Never left without saying goodbye

Music Rayark International Limited 2013-12-26
According to the number of downloads of DEEMO is 7435118
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of DEEMO is 3.8.0
The version of DEEMO was last updated to 2020-08-04
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: DEEMO 3.8 - Removes all free trial version restrictions; after the update the game will open directly to the Full Version. - Newly added: 3 free songs added in "Shattered Memories 2" - Newly added: Paid song packs "Feryquitous Collection #2 / Cytus II Collection Vol.1 / DEEMO -Reborn- Collection" - Enhanced gameplay experience and optimized UI

According to information from this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at we inform you that the content of DEEMO is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone
We have detected that the DEEMO application contains ads.
The DEEMO application offers the option to make purchases. $0.99 - $54.99 per item
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"Never Left Without Saying Goodbye." The world acclaimed, mobile rhythm game that's touched over 10 million players. Created by the team that brought you Cytus, the original Rayark team has created a whole new texture to the piano rhythm game DEEMO. A girl who fell from the skies and lost her past; Deemo, who plays the piano all alone in the world of the treehouse; an accidental encounter between the two. The music flows as the fingers hit the piano keys. The start of a fairytale journey has begun... Game Features: -60+ free songs in story mode, including more than 220 songs -Unlock more tracks as the game progresses, experience a story that will move you -Accompany Deemo and engage with this stunning, modern fairytale -Plenty of original piano songs in various music genres, many composed by famous composers from around the world -Simple and intuitive gameplay, experience touching emotion through music -Through tapping and sliding, follow the rhythm to play along -Explore the scenes, piece together the clues, and obtain hidden in-game elements -Stand-alone game; no need to have internet connection to play -Twitter and Facebook score sharing function. Proceed to Youtube for official videos.

Pauline Florsch 2020-08-30
Some of the songs are really pretty. Calibrating the game is really confusing though. Besides that, the esthetics are really pretty and it's really fun. It's been a while since I've relaxed this much while playing a game
Ashlyn Howk 2020-08-30
I did cry.
Noir Zegenne 2020-08-30
Very good.Masterpiece song and game.But maybe lowering price pls.For 1M IDR i can buy a PC games.
Jakov Grams 2020-08-29
Can't get it to calibrate right. It's in sync for the first 20 seconds then quickly gets worse. They should have you tap to a sounds for calibration instead of what they have.
Shayne 2020-08-29
I've only just started, however I finished Deemo Reborn and wanted more from it so I went to look for the original. The use of the touch screen gives an incredibly immersive feeling, which is increased even further by the amazing soundtracks.
Moon Seo Young 2020-08-29
Healing app
Christian O'Neill 2020-08-29
Amazing experience. It's an amazing game. It's music catalog is up there with DDR on ps2. But I would love for this game to get a playstation port. I think experiencing it on controller would enhance the experience a thousand fold.
Niellan Guerrero 2020-08-28
Rayark Inc. made Awesome GAMES
Hinson Hui 2020-08-28
Excellent songs and graphical designs !!!
Irene Stephani 2020-08-27
My long lost love. Was playing and loving the Deemo songs long time ago and now I'm reminiscing it again.
Gamerly F 2020-08-27
It guf I guess
AM Nigma 2020-08-27
My first music game and I gotta say, it was hard to find something to replace it. Then Cytus came. Deemo's kinda like my first love though, unforgettable.
Kai 2020-08-27
Its great! Despite being a 1.9gb download, it runs smooth as butter. The gameplay itself feels amazing. It's easy to get used to and the fact that you have access to hard songs right when you start beats beats most other games. 5 stars would definitely recommend
Malcolm Bush 2020-08-26
Was a really good game. Took up hours of my time and improved hand eye coordination. Got a new phone, doesn't work with it. (One Plus 8)
Haruka-San 2020-08-26
I haven't got the chance to play the game. The only thing I see is a completely black screen and nothing loaded up I even reinstalled the game but nothing happens. I hope u can find a conclusion to this problem ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Vinh Nguyễn 2020-08-26
Awesome game with peaceful music!
Jitzau Sahjou 2020-08-26
Can't disable music and has a high skill level of entry, also didn't find very fun.
Tommy Renard 2020-08-26
The game is beautiful, sounds great and is a fresh take on the genre. However, the calibration is horrible. I've spent about an hour trying to use the calibration to match up the sound with the tracks. No matter my settings, some notes appear late, and some early relative to the tracks. Furthermore, scoring doesn't consistently match the "beat line" timing. Sometimes you will get points tapping early, sometimes late and sometimes when expected. I really wanted to play this, but it needs a fix.
DK 2020-08-26
Beautiful and fun game, I'm just starting to play and I'm really excited about it.
John Carlo Garcia 2020-08-25
Amazing. That's all I need to say.
Seal _ 2020-08-24
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