Endless Run

Run to live in the forest

Adventure Linse Kog 2018-10-10
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The version of Endless Run was last updated to 2020-07-08
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Version: 1.5.7 Known issue resolved and game optimized.

According to information from forappslovers.com this application requires Android 4.0 and up to run the application correctly
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Endless Run feeling the best running game. Run through the jungle, survive a rush of obstacles in the lost temple. Run for your life in the mysterious temple, to be a real runner! Super hero or princess runner in jungle. Endless Run is the most excited jungle and subway themed game. run as fast as you can to be the best runner and escape the danger. Run left or right to avoid the coming train or obstacle, rush past wild obstacles in a super-fast dash, jump over columns or broken trees, and slide fast under dangerous traps. Push your speed to the limit, to be the real runner, feeling the best android action game. It is easy to play, only to tilt your phone, collect coins as much as you can. More characters to choose: princess, super hero or other good runners. Experience unique scene, such as jungle background or subway theme. Complete task to get reward score multiplier, the more numbers you get, the higher scores you can. Grab power-ups for a super runner, upgrade the wing, shield, coin magnet, multiplier, jungle fever to become more powerful increase your speed, unlock new levels and grow your capacity! Endless Run 3 Features: Run for your life in temple To be a real runner Push your speed to the limit Run left or right to avoid the obstacle Slide or jump in dangerous traps Complete task to get reward. Get daily challenge Upgrade the props to get more scores Princess, super hero or other characters to choose Temple Endless Run is made only for real runners who are not afraid of pushing their speed to the limit. Run and prove it !

Sylvia Houston 2020-08-21
ankita agnihotri 2020-08-21
Nice 👌
Avinash Gamer Pro 2020-08-21
Very nice and good enjoy app but not free Paytm cash please give Paytm cash instant payment
Solanki viral 2020-08-21
Wwn nawwww was
Ringky Das 2020-08-21
it is the best game have i ever played
Kirti Singh 2020-08-21
avesome game there are no ambiguities in this it's very easy to use i thnk so that you might also download this game (temple run 3)
Pranab Dutta Dutta 2020-08-21
Intresting game
Mandanda Asan 2020-08-21
alot of fun
Anjali Yadav 2020-08-21
It is very good game
Aprilrose Merto 2020-08-21
Lavanaya suresh Lavanya suresh 2020-08-21
It is wonderful game...i lv it..
SAMAR PAUL 2020-08-21
It is good but please its need many improvements... like sometimes after finishing the game its not show the score board.... it is the main problem 😵😖
Mohit Rana 2020-08-21
Vire nice
Aniket Saha 2020-08-21
Out standing game
Priyadarshini Ghosh 2020-08-21
Nice game
Faathun Izaanimsha 2020-08-21
Hi this game is very good I love this game
Harsha Kp 2020-08-21
Bad Game😠😠😠
Priyanka Kanojia 2020-08-21
Olivia 1992 2020-08-21
Great but very hard!!!
Humendra Rahangdale 2020-08-21
It is just a fantastic game
Eegaiselvi Tamilvalavan 2020-08-21
Super 😍😘😄😂😁😀😘🥰😍🤩🤪😜😝😋😛🧡💛💚💙💜♥️💘💝🖤💟❣️💌💕💞💗💖💋💯👍👍👍👏👆🤴👸
ranjit Singh ranjit Singh 2020-08-21
nice game
Rajeev Kumar 2020-08-21
It is not working
Nuhera Taj 2020-08-20
Nice game l like this game
Umme Salma 2020-08-20
Very amazing game it is🥰
Surya Panda 2020-08-20
Udaya panda
Madaka Rama Mohan 2020-08-20
Wast bro
Allah Dita 2020-08-20
kalpana gowardhan 2020-08-20
Dilip Hembram 2020-08-20
Ranjeet Kumar 2020-08-20
Ranjeet prajapati
Maneshkumar Maneshkumar 2020-08-20
Anoop kumar
Sathish Sathish 2020-08-20
So super game but all the road is damaged so super and only four roads is there and all the road is beautiful and awesome l like this game the game is interesting the graphics are very good the man also very fast l love the game all download this game and play one flower should come that only the game is super and we go far the balloon will come l am far the balloon is come l am excited to play this game you download one time you like the game and you will rate it.
STUDY LIFE 2020-08-20
Nice game it's graphics are so good and gameplay is excellent.....thanku for making this game 🙃🙂
Manoj S 2020-08-20
I installed this before it was in another character now it is new character 😀😀
Shivam pal Singh 2020-08-20
Nice game finale 3rd
Moidu Kolavayal 2020-08-20
Poonam Kannaujiya 2020-08-20
Very nice
Sudha Jayaprakasan 2020-08-20
Noufa Roshan 2020-08-20
very nice game
Kapil Kumar 2020-08-20
Sobran Khare 2020-08-20
It is very bad game
Santhosh pawar 2020-08-20
The app is hanging in between the game
Prasadleon J 2020-08-20
Bhatt Rutvik 2020-08-20
Shikha Jaiswal 2020-08-20
👍 Temple Endless Run 3
Abhay kumar Singh 2020-08-20
Op 🎮games
Ismail Kolavayal 2020-08-20
Khalida Abid 2020-08-20
Not bad game
kiruku george 2020-08-20
Very good game
Shekhar Gupta 2020-08-20
Brian Steele 2020-08-19
Just keeps glitching. Unplayable because it keeps freezing. Am uninstalling it.
Samukele Xolile 2020-08-19
Wow🤭this game ..it's like a stress reliever
Faiza Noor 2020-08-19
Very energetic game. Quick witted, fast and fantastic. 🤠😎🤯
Shanu Chauhan 2020-08-19
I enjoy it
rajevan kk 2020-08-19
badest game dont download so many bugs in game
Mahi Shaikh 2020-08-19
Krishna J 2020-08-19
Subscribe super game yaar
Vivian Joshua 2020-08-19
Nancy Chelemu 2020-08-19
Alsome game
Niaz Malik 2020-08-19
I luv it
Bishnu Pada Basu 2020-08-19
IT is not working the game is very bab
Safina Ali 2020-08-19
Abir Ghosh 2020-08-19
So nice
Vivekanand Zha 2020-08-19
Very Adventurous game Very nice game
Farhin Khan 2020-08-19
Rojina parbhin
Santosh rai 2020-08-19
Very nice game😉😉😗😗😗👌👌👌
Purnendu Bhunia 2020-08-19
shreeram construction 2020-08-19
So tough
Nijhum 446_44 2020-08-19
Too much add which is very disgusting.
SAKIBUL Islam 2020-08-19
Nice game
Nana Kuchuloria 2020-08-19
none yet
fiit me 2020-08-19
Little bit boring type 😏😏
Rekha bais Rekha bais 2020-08-19
Deepak Rajput Sahab
Nisha Rani 2020-08-19
Gurcharan Gill 2020-08-19
This game is very bad
K. Shruti Patnaik 2020-08-19
It's visuals are totally worst 🤢🤮!Others the game is ok! I'd like it bcoz of visuals only,inspire of that I would prefer totally play temple run 2 ,its far better than this! I can't rate less than 1 star otherwise I would have definitely given nothing!
Rukmini N 2020-08-19
Enjoyed vry much
Dhananjaya Sahu 2020-08-19
I love this game
baina zaire 2020-08-18
Doesn't work properly
Dnanesh Pawar 2020-08-18
Best gems
Niranjini Venkatesh 2020-08-18
This game So super but super
Karthi Keyan 2020-08-18
Gou Good
Rajiv Duarah 2020-08-18
Shaan Shaad 2020-08-18
Om Nimbhokar 2020-08-18
Amazing game
Sonu Kumar 2020-08-18
Pramod Sen
Sowmya K P Sowmya K P 2020-08-18
Devika A 2020-08-18
Not working
K Mallikarajan 2020-08-18
Very interesting
Parvathy Radhakrishnan. Molu 2020-08-18
It's very nice and exiting game.🌹☀️☀️☀️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sudesh Verma 2020-08-18
Intersting game
I like it
Manish Gupta 2020-08-18
Nafim Sarkar 2020-08-18
My Mama is j....
Uday Soni 2020-08-18
Bekar game to much adds
spider man 2020-08-18
Bakvas Q
Rocky gamming king 2020-08-18
The best game of temple run in the Indian good luck
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