Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game

Tap to the rhythm of the music. Help Blob to jump over spikes and don’t give up!

Music Invictus Games Ltd. 2015-11-24
The size of Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game on your device is 44M. The size of Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game is 2818160
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game is 1.6.5
The version of Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game was last updated to 2019-03-01
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: • Minor bugfix.

According to information from this application requires Android 4.4 and up to run the application correctly
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Download Give It Up! 2 the free music blob game. It is fun and challenging at the same time. The Give It Up! 2 is the successor of the cute Give It Up!. New adorable black blobs and slimes, crazy multi level tracks and new music. By downloading this game you agree to our terms of service; New Give It Up! 2 features: One-tap gameplay, numerous challenges • Difficulty varies: practice a lot and level up in this funny game! • 27 crazy and challenging stages: proceed in an order of your choice with your sweet blobs. • Tap to the rhythm of the music and jump across the black platforms! • Watch out for spikes, steps and other crazy obstacles! • Discover challenging hidden stages! • Jump like a pro: accomplish 3 stars on every stage! • Collect adorable blobs and slimes. • New graphics effects, the adorable Give It Up! never looked so cool. Interactive music • New original soundtrack, electro-, rave music and the classic one from Give It Up! • The multi-layered music changes dynamically during the game. • You can record your own sounds and put it in the game. Are you a fan of the adorable Give It Up! games? If so then visit our website, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news:

Opal_fruit 2020-08-07
Does not work. When I click the play button it turns off
Floopy 2020-07-06
Joshua Ubalde 2020-06-15
Its so amazing
Mahdi Memari 2020-06-13
Main character is funny
Billie Aliyyah 2020-05-15
Cool music
Kamilly Souza 2020-04-20
Very good! !!
Joel Joy 2020-04-05
Sonia Sanchez 2020-04-03
The music keep stopping and it keeps frozen
Sunil Ghorpade 2020-04-01
Amazing one a perfect game
Hydrated Graph 2020-03-17
Good game but too repetitive for me
Truth Quest 2020-03-15
I've heard that this game is similar to Geometry Dash in a lot of ways, and playing the game... I don't blame them. BUT! I still love this game to death, despite that. It's kind of unique in it's own way, and I love the artstyle! Reminds me a lot of World of Goo... The game is pretty much what you would expect, especially with the difficulty. (This game gets frustratingly hard at times, but it's fair!) Please try it! I really think you'll like it, if you already like these sort of games.
GIDY GG 2020-03-07
This game is a good girl man
azilia manana 2020-02-25
Super fun and intriguing game that captures your attention to the max ...dope game but challenging😥
ChaokWl ChaokWl 2020-02-02
Somehow it keeps crashing when I pressed the start button?
Babai Bhattacharjee 2020-01-25
Lyric League 2020-01-15
This game is amazing, looks like geometry dash but it's different like high level so enjoy, there are hidden levels, tricks I love it thank you guys
jessica landeran 2019-12-22
The music stops whenever I transition to the medium and hard lvls.
Gaara Sama 2019-12-15
This game gets pretty hard at times but it's fun and you eventually memorize when your supposed to jump.
Isabel Woodward 2019-12-04
It's so addictive!!! So frustrating.... But so addictive!!! Plz install!!!😄😁
Taba Nacho 2019-11-30
Very nice game in the world
Tessa Brown 2019-11-16
I personally prefer the first game but I like the ability to go through different difficulties and the different music to go with them. I don't come back to it as often as I do the first, but it's still a fun game.
Bharat gupta 2019-11-13
best game
kevin hamrick 2019-10-28
Fun, passes time
Ti6e 2019-10-07
Five stars nothing to say just speechless.
Raphael Ladd 2019-09-18
Best game of the century
• Kiwi Ellie • 2019-09-08
I hate this game because I gave up.
Night_Frostfur 2019-08-30
THE LAG. Im not dealing with that.
A Totally Normal Person 2019-08-30
I HATE THIS! It doesn't tap when i tap so i die every single time find some way to fix this this game does nothing but make me feel frustrated. All i wanted was a good relaxing music game BUT NO.
ancient aiden 2019-08-25
To easy
Kenya Clark 2019-08-25
I think I will never stop playing 😍
Rachel Taylor 2019-08-24
Cameron Lewis Gooderham 2019-08-13
the tapping doesnt registers and its frustrating as hell
Tarik AZAR 2019-06-29
not that good idk not into it but maybe you'll like it...I'm not hating on the game
yum me 2019-06-25
love it
10,000 Subs without any videos? 2019-06-16
Jomar Perez Luciano 2019-06-03
sucks. lokolie dum
Aman Mandal 2019-06-01
i play this game that's very funny game and very hard
Ismawati Amelia 2019-05-28
Its a fun game into the world with music download this game now super fun
Ironboy 65 2019-05-19
This game is very cool with the music!
Wendy Bethard 2019-05-17
The music kept cutting out. Small lag problem. Uninstalled mainly due to the bad music.
Mastadero 2019-05-14
music just stops playing randomly and lags a lot
Arjun Pariyar 2019-05-08
totally fun
Muniradzir 2019-05-05
hard but worth it!!
shaina wesley 2019-05-04
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