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Educational Baiels 2014-03-25
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Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: 1.8 - Step by step mode (settings menu) 1.7 - Color wheel for color selection - Display grid option (settings menu) - Updated icon 1.6 - Save your patterns by long pressing the patterns button - Delete patterns by long pressing the pattern name ...

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The Game of Life is a cellular automaton devised by Dr John Conway in 1970. The game is a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state. One interacts with the Game of Life by creating an initial configuration and observing how it evolves. The rules of Life: 1. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies, as if by needs caused by underpopulation. 2. Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies, as if by overcrowding. 3. Any live cell with two or three live neighbours lives, unchanged, to the next generation. 4. Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours cells will come to life. Features: ☆ Change the colors ☆ Change simulation speed ☆ Change the size of the world ☆ Create or modify the initial configuration ☆ Create random patterns ☆ Insert alive cells while running the simulation ☆ Select the edge wrapping behavior ☆ Color gradient with cell age ☆ More than 850 predefined patterns! ☆ Select your favorite patterns ☆ Search patterns ☆ Save and delete your own patterns ☆ Rule edition Permissions: ☆ Billing: to allow donations through Google Play For more information about the Game of Life:'s_Game_of_Life

Henry Foxon 2020-09-08
Works as intended, follow the rules of the game of life correctly. I just have a few suggestions. 1 when I zoom into the grid, I would like the app to remember all the tiles outside the screen, and for me to be able to move to those times so that I can more easily add small details to large patterns 2 to be able to save my own patterns to my device. Thank you for your time.
Wildtazze Gaming 2020-09-08
Very interesting and fun to pass time with
The Animation Channel 2020-09-03
It's just so satisfying to draw something and watch it transform! ( Epilepsy Warning tho)
Audey Godfrey Prewett 2020-09-01
Amazing!!!!!! Best game I've seen on the app store.
LK007 2020-08-29
It is the best Loved and enjoyed it. Emergent properties (I don't want to say anything but if the current state of rules(eg chaotic etc) and telling the last formation used will be like adding good to infinite goodness )
kshitiz gupta 2020-08-29
This game helped me a lot to know about cellular automata.
Kr8or 2020-08-25
this game has absulotly no add problems and its very satisfing. the only downside is is that the reset button takes you back to the last build and doesent reset the new one. if you fix i rate 5 stars.
OOF XD 2020-08-24
This is nice. Good job 👍
Human Person 2020-08-24
Conways game of life, simple.
Ian Patient 2020-08-23
This is a clean, simple app to demonstrate Conway"s game of Life. It is very well stocked with examples! The examples are a very good way to show basic operation and then development to enormous examples. The examples are often named using a popular convention. As for any app developments, I should like copy and paste. However, I do appreciate that this might be a quite a lot of work, so I would be prepared to pay for this.
Fia B 2020-08-22
I like it because you can change the rules 😀 and please add a conponet menu were you can drag things into your area. Save components by holding the settings button. 👍👍😃😃😄
Tanninjaboy 2020-08-22
Nice to the point and as title says
epic gamer 2020-08-21
At this time it keeps us away form going out cuz its a pandamic
Charles Sturgis 2020-08-20
Alex Macke 2020-08-20
Great time killer, and could potentially teach you about cells
Patricia Barker 2020-08-20
Work in progress
Shrekboi Yeet 2020-08-20
Harvey Neale 2020-08-19
Amazing Love it The best
super gamein captain 2020-08-17
You mess with the honk you get the bonk
Nugget ._. 2020-08-16
It's alright.
dogieshrimp 2020-08-13
Just a bit boring but not bad
Ultra gamer 2020-08-11
O & M Plays 2020-08-11
Plus Gaming 2020-08-10
I LOVE IT!!! I HATE THE PEOPLE WHO HATE THIS FOR SUCH STUPID REASONS! I LOVE THIS GAMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boredom.... BE GONE! The only downside is the space limit but otherise 5 stars! If i could i would rate inf stars.
Jeremy Ramsey 2020-08-09
Ulrich Roth 2020-08-08
Awesome App!!
Josh Jagg gaming 2020-08-08
Julian The Elf Boi 2020-08-06
Super fun
BlueImation 2020-08-06
Incredible and fun
D3s / 1ruct10n 2020-08-06
The Simplicity of the game makes it unique especially this pandemic, internet connections are in demand and some connections are getting taken out. But this game is a stress reliever really.
John-gameplays and more 2020-08-05
It's a cool game
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