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Business Facebook 2014-01-28
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Facebook Pages Manager helps you manage your business in a single place, so you can get more done, more easily. Use this app to: • Easily reach your customers by creating and managing posts from a single place • View all messages, comments, and activity that need your attention • Keep track of your business' performance by getting insights for your audience • Stay focused on what matters with notifications about important activity

Bunny Momo 2020-08-10
thx it helps a lot
Khairoll Khmerkh 2020-08-10
than u
dani boee 2020-08-10
Sabila Khatun 2020-08-10
Nemiths Israel 2020-08-10
It helps alot for those who are managing pages. It needs a lot of improvements especially on the messaging and it needs to be updated, some of my changes using facebook app on my page, is not updated in this Page App. And Is it not possible that you could make an app same with you messenger app for pages?
Ajay Pratap Singh 2020-08-10
I want to change my page name but it doesn't work. I tried from last 3 year but its still same. When i click on page name there one message appears that "this page may be broken or you are not able to reach". I don't know what's happening but i need to change my page name but it's not happening. This problem makes Facebook page worst.
Reyany Demegillo 2020-08-10
Hari b Vlogs 2020-08-10
kkalakruti #handlooms 2020-08-10
I don't understand one thing why my page likes r decreasing ,if i got 2,3 likes it must be decreased by 4,5 likes .
Ibrahim Mzuri 2020-08-10
Not bad
Johnnie BlackLabel 2020-08-10
Jose Colon 2020-08-10
Worst app to manage my facebook page. Slow, buggy, "Something went wrong", inbox update really slow. I'm surprised facebook. Updated? Can't even send my products via this app...
Ryoko Trinidad 2020-08-10
Doest see current messages
Kirumira Snow 2020-08-10
Good but the problem is network
sirisuba mangalam 2020-08-10
Good for the pages
Shakir Shaikh 2020-08-10
Not working properly,often says" something went wrong,try again later"
da my 2020-08-10
Issa Esq 2020-08-10
The app has glitches. It's very annoying that it would notify me that I have one message. And when I open the app, I can't find that one message! I open my Facebook page and there's nothing there. Also, when there's a message, it takes so long to load it. I hope it gets fixed asap because I like this app.
Mozahedul Islam 2020-08-10
This app is Very usedfull
Tania Akter 2020-08-10
Jojie Mctyre 2020-08-10
Shannon Fells 2020-08-09
No notifications. I thought that was the point of a separate app, to be notified of there's a message or comment. I get notified multiple times that I can 6000 people within 15 miles if I buy an ad. There are about 60 people living in that area.
axmed analka 2020-08-09
good app
Lorrie Bothwell 2020-08-09
I am enjoying the page manager. Instant notification when I have new messages is fabulous!
MD.Shibli Noman 2020-08-09
The message came three hours ago but nothing can be seen in this app.Very slow app.
Tarena Elliott 2020-08-09
This was a great app, now can't do half of what I used to when uploading pics to page, have to go thro fb app - come on sort it out, we small businesses rely on you guys up there...
Badzi Tech 2020-08-09
Very good app. Works perfectly for me since I downloaded it.
Amy Grady, BSW 2020-08-09
Have been getting hacked on 3 of my pages for 5 months now. Would like a phone call as to when this is going to be fixed. As of Aug. 9th still no call.
Tim Rebel 2020-08-09
beenish khan 2020-08-09
The app is working too slow for me. Some times the notification came but i am unable to see msg. Some time the msg is there but no notification. So i am unable to check it for hours.
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