Groove Coaster 2

Rhythm Game & Roller Coaster! Simple + Fun + Exciting!

Music TAITO Corporation 2015-06-30
The size of Groove Coaster 2 on your device is 3.1M. The size of Groove Coaster 2 varies depending on the device and its version
According to the number of downloads of Groove Coaster 2 is 1588684
From the team at that is included in the brand we can assure that the current version of Groove Coaster 2 is 1.0.16
The version of Groove Coaster 2 was last updated to 2020-03-06
Please note the most recent changes made by the developer: Bug fix

According to information from this application requires Android 5.0 and up to run the application correctly
From our team at we inform you that the content of Groove Coaster 2 is tagged with the following characteristics: Everyone
The Groove Coaster 2 application offers the option to make purchases. $0.99 - $41.99 per item
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6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8447,Japan

[Rave reviews from all corners of the world! Over 6,000,000 downloads!] Rhythm Game & Roller Coaster! The award-winning Groove Coaster with its unique gameplay and multiple awards from all over the world has been upgraded with the new Original Style where you can use your surroundings as instruments to play the game! + Simple + Fun + Exciting + Intense and exhilarating gameplay by simply tapping in time with the music! Blast off through the music galaxy on a roller coaster of lights and sounds! + 400 Total Tracks! Over 2500 Stages! (*separate modes) + A huge compilation of amazing music from tons of genres that can only be enjoyed here! Vocaloid, Video games, and even original tracks commissioned from popular artists specifically for Groove Coaster! New tracks added all the time! + No need for a touchscreen! We've added Original Style which lets you use anything as an instrument to play the game! + Sing, clap, drum on your desk! Use your surroundings as instruments to play the game! You can even play with more than one person so feel free to invite friends and family to join in on the fun! *You can still play the game with the touchscreen. + Now with Arcade Mode! + We've ported in the extremely well received Arcade version of Groove Coaster found in arcades all over Japan! Now you can taste the excitement of the Arcade version any where, any time, using dynamic controls with both hands! + Tons of Planned Crossover Events! + We're planning on running crossover events with many characters, artists, and other games! Fill the world with music! PLAY MUSIC!! ---------------------------------- Available Languages English / Français / Italiano / 日本語 Compatible Devices ** Android OS 5.0 or higher is required to play GROOVE COASTER 2.

Strange Fox 2020-08-29
I. Cant. Stop. Please. Help me. I. Aaaaaaah!
Satoshi The BlockStar 2020-08-27
Oh god, I don't know why it didn't let me just play other songs like Hatsune Miku song... I just wanna play groove coaster... I didn't know this is real but I just uninstall it.
Misaka 2020-08-25
If you think this game sucks then you're wrong
Black Lives dont Matter 2020-08-24
I want to use my mp3 files but the game dose dont have that option plz add
Serena King 2020-08-19
Love it.
Vito vit 2020-08-17
As a fan of both the steam version and arcade version I was hoping I could access some arcade songs through this. Instead I was met with frustratingly bad controls that are hard to hit, a terrible interface, and hardly any good music compared to the other two versions. This game is a husk, what else could I expect for free. Disappointing.
一纪Choro 2020-08-07
Very nice a game
Chesco Mendoza 2020-08-03
Fun and very simple. Some r hard. Some r easy . Idk what to say about this game sooo, thats it :v
Joseph Taillon 2020-08-01
Your most recent updates are causing the app to crash at random.
Joseph 2020-07-29
I can't really give a review because the game force closed just after launch and load it.
Christopher _ 2020-07-29
The game is good. But every time you open it, it force close unexpectedly whichskes the app annoying. Had to open it couple of times just to get in game. Also connection issues. :/ Please fix it!
Icy Lemon 2020-07-24
Great but the levels are limited :v
obi one 2020-07-21
Seems good, but bugs 4 me
Tango The Mango 2020-07-18
This is such a amazing game and i could play it for hours. The only problem is that when text pops up its hard to see when to tap
Sir Kermo 2020-07-16
I used to not have epilepsy...used to.
Daniela Kane 2020-07-16
It's too hard
Sergei Shpigarev 2020-07-12
Can't remember my Taito id, and can't use email as a login.
Paul Becher Herrero 2020-07-11
Great game
Viorimerry 2020-07-09
I've been trying to log in several times despite my Taito ID and password were correct and guess what, it just said a single ID can register to six devices or an error occured. This is getting very frustrating to be honest. Like others (including me) who had trouble logging in, please do fix this ASAP
Alientoast771 2020-07-06
The game worked fine for the first day now its giving me a connection error i tried uninstalling and reinstalling ssme issue i tried using mobile data, wifi but nothing worked ☹️
DontMind Me 2020-07-06
I can't get in, it keeps saying connection error occurred...
Mario Hernandez 2020-07-06
Connection error
Ectrie owo 2020-07-05
It's a fun game, but I wish to reduce the brightness of the flashing lights, it's a bit blinding.if there's a way to reduce it please tell me,thank you ^^
M Rezky Abrar 2020-07-04
CoffeePlayz 2020-06-30
Really fun fane but you cant save your data to the cloud
Chiin De 2020-06-28
This is the best rhythm game I've ever played! The free songs also sound cool too! I like the fact that it is also ad-free, which makes it more better!
coolguytv take 2 2020-06-24
this is fun and F**king trippy
Alec Sparks 2020-06-23
I love this game. The visuals are so beautiful. This is the kinda game that puts Piano Tiles to shame
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