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Online consultation with members in a quick, simple, easy way with Expert App.

Medical Lush Era Limited 2017-08-11
The size of Dr.HereOnline (Doctor APP) on your device is 24M. The size of Dr.HereOnline (Doctor APP) varies depending on the device and its version
According to forappslovers.com the number of downloads of Dr.HereOnline (Doctor APP) is 3180
From the team at forappslovers.com that is included in the brand forworldlovers.com we can assure that the current version of Dr.HereOnline (Doctor APP) is 2.35.218
The version of Dr.HereOnline (Doctor APP) was last updated to 2020-07-27
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Optimize code and user interface to improve app performance.

According to information from forappslovers.com this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at forappslovers.com we inform you that the content of Dr.HereOnline (Doctor APP) is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone
Lush Era Limited offers the Playstore one of its best jobs, and we at forappslovers.com are happy to show it to you.
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We believe that healthcare can happen anytime, anywhere and has no boundaries. Therefore, we developed a global 24/7 mobile platform to carry out this idea. The Dr.HereOnline application (doctor version) is a multi-langue comprehensive healthcare platform that helps global healthcare providers take good care of their patients/members. The app’s function includes three categories: 1. Help qualified medical experts build their “Smart Clinic” for global healthcare. “Smart Clinic” is a set of application functions that provide clinical services such as clinical digitalization, patient care, mobile consultations and health management to their members/patients. 2. Clinics/Experts can download their members’ or patients’ health exam reports when authorized to provide tracking services and reminders. 3. Global healthcare providers can communicate and refer patients to each other for further treatment.

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