Dual N-Back

Scientifically proven way of improving your intelligence.

Educational Mikko Tyrskeranta 2014-06-16
The size of Dual N-Back on your device is 17M. The size of Dual N-Back varies depending on the device and its version
According to forappslovers.com the number of downloads of Dual N-Back is 286773
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The version of Dual N-Back was last updated to 2019-12-30
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: - Dark mode - App now recognizes device's disabled screen auto-rotation setting - Cosmetic changes - Bug fixes

According to information from forappslovers.com this application requires Android 4.4 and up to run the application correctly
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The Dual N-Back application offers the option to make purchases. $3.49 per item
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Rikikuja 5 G 15 90460 Oulunsalo Finland

Please note that this game is not easy because it is not easy to push human limits for improving oneself. It uses scientifically proven way of improving your working memory and helps you solve problems faster. It's also fun but not in the way you would expect. Reaching new levels in the game is incredibly satisfying. An optional premium upgrade is available through a one-time in-app purchase that will remove ads and enable Google Play Games cloud synchronisation across multiple devices. To get bugs fixed as fast as possible, please use the app's customer service feature. The more (and precise) information you provide for reproducing the bug, the faster it will be fixed. WHAT IS DUAL N-BACK Dual N-Back exercise has been shown to improve working memory and fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to reason and to solve new problems independently of previously acquired knowledge. The idea is to keep track of two individual things while playing: flashing square's positions and letter sounds. FEATURES - Simple but challenging gameplay - Graphical statistics with daily progress and trend line - Helpful gameplay animations and tips explaining all you need to know about Dual N-back You will advance to your current top performance level quite fast and it takes some persistence to get to the next level. On the other hand, the length of the sequence to remember (i.e. difficult level) for each round is deliberately changed quite easily so that there is minimal chance to learn strategies which are actually not increasing your fluid intelligence in the long run.

Magdalene Karisa 2020-08-12
I like like it and i just feel my intelligence expanding when playing it
The Riotuz 2020-08-07
jiwoo kang 2020-08-04
very interesting game idea. very difficult and challenging for intelligent people.
JameBoyAdvance 2020-07-27
Been grinding hard for months (3x10rounds per week avg - less than prescribed) and managed to reach 6-N-Back twice. Its pretty insane watching your ability grow. An interesting app. The ads are so annoying but i refuse to pay 😂. DEVS - Listen to the people and introduce an option to set the N-level.
silent gamer 2020-07-23
Nice app
Sharavathi Kh 2020-07-19
Superb i increased my iq about 110 belive or not😎
Amogelang Puso 2020-07-18
Could have been better
Eeshan Khan 2020-07-16
Please add speed control. I.E: User presses next after each tuple (sound,sight) input. That will make this good. Also add option to remove it, if someone also wishes to increase speed. Usually, beginners will do better with positive contol with themselves.
Aziz Al-Azfar 2020-07-13
Good app. Need notification system as reminders (dont know if already implemented).
Brandon M 2020-07-11
Manisha Kumari 2020-07-10
I do not get this game. Explain it properly.
Stephanie Herron 2020-07-08
Instructions are very cleat
Sushant Meshram 2020-07-05
It is the best game ever
mr mossy 2020-07-02
Nice app,but gives false stats....
John Jones 2020-06-28
I initially liked the app, even with the lack of configurability that others mention. However I began getting apps automatically installed by the same author. This is unacceptable to me, so I uninstalled all of them, including this one.
Meghna Dey 2020-06-24
Dharmesh Dabas 2020-06-23
This app is very good its my iq level is grow upp
Manoj tomar 2020-06-18
Very very good game it is
Iitian Bombay 2020-06-16
Nice app
Mila Dragicevic 2020-06-14
Wambui Tabitha 2020-06-12
It is life changing very very life changing
Mitra Singh 2020-06-09
Doesn't meet my expectations that I heard from others.
Youngmin Yu 2020-06-08
Nice design, but no option to choose position only
Simon Friedberger 2020-06-06
The ads start out okay and then get really annoying.
Sneha raghuwanshi 2020-06-05
I want to request the team i can not undersatnd how to play the game please explaine in a easy way
Balaakoh Amos 2020-06-05
Bear game ever
Savariya 2020-06-04
Manoj Karthy 2020-05-29
Though it gets tougher but it's a good app to increase my memory level.I would even suggest it to my friends,i loved it
Sheldon Petrus 2020-05-28
Brilliant App!!
Siobhan Flowers 2020-05-26
Difficult! But good app
Sahil Khan 2020-05-20
Full power
Iyana Fulse 2020-05-19
I would like this game so much more if I could choose what n equals instead of it moving me up just to move me down. At least let me complete more than one game on that level before you consider it mastered. The bouncing back and forth takes the fun out of it and I've already gotten rid of this game after less than a day.
Charismatic Nerd 2020-05-17
Good app. Ever thought of adding Emotional N Back and Stroop N Back to it?? That would be great.
K A 2020-05-17
I want to know can I play it daily please respond
Jacob Yoo 2020-05-16
So much more well-polished than other dual n-back apps. The UI and the audio quality are way better than that of other apps that pop up when you search for dual n-back.
Gazi Siraj 2020-05-15
Great app.slight headache happend after playing my first 20 rounds.
Zeeshan Iqbal 2020-05-11
11 may 2020 (update): i am logged into the same account but still i cannot restore my purchase.
Nikki Bebbo 2020-05-08
Practice recall. This is a must. No point learning if you can't recall it.
Veena Pandey 2020-05-05
Audio is poor
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