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Music C4Cat Entertainment Limited 2014-10-29
The size of Dynamix on your device is 67M. The size of Dynamix varies depending on the device and its version
According to forappslovers.com the number of downloads of Dynamix is 1511812
From the team at forappslovers.com that is included in the brand forworldlovers.com we can assure that the current version of Dynamix is 3.14.00
The version of Dynamix was last updated to 2020-01-16
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Added Package《Intruders》 Added delay setting for device that cannot play music normally Improve data download speed Fixed some UI and Animation texture

According to information from forappslovers.com this application requires Android 4.1 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at forappslovers.com we inform you that the content of Dynamix is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone
We have detected that the Dynamix application contains ads.
The Dynamix application offers the option to make purchases. $1.29 - $10.97 per item
C4Cat Entertainment Limited offers the Playstore one of its best jobs, and we at forappslovers.com are happy to show it to you.

Dynamix is a mobile music game that integrates arcade gaming experience into mobile device. C4Cat brings you the fruit of creativity of worldwide composers within this pocket size mobile game. With triple-dropping track design, you feel like playing different instruments while hitting different sides. Just click on the button and download Dynamix to enjoy the varied type of music! Feature: Weekly new songs updated in Event system 5 level options that suit your level Rank Up to unlock more tracks, more than 20 tracks is avaliable for free version Collect characters to help pass the difficult levels Over 100 tracks by composers all over the world, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong included in game Wide range choice of music including J-Pop ,Trancecore, Chiptune, New Age and so on Facebook and Twitter result sharing function *free version limited to 30 rank , purchase premium to unlock further rank Offical Website: http://dynamix.c4-cat.com C4Cat Official Facebook Page: http://fb.me/c4cats Dynamix Official Facebook Page: http://fb.me/c4cat.dynamix Trailer: https://youtu.be/HV1ZP3jsdh0 Game Play Trail: Causal, Normal & Hard: https://youtu.be/OddLD4cKYvE Mega & Giga: https://youtu.be/Dph6gHJB7SI

Paula Andrade 2020-08-21
Havent played but refuses to download
Alex Garcia 2020-08-19
Wouldn't even let me pass the downloading part even after I cleared more than enought space to download.
tripizza 2020-08-16
Overall, this game is good and also you can get the full version for just a cheap price. This game have like 50+ base songs and there is an Event mode where you can get more songs by grinding and absolutely free. There would be new and returning songs in the mode in case you miss getting the songs.
Ioann Kuznetsov 2020-08-15
The best rhithm game for mobile
Elizabeth Lopez 2020-08-15
reaally musical pop and everything pls play this loveee it😍😍😍
Drago 2020-08-14
Wish some of the songs were more thumb friendly tho.
khaled batook 2020-08-13
The sounds in the game seems broken and slow i change the screen refresh rate to 60fps but the issue still the same.
I'mYu 2020-08-11
Nara Ichikuro 2020-08-11
I love this game so much >w< But since i need to download every single song, it is very troublesome to me =v=;
Kazumi Ritsu 2020-08-11
After downloading this, I couldn't play at all.. the game kept crashing whenever I'm trying to play a map
mark ab;e 2020-08-09
Wilmer Milante 2020-08-08
Biggie Waffle 2020-08-05
So umm, when I first played the game I was surprised that the notes come down from three sides. It is hard for sure, mostly becous you have to control three sides. I like how you added the red notes as well, it's like the long notes, except there not in the same place. Cool, very cool.
Ryuu Chiku 2020-08-02
Emo Paper 2020-07-30
Please make it full screen
Mar F 2020-07-30
I love this game but on my newer devices it refuses to connect to server, please look in to this issue so I can continue to play!
AArthaSS Gaming 2020-07-29
WOOOOOW. This game is most hardest Rythm game i ever playd. Even Casual Speed 0.2 is hard AF. If your not PRO rythm game player then you scrued. You will not get SSS rank in this game. And also place to Tap is just 2mm line. And if you miss 1mm your will get "MISS"
HarrazOtame 2020-07-29
Unless if you got a phone... this game is a way to go...
Mary Grace Casul 2020-07-28
I just want to install this but my phone whonet let me game i playd this on my other phone but its broken
King Arthur Tuvera 2020-07-25
The game freezes for 1 second during gameplay so the notes comes sudden but the music still continues when it happens
Sam PoiSon 2020-07-23
God awfully I couldn't even get into your game shame . . . 🤬👎
Sss Husky 2020-07-21
Checking server version failed always please help. User from india.
Dragos Domini 2020-07-20
Best rythm game on Google play store!
Maria Vanee 2020-07-19
Stupid game said its offline and then its online stupid game i hate this music game in my life
zymon anario anario 2020-07-18
mik ku 2020-07-17
love it
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