.Fast response.
Nabeela Khan 2020-08-09
Ossum app
Krishnayani Patil 2020-08-09
Wonderful comprehensive app best among what i have used until now🤩🤩🤩
Nitin Ankush 2020-08-09
Very useful app
Sajid Ali 2020-08-09
I was searching for the best pdf compressor. As i tried some other apps but this one is really the thing which i wished. This tiny app is so easy to use and provides quick results, saving one's time.
osama anwar 2020-08-08
edeki uzezi 2020-08-08
Good good
Aayush Jain 2020-08-08
Slowest app on playstore
nwakanma henry 2020-08-08
Naveen Roky Janasena 2020-08-08
Alihussnain Moazam 2020-08-08
Good one
Abhijeet Adarsh 2020-08-08
It will upload the pdf on his server then download it. waste my data without notifying me.
vikas ahuja 2020-08-08
Very good
Anna 2020-08-08
Best thing to download
Samkelo Khumalo 2020-08-08
Pure genius. Saved me a couple of times already with big folder that need to be down sized and emailed
Hemang Mendpara 2020-08-08
One of the best pdf compressor i ever came across.
Rahul Verma 2020-08-08
Its not good app. I recommend that both my comment reader's please don't waist your time to download load this app.
Anany Pandey 2020-08-08
Too many ads!!!!!!! You just change the name to ads video app.
sameer hawari 2020-08-08
Good app
zulfikar andriansyah 2020-08-08
Berguna bgi nusa dan rara
Saleha khan 2020-08-08
Just fine because sometimes it wont open my compressed file or share it after completing compression which takes time.
Aniket kr 2020-08-08
Very good app without Laging
Noor Ashrafwala 2020-08-08
its very usefull
Ali Haider 2020-08-08
Sunil Yadav 2020-08-08
Brilliant and fast
sera main 2020-08-08
Its very good
Abdulazeez Mohammed 2020-08-07
Incredibly good performance...
Huhu Ifti 2020-08-07
It is a good app and helped me a lot to compress my file. I will give it four stars because sometimes it does not work properly. Over all it is a good app
Pedro Ayala 2020-08-07
VIKRANT MURMU 2020-08-07
Awesome 👌
Dr Umesh Kumar Singh 2020-08-07
Excellent app
Sagar Vinay 2020-08-07
Good app
Vishwa Shah 2020-08-07
It was really nice app ... I works really good
Sharon McEachron 2020-08-07
Worked well. Compressed file looked good. I used it once.
shanmuga sundaram R 2020-08-07
Seema Sharma 2020-08-07
Rizveen Shaikh 2020-08-07
Aisha Sol 2020-08-07
Thank u its amezing app
Naresh Somapalyam 2020-08-07
ayesha kanwal 2020-08-07
Amit Nigam 2020-08-07
Amazing 👏
Tariq Mehmood 2020-08-07
AVIK CHHEDA 2020-08-07
The app stops working as soon it starts compressing
Tommy Mabasa 2020-08-07
I love it
Sanju Mandal 2020-08-07
Excellent aap
NAAT SHAREEF 2020-08-07
Awesome working 👍✌️
17 IX C Nitesh Patel 2020-08-07
Helping app
deepak kumar prajapati 2020-08-07
charles ezengwa 2020-08-06
Very nice
Zanele Mophuthane 2020-08-06
Little difficult
This app is so smooth.
Susaville 2020-08-06
Doesn't even open
Andy Dunn 2020-08-06
Does a good job.
Sheema Zidhick 2020-08-06
Excellant help me lot to submitt my assignments.thanks lot.keep going
bharat lohana 2020-08-06
Good make it pro
Aditi Dasgupta 2020-08-06
Useless app where I cant even find the PDF
NAMAN SINGH 2020-08-06
Raza Hameed 2020-08-06
That's really awesome 👌
12 XD Himanshu 2020-08-06
Speechless ❤️
Madhu Mohan 2020-08-06
Exceptional. Just did what i expected.
Muzammil Khan Bangash 2020-08-06
Now it's good ☺️ !!!👍u updated in next version!! that's good now,now it works good but takes much time!first in loading it takes 3 mins then in compressing takes 3 mins,and in saving it also takes 3 mins!! approximately it takes 9 mins to compesss It works good now👍,bit it takes much time,i m not uninstalling it, Plz fix this!!
Amina Azam 2020-08-06
Awesome 👍👌😊😍
Tanuja Pandey 2020-08-06
It works simple AF
Ogodiseng Mphoko 2020-08-06
App is working just fine
Honey Honey 2020-08-06
V nice app
Y venkateswararao 2020-08-06
Useful app. It works well.
Dhanaraj Thiruppathi 2020-08-06
Kumari priyanshu Roll no. 21 2020-08-06
My problem is solved by this amazing app. Well done 👍👌👌
Princewill Esekhile 2020-08-06
Very smooth and straight forward
doody DB 2020-08-06
Good app i recommend
Michelli Dominguito Birello 2020-08-06
Very easy to use and delivers excelent results! Thanks to the developer!
Ahmad Nabil 2020-08-06
excellent work
Sanat Kumar 2020-08-06
Yasar Mohammad 2020-08-06
Compression level good
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